Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Star and Moon Ring

"I should go!" The longer Yun Xi stayed with White Lotus, the dirtier he felt. It was like writing messy and ugly letters on a pure white paper.

The gap between their worlds was too wide.

Maybe a prince and princess would have a perfect end.

But this princess and himself? Was it a joke? Besides, they were natural enemies.

"Oh right, Mei'er." Finally, Yun Xi remembered that his star spirit was still looking at them curiously.

My spirit, why are you looking worried about nothing right now?

"Ah, is this little golden dog your pet?" White Lotus looked at Mer'er jumping into Yun Xi's arms in surprise.

"En, she is my pet." Yun Xi hugged Mei'er - he didn't know why, but she was excited - and suddenly turned his face red.

He remembered the scene he saw just now through Mei'er's eyes, and the soft, sweet feeling he felt through Mei'er's body. No matter if it was the elder sister or the young sister... Woohoo, it wasn't his fault, it wasn't his fault!

"Sure enough, we can understand each other, this is an arrangement of fate." White Lotus smiled and waved her hand to Mei'er. She looked very happy.

They could meet each other under the starry sky, at this time in the world where there was only the two of them.

The god of fate, thank you for presenting to me the best prince in the world!

"No... in fact, that's..." For White Lotus, it was her luck. But for Yun Xi, it was definitely bad luck.

He was just a 1st-ranked Swordsman now, but the apostle candidate of his ex-girlfriend had found him. Was he cursed by the god of fate?

"Then, goodbye!" Yun Xi thought that if he stayed here any longer, he would have a heart attack.

"We will see each other soon after, my prince." White Lotus looked at Yun Xi leaving with Mei'er, smiling sweetly.

In her palm, the golden-red gem Yun Xi presented to her was shining extraordinarily bright. It was due to the blessing White Lotus casted on the gem.


At midnight, inside the foggy hot spring, Red Lotus opened her eyes and stretched herself comfortably.

She felt that she was in her best state. Inside of her body, her spirit energy quickly flowed like a waterfall. Even the essence of the sun and moon also responded to her twin witch blood, dripping from the sky incessantly.

Peace of mind. The world was reflected in Red Lotus' heart. She could even clearly hear a flapping sound from several miles away.

It was pretty weird. Wasn't her state too good?

In Red Lotus's memory, she had only temporarily reached this kind of realm once. That happened when she and her sister broke together the wailing barrier of mortals and reached the Hero Rank.

Enlightenment, god's thinking, or unity between heaven and man. Different god's domains had different words to describe it, but they all meant the state of forgetting oneself.

Red Lotus didn't enter that realm after that.

Red Lotus leaned over her body and saw that her sister had an expression she had never seen before.

There was an irregular shaped golden-red mineral in her hands, which she had focused her cultivation power into.

What was she doing?

Red Lotus mainly practiced sword skills and unique skills like Void Mudra, so she didn't understand what White Lotus was doing.

Though she didn't understand it, but from White Lotus's eyes, she could see that she had forgotten everything and sank into the God's thinking realm; she was trying her best to cast a special magic.

Together with the moonlight and starlight dropping down, it slowly crushed and eliminated all impurities from the golden-red mineral, and only left behind the most beautiful and pure part.

At first, the mineral was still a little rough and had some debris on its edges. However, after White Lotus refined it, it shined bright and beautifully.

"Hiss!" Under Red Lotus's surprised eyes, White Lotus bit the tip of her finger and dropped blood beads on it one by one.

The Contract of Blood! Red Lotus didn't believe what she saw. It was a forbidden magic, and normally people only used it when they were making a supreme spirit weapon or artifact.

Once one person's blood was linked to other stuff, it wouldn't be an easy thing to discharge it.

One person could only link a certain number of blood contracts, and once the stuff he used to make the contract was destroyed, the person would suffer a heavy blow.

As the Red Lotus Holy Virgin, she had only one blood contracted weapon now. That was her inherited sword - the Red Lotus Holy Sword.

As for White Lotus, there was also an artifact waiting for her blood contract. But because she wasn't old enough, the ceremony was still being prepared.

Why? Was this golden-red mineral a special treasure? Why did White Lotus use her precious blood contract?

"You're... my sun...

"I'm willing... to be the moon and the star... rotating around you...

"The sun, the star and the moon will never be apart from each other.

"I name you as 'Star and Moon Ring'."

Red Lotus looked as White Lotus cast an occult art, which she didn't understand at all, to soak her essence and blood into the gem, which already turned into a beautiful golden-red rhombic jewel.

The blood of White Lotus was the "Yin" part of the twin witches. It had a special power.

She paid far more attention to the refined gem than her sister Red Lotus's imagination.

Now, the occult art White Lotus cast was a mystic spell she found from an ancient book by using her incredible deducing and decoding abilities.

If a girl of the pair of lovers wanted to prove her love, she could mold an artifact by using this occult art to mix her blood with her lover's love token.

This occult art could refine common stuff into an artifact, which was able to link her soul and make it nearly immortal.

However, in order to do it, it needed the girl's side to pay a heavy price. It was an occult art that only the imperial family members of the Eastern God's Domain were qualified to use.

The last step of the occult art was to give the refined artifact its "true name".

The Star and Moon Ring. This was the name White Lotus gave to the love token of Yun Xi and her.

Once she made it, it would become her own treasure and no one could rob it.

Yun Xi didn't expect how serious the innocent White Lotus Holy Virgin would take her first love. She didn't even hesitate to use the occult art, which would hurt her essence and blood, to make a common micalex a unique artifact.

Now, no one would think that the rhombic golden-red gem was a micalex.

A golden-red light point shone in the core of the gem, with stars rotating around it one after another.

Another silver moon essence dropped and stayed around the golden-red light points.

"You're the sun, I'm the star, and sister is the moon." Looking at the Star and Moon Ring, White Lotus smiled sweetly.

Tonight, the world was so fantastic for this girl in love...

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