Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: Triumph in the Skies

In the dead of the night, standing on the wall of the girl's dorm, Yun Xi looked at the light shield, taking out the shell he got from Casina hesitantly.

The light shield was a protecting magic circle set by the hero ranked mages of the Heaven's Road Palace. Even a mosquito couldn't fly through it.

However, it was meaningless in front of Casina's token, the shell. Yun Xi just took out the shell from his pocket, then the light shield automatically dissolved and exposed a big hole in front of him.

Perhaps only Yun Xi had the privilege to go and leave the girl's dorm freely, where should be a forbidden zone of men.

"It's awesome..." Looking at the shell that was emitting dim white lights, Yun Xi felt the authority of his champion teacher, Casina the sixth Sky God again.

The defense measures of the entire White Lotus Sword Palace performed practically no function in the front of Casina's token.

After climbing over the wall, Yun Xi raised his head and looked into the distance, gazing at the Sands of Time in the starry sky. This floating ship was suspended not far away from the Sky Tower.

Even if he was looking at it from thousands of metres away, the special shape of the ship and the vague lights surrounded it still made him feel dazzled, as if he was looking at a treasure in the desert.

He looked carefully and finally found the road Casina left for him.

No, it was actually not a road, but just a thread that hung down from the sky. If it wasn't because of the light from the shell in his hands, he could barely find the fine thread in the darkness.

"Is this the only way?" Looking at the thread that wasn't even thicker than his hair, he was dumbfounded.

How could he climb up to the Sands of Time along this thin thread?

"Yes, it's a practice I made for you. Come on up, my cute disciple." Casina's lazy voice came from the sky. Yun Xi could imagine her dead drunk appearance.

He had no choice but tried the tenacity of the thread first.

10% of his strength, 20%... till he used his full strength, he couldn't snap or break the thread that looked thin. He guessed what the material of the thread was, because he didn't think he could snap or break it even if his strength became ten times stronger.

The only problem was how to climb up to the floating ship along the thread now.

He tried to grasp it, and immediately realized that it was a silly idea. When he grasped the thread and put his weight on it, the thread instantly became sharp and cut his hands open.

No, I shouldn't use brute force, otherwise, I would hurt myself.

After a while, he wrapped his palms with his clothes and tried again.

It was operative, but after climbing up dozens of metres, he found that he wasted too much energy.

Of course the thread wouldn't be able to hurt his palms now, but to put all his weight on his palms would consume his strength quickly. After climbing up dozens of metres, his palms had become sore. He didn't think that he could climb up thousands of metres using this method.

He slid down from the sky and sat on the ground, thinking of a better method to climb the thread.

No common idea could help him. Generally, a human couldn't climb up to the sky along the thread with their bodies of flesh and blood, unless they had reached the hero rank.

Of course, Hua Huo was an exception. She could fly.

Casina wouldn't give him a problem that couldn't be solved, there must be an answer, but what's the key to finding it out?

He grasped the thread again, which was so thin and tough that it could even be used as a murder weapon.

A cold feeling came from his palm. Yun Xi pulled the thread, finding that it had an amazing flexibility.

Hum? Flexibility... soft... a vague idea flashed through his mind. He pulled the thread with a stronger strength.

"Ga! Ga!" Strange sounds came from the thread as it was lengthened.

"Can it be..." Looking at the thread, Yun Xi was speechless.

Yes, the key to solve Casina's test was "soft".

Not to use brute force, but to use the property of the thread, which was "soft".

After cleaning his mind, Yun Xi started to make tools.

He fixed the thread between two big trees, making it be a big slingshot on the ground, and fixed the center of the "string" on the third tree.

"Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga!" The thread emitted strange sounds.

"Although it's said that by embracing the wind, even a pig can fly. But... it's too surreal!" Standing in the center of the special slingshot, he didn't know what he should say now.

"Shuffle!" Yun Xi brandished his sword and smashed the third tree. The powerful elastic force instantly sent him into the sky.

The frightening acceleration even made him lose hearing temporarily. He crouched his body subconsciously, flying into the sky like a cannonball.

No! Suddenly, he found that he made an arithmetical error. If he kept flying, he would pass through the Sands of Time from the air dozens of metres away.

If so, he would drop to the ground miserably!

"Ding!" In the nick of time, his twin swords flew out the sheaths themselves and flew under Yun Xi's feet.

Stepping on the swords, he narrowly arrived at the floating ship.

"Hum, not good, not bad, just so so. I give you 80 points. The next practice is to do it again."

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