Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: The New Talent

Casina spoke and held the goblet in her hand and looked up at the moon, then Yun Xi's miserable fate had been determined.

He didn't even know what hit him when his twin swords flew out of his hands and stuck into the floor of the floating ship. He himself was kicked off the ship by some unknown force, dropping to the ground from thousands of metres high in the sky.

"Arrrghhh!" The sense of weightlessness made him emit a sad cry.

I will die! I will die! Without the twin swords, I would dash my brains out on the ground!


When Yun Xi was about a dozen of metres away from the ground, the thread suddenly moved and formed a web that was full of flexible threads, catching his falling body in the air, and barely stopped when he was only a few centimeters away from the ground. Then, his body was bounced into the sky again.

"Whooa!" He didn't expect to see the "softness" of the thread in this manner.

Rolling around in a lot of threads in the air, and bounced up and down for dozens of times, he finally stood on the ground, gasping for air.

The web returned to its initial form, the thread again.

"This is... soft..." Yun Xi experienced how special the thread was with his own body.

"Do it again. Your creativity isn't bad." Casina's lazy voice came from the sky, telling him that he didn't do wrong.

The only mistake he made was to borrow strength from the twin swords. Casina didn't like to see him pull through the difficulty by using the pair of top-level spirit weapons.

"What a strict teacher." Yun Xi pulled the thread and calculated the parameters the super slingshot he would make.

"Wind... acceleration... and inertia..." Failure is the mother of success. From the experience before, he knew how to develop a new super slingshot to shoot himself into the sky.

Compared to the first shoddy slingshot, this one was more sophisticated. He even knitted the thread, increasing the elasticity of the slingshot several times.

He had no clue what the material of the thread was made of. No matter how strong a strength he used, it wouldn't break. It was really a treasure!

"Ok... I think it's done now..." Again, he stood in the center of the new super slingshot.

Human cannonball, fire!

"Bang!" Yun Xi's body was shot into the sky like an arrow. This time, he flew to the sky that was even hundreds of metres taller than the floating ship, the Sands of Time.

"Right now!" Looking down at the floor of the Sands of Time, his body nimbly turned around in the air.

He wasn't holding a sword in his hand, but there was a sword in his heart.

Flying Swallow Sword!

Like a swallow flying in the sky, he overcame gravity and gently landed on the floor of the Sands of Time, looking at Casina who was sitting on the throne leisurely.

"99 points." Casina drank the poisonous wine from Hydra and praised him with a satisfied air.

Undoubtedly, her new disciple, Yun Xi, had a great talent.

In the past, even her best disciple couldn't climb up to the floating ship before trying dozens of times.

Different people had different ideas, there wasn't an exact answer to solve this problem. Yun Xi's method was the most imaginative of all.

She didn't give him 100 points, because she didn't want him to be too proud.

"Lie down and practice the Treasure Ship Style 1000 times. Be quick!" Casina pleasingly put her toes on the ground and stepped onto Yun Xi's back.

Everything was as smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. Before Yun Xi saw her moving, he had felt her weight on his back and was forced to leave his hands off the ground for a support.

"Hum... very well, your body just became better." Sitting on his back, Casina drank and urged him to practice the Treasure Ship Style.

"I see..." What else could he say when it was such a strong and capricious teacher?

Casina said that his body had become better... Yun Xi himself also noticed it.

When he met the Black Demon Dog, he entered the Killing Princess Mode and his mind firmly remembered the feeling of controlling each muscle and blood cell of his body. Even though he could only repeat one tenth of the special mode now, it was still an amazing treasure.

The Killing Princess indeed left him a very valuable treasure.

The memory that was hiding deep within his body was activated now.

Contract his muscles, and loosen them.

Control the rhythm of his breathing, and the beat of his heart.

Originally, the knowledge could only be learned after repeating the same practice thousands of times. But now, they were flowing into his mind naturally.

"Oh... oh! Very good. Keep going!" Sitting on his back, Casina knew the movement of his every muscle. She found that her disciple quickly learned the skill of the Treasure Ship Style.

He was still a bit inexperienced at first, but quickly got himself into it.

In Casina's eyes, he didn't look like a newbie who only practiced the Treasure Ship Style one night, but like a man who had practiced it countless days and nights.

This was the so-called talent, the talent about practicing.

After repeating the Treasure Ship Style for a thousand times, Yun Xi gasped for air. Sweat broke out all over his body.

He could clearly feel that Casina became two times heavier than before when the practice was drawing to an end. If he didn't use the skill he learned from the memory of the Killing Blood, he would have laid on his stomach like a dead body.

"Good. You have mastered the skill of the Treasure Ship Style. The next is to increase the training intensity." Casina squinted at him, who was probably the most excellent disciple of hers.

"It's time to teach you the third style."

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