Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: The Star Spirit Team

Hua Huo, you really played the devil with me!

I don't even know where to go in such an environment, how can I hide my identity perfectly in front of so many eyes?!

"Mei's bread is delicious. I want more!" Xiao Cao picked half a bread and handed it to Yun Xi, behaving as if she was a puppy that needed to be fed.

Hey, where is your young girl's sense of shame? Looking around, Yun Xi found that Xiao Cao wasn't the only girl who looked at him with longing.

If this goes on... what can I do in later days?!

Midnight, the girls finally went back to their rooms. Cleaning the dishes in the dorm, Yun Xi considered whether he should escape from White Lotus Sword Domain as quick as possible.

It would really become a very terrible thing if he stayed in such an environment all the time!

No male could keep his calm in such a garden of beautiful girls!

Yun Xi was also a common male. Although he thought that he was a good man who supported monogamy, how could he maintain and remain unwavering under these circumstances?

Just now, the girls who walked around in their nightclothes were quite a few. Although they didn't drink, the stimulating beverages still made them open their hearts to each other - literally.

How couldn't Yun Xi be thirsty and doubt his own life under this circumstance?

"No! I'm a good man! I must be straight!" Yun Xi hypnotized himself, forcing the various "flowers" to leave his mind.

The flower who had full breasts, smiling at him while holding a goblet.

The flower who had a pony tail and looked healthy and lively.

The flower who looked innocent and romantic.

The flower who looked serious but often took a glance at him.

In this garden, he was the only outlier, realizing this truth was making him feel painful and unfortunate.

"Arrrghhh!" The innocent young boy's cry resounded inside the empty dorm, unfortunately, no one heard his cry.


At the same time, in Yun Xi's room.

There was a big blackboard on the wall of the room. Mei'er was standing on the table and wrote two words on the blackboard using her paw.

"Look here, look at these two words, this is your master's name: Yun Xi. It's more important than your names."

"You shall remember this name forever, and read it a hundred times silently when you wake up every morning!"




The three puppies woofed and raised their paws. They couldn't speak, so they told Mei'er that they had remembered her words firmly in this manner.

"Very good. Star Thunder, Star Fire, and Star Snow, remember, you are the members of the great Star Spirit Team, you have a bright future. However, there was a prerequisite: you are the chosen children."

"In order to give birth to you, your mom sacrificed her own life. You must remember that your lives, your souls and your everything are born for our master."

"Now, answer me, who is your master?"




The three puppies raised their paws again, pointing to the name on the blackboard.

Yun Xi was the first person they saw after opening their eyes, and they smelt the smell of their mom from him. Naturally, they had regarded him as their most important person in the world.

Just like Mei'er said, they could be born because Yun Xi fed their mom with the fourth ranked bread. He gave their Mom the energy to give birth to them.

Mei'er reminded them that they should never forget this point, and remember his name, Yun Xi firmly.

"Good, you are all good children. Now, remember another point. Apart from your master, I, Mei'er, your senior, is the second person who can command you!" Using her paw, Mei'er wrote her name under Yun Xi's name.

"Don't mistake me for a common golden dog, I'm a great Star Spirit! I'm the primordial Golden Princess. All the Golden Princesses in this world are just some common beings who looks similar to me." Mei'er stuck out her chest.

"I'm not a battle-type Star Spirit, so I can't fight. However, I'm the messenger of the stars' will, the fantasy creature who is blessed by the stars, the Star Spirit who can bring good luck to my master."

Of course, her master's ex-girlfriends were too strong and terrible, even the stars couldn't protect him... Mei'er stood in silence for a minute for her master.

"What I will teach you is the truth of the universe, the knowledge from the stars, the guidepost that will guide your way of life."

"First, Star Thunder!" Mei'er pointed at the biggest sister of the three puppies.

"Woof!" Star Thunder straightened up, vague silver lights appeared on the crisscross pattern on her forehead.

"You have thunder-type talent, so I named you 'Star Thunder'. You will be the knight of our team, do you understand?"

"Woof!" Star Thunder wagged her tail with confidence in her eyes.

"Next, Star Fire!" Mei'er paused for a while, looking at Star Fire, who was sticking out her tongue and looked at her own tail with an appetite.

"You can control the power of fire, you can launch a deadly blow to your enemy at any time, you can choose various careers, you are an all powerful warrior..."

"Woof! Woof!" Star Fire looked at Mei'er in confusion. Only god knew how much she had understood.

"The last, Star Snow!"


"Your personality is quiet, and you have snow-type talent, so you can be a mage to dominate the battlefield."

Star Snow smiled gently and confidently, like a little princess of ice and snow. Although her eyes were innocent, her smile looked a bit strange.

After telling the three puppies their best combat styles and career choices, Mei'er looked at her Star Spirit Team with satisfaction.

The future is right in my paws!

Once they grow up, they can be my master's great assistants!

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