Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: On the Road Again

"Hiss... hiss..." Ouroboros stuck out its tongue and couldn't even turn over its body.

Its instinct was warning it to stop "observing". If it said one more word, its life would be in danger.

"Ouroboros, what happened?"

"No, I can't say, I'm already a dead snake." Ouroboros looked desperate.

In order to help Phoenix predict the future, it paid a painful price. Perhaps it couldn't observe the future again within the next one hundred years.

It had promised to predict the futures for a lot of forces before, but now, it seemed that it had to cancel all the orders. If the forces who had paid it the earnest money before knew it, they would go crazy!

Hum hum, when there are too many debts, the best solution is to forget them all!

Ouroboros had stopped worrying about them. After all, It's just a hundred years!

"Which prediction is real?" Phoenix still recalled the words Ouroboros said before.

Lovers, enemies?

Have a sweet relationship, have a life-and-death battle?

Daughter, father?

Phoenix knew Ouroboros' predictions often turned out to be wrong, but... isn't the prediction this time too dubious?

"Well, at least we know one thing, that you and my little bride will have a special relationship in the future!" Hydra was still teasing Phoenix. As a good lady, she loved to do this kind of things very much!

"Whoa! I don't understand! I don't understand! What is the real future?" It was too difficult for Phoenix to think about such a complicated thing.

"Sorry, I can't help you." Ouroboros collapsed on the central square of the Caelian City and its body was still shrinking, the accident in the prediction had almost killed it.

"Ho ho, interesting." Under the silver mask, Hydra's White Emperor avatar smiled with anticipation.

As a fantasy creature, it had lived far too long a life and there were not too many things in the entire universe that could let her feel interested.

It seems that my little bride still has a lot of secrets!


"No. We should leave here quickly. The firebird looks indecent. It's not a decent bird! Little Xi, don't look at them!" As Yun Xi's closest childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo's instinct let her sense a suspect atmosphere in the air.

On her Jealousy Radar, the point that stood for the firebird suddenly turned from the harmless white to the dangerous red.

Danger! Danger! Compared to the red tide caused by the White Emperor, this firebird was tougher.

In some sense, the immortal bird Phoenix was more dangerous than the Water God Hydra!

"Oh!" Yun Xi agreed. Hua Huo held his hands and left, disappearing in the crowd of people quickly.

In the sky above the Caelian City, the ring of blessing echoed again.


"305... 306... almost everyone is here."

The tutors of the Sword Palace were counting the numbers of the Sword Palace disciples.

After the floating ship White Lotus dropped from the sky and were lost in the Water God's world, half of the Sword Palace disciples minds became unstable and lost the practice of keeping up their sword skills. Those chose to quit and return to the lower-level area of White Lotus Sword Domain, which was equal to giving up their hopes of becoming stronger.

Not everyone could conquer their limits in the trial, even though the thing that happened before was actually of great benefit to them.

The thing of "they survived from wandering between life and death" itself was already a gift, which could help them understand the rule of life and death. As long as they could bear it, they could learn more or less from it.

Unfortunately, half of them failed. Even after giving up their self-respect and joining the evil god, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli's camp, they still didn't learn anything and were traumatized.

When facing the same challenge, some people would fly to the sky and some people would fall to the ground. It’s not a surprising thing.

At this moment, the Sword Palace disciples who had given up and planned to return to the mortal world were actually a group of such losers.

Their swords had lost their sights. Even though they were still the high class people in the mortal world and could reach the third rank, they were not able to touch the edge of the hero rank.

The tutors of the Sword Palace had expected this. The Sword Palace didn't need losers, since they had lost confidence in themselves, the Sword Palace wouldn't force them. After all, they had proved that they were not fit to keep going on the road of the sword skills, and the trial in the Water God's world just exposed their weaknesses early.

Compared to them, the remaining disciples who still kept their faith about the sword after seeing the disaster in the Water God's world were the real treasures in the eyes of the tutors.

Especially when they looked at the Starwing Knights girls, their eyes lightened up with appreciation.

After signing the marriage contract with the White Emperor, their bodies and souls had all been purified again, especially Hua Yue and Xiao Cao whose bodies even once carried the wills of the Sky Swords.

This was sufficient to prove that they would have a bright future!

However, there was a much stronger and more terrible genius.

Hua Huo, the girl who just returned to the White Lotus Sword Palace camp with a bright smile and her maid.

If they didn't witness it with their naked eyes, they wouldn't believe that this sixteen year old girl actually dared to challenge the master of this world, the White Emperor!

Compared to her, the tutors thought that they had lived their lives in vain.

Hua Huo, the most dazzling star in the final battle of the Water God's world, the girl who dared to challenge an entire world alone.

While holding a broken sword in her hand, she eventually ended the battle in a draw with the White Emperor.

She was undoubtedly the best disciple amongst these disciples, and wasn't even inferior to the twin witches, who were doomed to master White Lotus Sword Domain in the future.

"Ok, no one is left. Let's set out!"

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