Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: Ouroboros' Prediction

"Oh, your name was Futaba in your last life and was a loving couple with my little bride. You don't remember it because the memory stone you used to record this is broken."

As an excellent lady, Hydra didn’t feel shy in deceiving the firebird, Phoenix with a serious look. She had prepared to make fun of it.

"Really? No wonder I have a familiar feeling when I look at him! So, he was my lover in my last life! Yes, yes! I almost remember it. His name is..." The firebird, Phoenix, opened its wings and exclaimed. It felt that it was going to remember something very important.

When countless burning feathers flew in the air, another group of sailing jellyfishes were grilled and spread a roast squid like the smell in the sky and dropped into the Caelian City one by one. The girls in the city quickly collected their bodies and sent them back to the sea.

"Purr! Purr!" The sailing jellyfishes quickly revived in the sea and left the Caelian City with fear.

The immortal bird Phoenix was too horrifying!

"What's his name? What's his name?!" Phoenix cried and flew into Ouroboros' arms.

"Don't worry, let me help you. In front of the great Ouroboros, who can travel through space and time, there is no secret in the entire universe!"

Ouroboros, who was said to have existed in the past, present and future at the same time and could observe all secrets of the universe, gave Phoenix a smile and its promise.

"Forever universe, forever disaster, I observe everything, I explain everything, I'm the truth of all things, I'm the traveller of the river of time, Ouroboros!" The rings around its body started rotating.

"Ouroboros, are you serious?" Hydra looked at it in surprise. Apparently, Ouroboros was using its source power to search for Yun Xi's name in the river of time.

Even for Ouroboros itself, it wasn't an easy thing. Compared to the predictions of diviners, the rank of Ouroboros' prediction was obviously much higher.

Although its predictions about future weren't precise, because nine tenths of its predictions would prove to be wrong, the remaining one tenth was very likely to really happen in the future.

Maybe ordinary people would sniff at Ouroboros' 10% accuracy, however, only legend ranked beings could understand how strong its ability was.

The futures it could predict weren't the things such as "weather", "tide" or "the celestial trajectories", which could be calculated using math, but the "real future" that couldn't be calculated by following any rules.

Even though the accuracy of Ouroboros' predictions was only 10%, however, once the prediction came true, the probability would become 100%. If judging from this point, it wasn't just boasting about itself that it could travel through time and space.

At the least, when it used its ability to observe the "future", probably its mind really travelled to the future and saw something. Even if the things it saw would happen in a far future and have no use for the present.

Even in the endless god's domains, Ouroboros was the only fantasy creature who had this ability, therefore, countless forces throughout countless god's domains hoped to get a word or two from it.

Unfortunately, it only predicted the future when it felt interested in it. If it had a good mood, it would even predict for a mortal; if it lost interest in the things people wanted it to predict, it would play dead or act shamelessly in front of them.

Therefore, even though it owed a lot of forces an amazing amount of money, its creditors didn't dare bother it and could only pray that it would be interested in helping them predict their futures someday.

At this moment, Ouroboros was in a very good mood and was really interested in this.

If its creditors knew that it predicted for a common human kid casually, they would die crying!

Countless images of stars flipped through Ouroboros' pupils. They were the past traces of the river of time and the possibilities of Phoenix having a relationship with the human boy in the future.

"I see it! I see it!" Ouroboros exclaimed.

"You and he were a couple of lovers!"

Hydra mouth opened wide in surprise.

Can it be possible? I just made fun of my friend, Phoenix, can there really be something between Phoenix and my little bride?

"I knew it, I knew it! Tell me his name and when did I establish my love relationship with him!" Phoenix looked so excited. Of course, my instinct can't be wrong. He and I really had a special relationship!

"You and he were enemies!"

"Well..." Hydra was completely confused after hearing about this. How could they be enemies and lovers at the same time?

"Not really!" Phoenix was also dumbfounded. The transition was too sudden!

Was it a hatred caused by love?

"You and he will be very much in love." Ouroboros' body twisted, the rings started to rotate faster and faster around its body.

"You and he will be irreconcilable! You will have a life-and-death fight."

"He will rob you of your most important thing, you will obtain the most valuable treasure from him."

Hydra lightly coughed, looking at Phoenix whose mind was already in a mess.

"Are we lovers or enemies? Can you please speak more clearly?" Phoenix groaned and didn't know how she should treat Yun Xi.

"You are his daughter, and you will marry him. Your daughter will become your new self and embark on a new journey with him."

"At the end, you and he will face countless strong enemies, you will open your wings and fly into the sky, dancing above the thirty-three heavens."

"Till the stars drop from the sky and a new era starts, you and he will..." Speaking this, the rings around Ouroboros' body suddenly lost their brilliance and the traces of stars in its pupils also disappeared.

Originally, Ouroboros' body was half of the Water God's world long, but now, its body heavily shrank and looked like a dead snake who had been exposed under the hot sun for several days.

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