Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: The Innocent Fantasy Creature Overlords

"Don't look at the sky! That guy isn't handsome at all!" Hua Huo held Yun Xi's hand and pressed it on her cheek, "Listen, Little Xi, you can't be affected by that man."

"He is just a shameless pervert and deserves ten thousand deaths. If he didn't return you back to me, I wouldn't just let him go."

Listening to her angry tone, sweat broke out all over his body and trickled down his back.

No matter what will happen, I will never tell her that I was the White Emperor and I wasn't being possessed!

Fortunately, she didn't even doubt him. Even before he tried to find any excuse, she had poured her anger at the non existent White Emperor.

Was it a white lie? No, it wasn't a lie, because he never said "I'm not the White Emperor", "Yun Xi's body was possessed by the White Emperor" was just her guess and she believed it beyond a shadow of doubt.

As a man, he thought that he knew when to speak and when to close his mouth tightly.

Looking at his strange expression, she felt that something was wrong.

Oh, they're smells on Yun Xi's body!

"Sniff... sniff..." she smelt his skin like a little puppy and wanted to cry.

The smells are too many! They are not just the smells from one or two people, but dozens of mixing smells, from his toes to his fingers!

She could imagine what an amazing crime the White Emperor had made when he possessed Yun Xi's body.

Whoooa! That damned White Emperor stained my Little Xi!

I will be back with a vengeance after my Sky Flying Bloodline is aroused!

White Emperor, I will remember you!


The ninth day after the sixth Sky Sword, Casina arrived at the Water God's world.

In the hustle and bustle in the streets, a lot of strangers appeared.

After the Water God's world had been opened to the outside world for a week, finally, the diplomatic groups of other god's domains had also arrived in this world.

A lot of big shots came, and some of them were not inferior to Casina. If it wasn't because the Water God's world had suffered too many pains before and the people here were busy with rebuilding their homeland, these creatures' coming would cause a huge unrest.

Yes, these big shots were "creatures" but not "humans", they were fantasy creature overlords just like Hydra.

Although they didn't choose to become a god like Hydra, instead, relying on their specific race, they could run amuck in the endless god's domains.

Yun Xi even witnessed a giant snake, whose body was half the size of the Water God's world, slowly crawled into this world from the light bridge. The whole process took it a few hours.

The giant snake's body looked like it was wrapped around by countless rings. Every time it moved, Yun Xi had a fit of dizziness.

When he took a close look, he found that the snake wasn't crawling but floating in the air. Actually, it was moving in another dimension but not really crawling with its belly. Probably this was the reason why it could arrive at White Lotus Sword Domain from the remote Western God's Domain so quickly.

When it saw Hydra's White Emperor avatar, the giant snake looked very happy, and its style of greeting was to swallow the White Emperor avatar in its mouth, which made him feel grateful that he was not the White Emperor who was facing the public.

After a while, a bird whose body was surrounded with flames flew into this world. After seeing the White Emperor avatar, it also looked very happy and carelessly burned half of the sky red and torrefied hundreds of young sailing jellyfishes.

Fortunately, sailing jellyfishes wouldn't be killed in this manner. After being put into the sea, these broiled sailing jellyfishes quickly reactivated and flew back to the sky.

"Little Xi, remember, if you see the people who look great and sacred in the future, stay away from them! Most of them have something wrong in their minds and ordinary people should never try to get close to them!" Hua Huo pointed at the snake and the firebird and shook her head.

"For example, the snake is called 'Ouroboros'. People say that it can fly through the void easily, swimming in the sea of space and time with ease, but in fact, it's just an idiot. It even tried to eat its own tail when it felt hungry, and its ability of time travel is actually the result of its jumbled memories. People said that it can predict the future, but most of the futures it had seen were wrong. Moreover, it often confused the time of its prediction."

"And the firebird also has a lot of problems. Also, it's an immortal bird, it will still die once upon a time and completely disappear from this world. It also has a bad memory. If it didn't record its memory into the memory stone frequently, it wouldn't even remember its own name!"

"As for how this immortal bird did die and why it could revive after that, has always been a mystery."

Looking at the two prodigious fantasy creatures, a drop of sweat dripped down from his forehead.

Oh my god, if Hydra didn't replace my identity using the White Emperor avatar, am I the person who would have to face the two fantasy creatures now?

No, I can't do it! The gap between the levels of our lives is too wide! Even if I wear the White Emperor Mask, I couldn't stop my body from being as stiff as a stick when facing them!

"Hum? Wait, something is wrong. Are they looking at us?" Hua Huo quickly stood forward and pulled Yun Xi to her back, staring at the two fantasy creatures courageously.

Compared to the sailing jellyfishes, the snake and the firebird were really two well known fantasy creature overlords. They were at the same level as Hydra.

Shouldn't they feel jealous after seeing Hydra becoming a god? Why do they look so pleasant?

What is happening?

"Hydra, is he your bride? He looks yummy!" The giant snake, Ouroboros licked its tongue.

"I can't remember a lot of things again. Hydra, can you tell me the name I used the last time we met, and what is the promise I had made?"

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