Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: The Firebird Who Is Chasing After Them

Ouroboros faintly laid down beside Hydra, looking at the Sword Palace team together with Phoenix.

"You just let your little bride be kidnapped by Casina? It's not like you Hydra."

"What's our relationship actually? Daughter? Lover? Enemy? What should I call him? Darling? Bastard?" Phoenix blushed. She was still in a mess.

"As a good lady, I won't constrain my bride to stay with me. As long as it's necessary, I can see him at any time." Hydra's White Emperor avatar showed a mysterious smile.

Behind her back, the three High Priestesses were kneeling on the ground gingerly, and reluctantly looked at the Sword Palace team sailing away.

They could feel that a part of themselves was leaving this world together with a person.

"Whoa! Can anyone tell me who he is? Why do I have such a strange feeling? No, I can't wait. I must know the answer now!"

Phoenix opened her wings, chased after the Sword Palace team and flew away from this world.

"Oh, our little Phoenix will be badly battered by love." Ouroboros didn't need to predict and it had known that Phoenix would have a disastrous journey.

"Not really. Phoenix's lucky point is always high, as long as she doesn't get involved with 'that person' later." Hydra smiled.

The thing is becoming interesting!


"Oh, a problem is chasing after us..." Laying on her throne, Casina felt a headache looking at Phoenix, who was flying after the Sword Palace team but didn't dare to get close.

Being chased by such a legendary fantasy creature, the tutors of the Sword Palace were almost scared out of their pants.

Even though the immortal bird meant no harm, but, how can anyone see a prodigious bird with burning feathers flying around them and feel at ease? If it wasn't because there was a Sky Sword in the team, they would be utterly routed.

"Phoenix, what are you doing?" Casina looked at Phoenix in confusion. The firebird flew around them but didn't get close, what the hell was she doing?

"I... I... want to know... his name." Phoenix stumbled.

"Yun Xi. Remember, his name is Yun Xi." With a faint smile on her face, Casina looked at a black-haired maid who had been forced by his childhood sweetheart to wear the maid uniform again.

Oh, I didn't notice that my disciple has such a great "talent"!

No wonder that he has such a great "Soft Body", it's a talent that can't be learned through practice.

As the sixth Sky Sword, she almost didn't recognize that the black-haired maid was actually the White Emperor in the Water God's world when she first saw Yun Xi’s "new appearance".

Did Hydra find this a long time ago?

"Yun Xi... Yun Xi... Yun Xi..." Phoenix repeated this name several times, then flew into the sky, leaving the Sword Palace team.

Only Casina could see that Phoenix didn't fly away but just rolled in the higher sky with excitement.

Oh, she behaved like a girl in a burning love! Casina thought.


Like all the stars that twinkled around the bright moon, the Sword Palace team, the Starwing Knights girls were all surrounding one person.

Being forced by his childhood sweetheart, Yun Xi had to become the black-haired maid "Mei" again.

"Mei, are you all right?"

"Mei, it's so nice to see you again?"

"Mei, did you also sign that 'contract'?"

Yun Xi looked at them with embarrassment. He had to be silent, because he couldn't tell them that he was the White Emperor who married them all!

Naturally, his silence was interpreted as a sign of acquiescing.

"It was really a strange feeling, when I agreed to the White Emperor's proposal, I felt that it wasn't our first meeting."

"Oh, the White Emperor's bread tasted good! It was very similar to Mei's bread!"

"Yes, yes, I was captured by his bread, so I agreed to marry him."

"Unfortunately, we won't be able to eat his bread again."

"Thinking again, the White Emperor is actually a gentleman. He signed the contract with us for saving his world but didn't do anything rude."

Remembering their experience in the Water God's world, the girls chatted.

Most of them were seduced by Yun Xi's hero ranked bread, so they were reluctant to part with his bread.

Only "one person" was different.

She not only had tasted Yun Xi's bread, but also decided to stay in the Water God's world, living there as the White Emperor's wife. However, she eventually decided to return to the Sword Palace, coming back with the other Starwing Knights girls.

At this moment, she gazed at "Mei" with a very strange look.

Seeing her eyes, Yun Xi suddenly had an ominous presentiment.

Lu Lu was the only girl who had skin on skin experience with him in the Water God's world. From the first village to the Caelian City, they had become so familiar with each other, that they could discern each other's smell with their eyes shut.

Only in front of her, Yun Xi was shy to say that he was still an upright gentleman.

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