Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Turtle Catching

The dark forest, the sleeping beauty, and their kiss!

How could they possibly remember it?!

Stars! Couldn't you erase their memories more cleanly? Now, he was really in a big trouble!

Yun Xi heard the whisper of the twin witches with sweat covering his face. He found that he underestimated the impact of the stars' trial.

No matter if it was Hua Huo or the pair of witches, once he was to be exposed, he would have to face a miserable end.

"Don't think so much. I won't agree with you falling in love with anyone."

"Tempering our strength and becoming stronger so that finally, no one can control our fate. This is the only thing we should focus on."

"Love is just a kind of temporary illusion," Red Lotus firmly denied her sister's dream of love.

They were the pair of twin witches who were doomed to be the passeur of the treasure of The White Lotus Sword Domain. They had no time to play love games.

"You're wrong, sister. Love always comes suddenly, just as you didn't expect that you would have such a romantic dream, right?" White Lotus reached out her hands and pressed her hands down on her chest.

"Till now, my heart's still pounding."

"This feeling is so strong, it must be the so called 'love at the first sight. My prince, he appeared.'"

"Even so, it's just your imagination. Loving a person in a dream at the first sight? I don't know how to appraise your mind." Red Lotus said with a grumpy tone as she looked at her sister falling into an illusion.

What was going on? It was just an ambiguous and absurd dream, but her sister suddenly fell in it, as if she was being possessed.

After waking up from that dream, she always talked about the prince in her dream and even vowed that she would have a wonderful meeting with her dreamy prince.

My sister, you are too naive! She worries that if she didn't take care of her, her innocent sister would be beguiled by some malicious people in the blink of an eye.

"But, if I'm in love, won't sister be lonely?" White Lotus winked her big innocent eyes, worrying about her sister, whose personality was so strong that she couldn't possible to fall in love with anyone.

"If you fall in love with someone... if that's true... I will be in a big trouble..." As she slightly imagined what would happen if someone cheated her sister and made her fall in love, Red Lotus was thrilled, as she then looked at their joined hands with a mixed feeling...

They were a pair of twins linked together by fate.

In the meanwhile, they were also a pair of cursed twins.

Since they were born, they were joined together.

Hand and hand, both halves of their body, they were linked together by incredible "lines".

They had these invisible lines since their birth, it gave them superior talents and made them hero-ranked warriors while they were still 14-years-old.

Equally, these invisible lines also bound them together. It made them unable to leave each other.

Their breathing, heartbeat, and cultivation methods were all closely linked to these lines. Even at the time the overlord paid attention to them, she also clearly told them that they couldn't cut off the lines.

If they used brute-force to cut off these lines, both White Lotus and her would die.

Because their souls, the source of their life, were closely linked together through the lines.

They shared the same fate - they would live and die together. They were the eternal twins; they were the cursed twins.

Theoretically, humans couldn't reach Hero Rank before 16-years-old because their immature bodies couldn't bear the power of the Hero Rank.

But they could because they shared each other's strength and could merge each other's different properties of power.

They were like the great way of Yin and Yang. Red Lotus was "Yang" and her sister White Lotus was "Yin".

As a pair of twins, their cultivating speed was not only twice, but overwhelmed other people's practicing speed by more than ten times.

This ability made them the presumptive master of The White Lotus Sword Domain in the future, though they were only 14-year-old juveniles. In the meanwhile, it also brought them giant pains.

Once others knew that they were a pair of cursed twins, though they wouldn't expose their mind on their faces, but their eyes would subconsciously become weird.

In face of a thing they didn't understand and wasn't able to control, people were always dismayed, disturbed, or even frightened.

Long, long ago, she had understood that she had to become strong, far stronger than anyone else.

In that case, she could protect her innocent sister's clear eyes away from the dark side of the world.

But now, there was a serious problem.

Her cute, innocent, and carefree sister fell in love with a ridiculous, non-existent dream person!

Oh, gods, what was wrong with her?!

She regretted that she had such a shameless and ridiculous dream.

What a bad effect the dream brought to her sister!

"I think that you should pay more attention to this little dog. At any rate, it's better than the non-existent dream prince."

"I will take a break." Now, Red Lotus was glad she caught the little golden dog, at least she could use it to divert her sister's attention.

The dream prince... go to hell ten thousand times!

You are not even worth one of this little golden dog's hair!

After washing Yun Xi clean and handing him to her sister, Red Lotus closed her eyes and entered a dormant-like state.

This was a tacit understanding between the twins. Because their bodies were linked together through the invisible lines, they couldn't leave each other. In that case, only when one side of them entered the dormant state, could the other side have a short amount of free time.

In the daytime, most of the time, Red Lotus took hold of their actions. In the night, she would temporarily sleep for a while to let her sister move freely and play games.

"Ok, little golden dog, come here." White Lotus abruptly stood up and held Yun Xi in her arms, who was still in a stunned state.

Red Lotus's body naturally followed White Lotus, floating like a ghost by her side.

Their tacit understanding was already deeply in their souls.

"I don't know why, but my first glance had told me that we are destined."

"Little golden dog, do you want to live with me from now on?" White Lotus lifted up Yun Xi's body and gave him a gentle kiss.

The twin witches' white, fragrant and soft bodies had been seen by Yun Xi from top to bottom. But he swore that it wasn't on purpose.

"Right, sister said that there is a turtle, let's go to catch it, would you like that?" Yun Xi still didn't recover from shyness, but when he heard White Lotus, he almost scared his nerves out.

Turtle? Turtle!

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