Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Let Go of the Turtle

"No, no! Don't look at that place!"

Yun Xi desperately controlled Mei'er's body, trying to stop the girl.

Unfortunately, it was obvious that Mei'er's poor body had no strength to stop her.

One step, two steps, White Lotus was nearly walking on the water, slowly getting close to Yun Xi's sleeping place.

Bad, really bad!

He would be found by the apostle's alternate of his ex-girlfriend, get caught by her, and sent to one of his ex-girlfriends and forced to do various shameless things...

Yun Xi closed his eyes and waited for the judgment of fate.

"Turtle, where's the turtle..." As Yun Xi hopelessly waited, White Lotus hummed a happy tune, walking to the location where Yun Xi hid his true body.

Inside the water's mist, Yun Xi's body was sinking in the hot spring. His breathing was nearly zero and his lifeforce was also imperceptible. Because of that, Red Lotus thought that he was just a turtle.

However, it was just a special breathing method, not sneaking nor cloaking.

The hot spring wasn't deep, even if he had sunk to the bottom of the water, everyone would find the so-called turtle's true face if they came closer.

"Gee?" Yun Xi heard White Lotus let out a cry of surprise and a fantastic spirit wave spread out.

No chance. Yun Xi was regarded as a turtle by Red Lotus, now he exposed himself.

She found him! He was found.

Yun Xi felt that the world faded and his life had come to an end.

Should he resist?

He was just a 1st-ranked Swordsman. In the face of one of the twin witches, who were at the Hero Rank, even though she was the slightly weak one, he knew he couldn't win.

"Ah?" White Lotus sounded a little shy and seemed that it also contained some other meanings. Her seemingly turbulent spirit wave immediately subsided.

"What happened? Am I alive?"

Yun Xi quietly opened his eyes and peeped at White Lotus, who was hugging his current body - the little golden dog - tightly, by using one hand and covering her mouth by using another hand. She looked pretty shy.

It seems that because Red Lotus was in dormant mode, White Lotus's left hand was tightly bound to hers, but now it had a certain freedom. She could move her left hand within one meter.

Her small hand covered her pink lips and her eyes moved. Her expression looked as if she wanted to look at him, but didn't dare to look, which was ineffable cute.

Yun Xi turned around, and not surprisingly, he saw his sleeping body under the water.

Through the misty surface of the water, he could see his own quiet eyes, perfect-proportioned legs and arms, and his intangible rhythm of breathing.

Why didn't she kill him?

Oh right, she didn't know that he was the wanted Starchild!

The twin witches had received the decree, but they didn't know the age and appearance of the wanted Starchild. So, in the eyes of White Lotus, she just suddenly found an unknown man in the hot spring.

Then why didn't she kill him? For an instant, he'd felt the fleeting spirit wave.

What made her stop?

"..." White Lotus was observing Yun Xi's body again and again. Every few moments, she wouldn't be able to stand the shame and turned her red face away, but after a little while, she would peep at him again.

"There... and there..." On her fingertips gathered a group of mists. They slowly formed into a misty human shape.

"Contrasting the first character: 100% perfect."

"Contrasting the second character: 100% perfect."

"Substituting, judging and locking on all the elements!"

Yun Xi looked at the changing, modifying human shape. He thought that it looked familiar.

Oh right, it was himself.

After White Lotus's small hands seized and modified the mist-made human, it looked more and more like Yun Xi.

"Could it be..." A ridiculous idea appeared in Yun Xi's heart.

"Completed. Verify the model!" White Lotus's eyes showed that she was serious. Unlike her sister Red Lotus, she was good at deduction and magic spells.

As the "Yin" side of the twin witches, she had a unique talent with math and deduction. It wouldn't be an exaggeration even if you said that she was the number one in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

Red Lotus's power was biased toward "battle", while her power was biased toward "assistance". So, when the twin witches teamed up together, they could burst out a really inconceivable battling force.

Now, she was trying her best to deduce and instantiate the person who was at first nebulous, inside her memory.

At first, she couldn't do it simply by using the data she obtained from her dream.

However, except for the inorganic data, she had a bug-like tool named "the instinct of a girl in love".

At the first glance, as she saw the person, her heart beat unreasonably as countless messy data appeared in her mind.

The girl's instinct told her not to use a magic spell but to instantly deduce the data, build a model, and then try to calculate the result.

"The possibility is near 100%!"

"No, it's 100%!"

"My presentiment is right!"

"Someday you will come to me like a gift dropped from the sky!"

"Just like the story goes on, you're my own prince." Hugging Yun Xi's body, White Lotus blushed like a sunset cloud in the summer.

"I found you."

"You are mine. My dream, the number one prince in the world!"

Too bad, she found about that! Yun Xi sighed about his bad luck as he choked due to the girl's "two white mountains".

It was just a dream made by the stars! And the stars had blurred his face in the dream. Girl, why are you so incredible? How could you figure out that the damn turtle was your prince simply by calculating the data of my body shape?

Apparently, they only met each other once in the dream of sleeping beauty's kiss!

"Hoo... ha..." It was hard to imagine that as a Hero Ranked twin witch, she was so nervous to the extent that it troubled her breathing. Being hugged in front of her chest, Yun Xi could hear her strong heartbeat.

"Sister, I'm sorry. But only this, I can't give you!"

"Because I found him first. Even if you are my sister, I want to take an advance on you!"

"Sister, didn't you say that you hated the prince? So, you won't mind I take one step first, right?"

The girl cheered for herself, then with a fearless expression, she hugged Yun Xi in her arms, walking up to his body step by step.

"Bang! Bang!" The girl's heartbeat echoed aside Yun Xi's ears shy, but soaring, firm, and excited.

Wait, what were you going to do to the sleeping me?

Why do you looked so nervous, excited, as if you are preparing to commit a crime?

Let go of the turtle!

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