Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Poisoned Witch

"Ahhh... so comfortable. This hot spring is great!" After teasing her sister's toes, Red Lotus stretched her body. Seeing her pair of "rabbits" swaying, Yun Xi almost failed to keep his composure.

Dear heavens! Since the summer his sword skill teacher taught him that lesson, he had never experienced this kind of gentleness.

He didn't even know where he should put his eyes on in front of the pair of twins.

"This time, the 'higher person' gave a special instruction. They wanted us to invite the sword talent with our largest sincerity."

"No one expected that she was living in such a remote village, far away from the center of the God's Domain."

Sword talent? Living in this remote village? After hearing this, Yun Xi was confused for a while. Then, his childhood sweetheart's appearance appeared in his mind.

The first girl to reach the 3rd Rank before her sixteenth birthday was the center of jealousy of all children at the same age.

If Red Lotus was talking about this small village, then only Hua Huo was eligible to be called as a genius.

"Regarding her family background and talent, if her family didn't have that accident, she would never have come to the White Lotus Sword Domain." Red Lotus sighed.

"Originally, she should be a girl respected and focused on by everyone."

"Every gem will shine in the end. Even in such a remote area, her light still can't be covered, can't she?" White Lotus smiled faintly.

"This is also the reason why we personally came here to invite her to join the Sword Palace."

"Other forces haven't found her yet. Even we only found out by accident."

"Yes, she really is a peerless genius. Someday, she will leave here and shock the entire world."

"We just came here to invite her in advance."

"Hua Huo, long time no see!"

His presentiment came true! They were here for Hua Huo!

Even though he had had a feeling that Hua Huo wasn't a simple girl, but Yun Xi finally heard the conclusive evidence from their conversation.

Hua Huo didn't belong to the small village. As the twins said, her talent wasn't something this small village could give birth to.

Yun Xi vaguely remembered that Hua Huo's family was from the Western God's Domain. However, it's been ten years. Every townspeople now considered Hua Huo's family as a part of the village.

However, everyone also knew that someday Hua Huo would one day leave this common small village.

Hua Huo was a 3rd-ranked sword genius and was the strongest sixteenth years old girl. Such a girl would definitely step onto a higher stage in the future.

Red Lotus and White Lotus, the pair of twins came to invite Hua Huo.

"But something is strange. I received another instruction, it's about searching for a special person," After talking about their purpose of travel, Red Lotus turned the topic to another one.

"Another order? About what?" White Lotus curiously reached out her small hand, drawing a fantastic crossing mark in the air.

"Eh, it didn't have any explicit direction. They just asked me to pay attention to this area, looking for some upstart geniuses."

"Especially a liar who appears suddenly and seems very honest, but in fact, likes to flirt with women."

"Anyone who finds him can give up any other mission and order all the apostles to alternate and hunt this liar down at all costs."

"The priority of this instruction is incredibly high."

"What kind of liar can make them issue such an order at all costs?"

Red Lotus was also surprised by it. After she became the apostles' candidate, she never saw such a high-priority order.

In her imagination, the liar must have caused an unforgivable trouble. Even that "presence" lost her temper and issued a fatwa.

"Tsk-tsk, the liar will die miserably." White Lotus could image that once the person was found, a miserable ending would be waiting for him.

"I'm afraid the liar isn't an ordinary person, since it was that 'presence' that issued the fatwa. If we find him, we might have to fight with all our strength." Red Lotus's eyes showed that she was serious.

The liar... did it mean... Sweat streamed down Yun Xi's face. He finally understood what the "highest warning" Mei'er said meanly.

He was just a 1st-ranked Swordsman, but the twin witches were at the Hero Rank! If they found him, he would get to know the meaning of despair.

"Sister, let's forget these boring things. Let's talk about our dream." White Lotus seemingly had no interest in battles and chases, but girlishly remembered the interesting thing they met not long ago.

"Ahh, I won't listen, I won't listen! That nightmare! It's the shame of a lifetime!" Once her sister spoke of the "dream", Red Lotus's face turned red.

"I won't admit it! As the Red Lotus Witch, the owner of the holy sword, how could I have such a shameless dream!"

"I... I... I... am not that kind of person!"

Yes, it was impossible! Unreasonable!

She put her mind to cultivating, defeated all opponents with her sister, reached the position as a witch, and garnered attention from that "supreme presence": obtaining the identity as the apostles' candidate. Would she have such a girlish dream? It was extremely ridiculous!

In the dark forest surrounded by brambles, she was kissed by an unknown man... it was the biggest shame in her life! She didn't even remember the man's face!

*Giggle* "I don't think it's a bad thing. After all, sister, you are a girl. It's not strange to have a dream about falling in love."

"In the dark forest, the cursed beautiful princess fell into a slumber, but was finally woke up by her destined prince's kiss."

"What a romantic story! Ah, why didn't I stop you? Otherwise, at least, I could see the prince's face!"

Unlike her serious sister Red Lotus, the young sister White Lotus's eyes were full of a girlish, dreamy atmosphere.

"Prince, prince, where are you, my prince?"

"For you, I'm willing to be the cursed princess, sleeping in the dark forest and waiting for your arrival."

"I believe someday, you will come to me just like in the dream, take my hands and kiss my lips."

"Do you know after that, in my dream, I met with you every day?"

Red Lotus' eyes gazed at White Lotus, as if this was the first time she recognized that her sister was so unreliable.

Ah, yes. Unlike other people's imagination; in fact, the honorable, mysterious White Lotus Witch was a fantastical girl who liked to read romantic novels of the Western God's Domains, and was addicted to the stories about princesses and princes.

Commonly, people called it - "The pubescent girl indulged in love".

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