Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Their Secret

"Let's go. It's a rare opportunity for us to visit a hot spring." Red Lotus waved her small hand. The twins witches were naturally suspended in the air, flying to the mountain like a pair of swallows.

Flying. Even among the Hero Ranks strongest, there weren't too many people who had mastered this ability.

Except for some races who were born with wings, those at Hero Rank who could fly freely were clearly a terrible presence.

"Be careful, master. You are no match for them now. They're a pair of twins who are cursed by destiny," Mei'er carefully warned Yun Xi not to be found.

"A pair of twins who are cursed by destiny..." Through Mei'er's eyes, Yun Xi looked at the flying pair of witches and felt something was wrong with their bodies.

Inside the mountain fog, the twins quickly arrived at the hot spring - it was a specialty only the villagers knew of.

Not good, not good, not good! Yun Xi peeped in a narrow corner of the hot spring with sweat dripping. His body was there, in meditation.

If the twins found him, he wouldn't need to consider if he would die, but how he would die.

No matter if it was the elder sister, Red Lotus, or the young sister, White Lotus, they could kill him easily like crushing an ant with a finger.

The absolute distance between their strength wasn't something that could be filled by using only 20% of Hua Huo's seed.

Red Lotus and White Lotus. They were the Apostle candidates of his ex-girlfriend. They were the most powerful, terrible warriors that Yun Xi had ever seen.

*Scanning* In front of the hot spring, the elder sister Red Lotus lifted her forefinger. A spirit light scanned the area and exposed the view of the hot spring.

"Nothing special. Seems there is a 1st-ranked turtle. Ignore it." Red Lotus looked at Yun Xi's location. Her spirit light told her that it was a slow breathing, unmoving 1st-ranked creature, it didn't have any life wave.

Perhaps it really was a turtle. Only this kind of creature could make their breathing and heartbeat close to zero, but still kept their life wave soft and gentle.

"Let's bathe our little golden dog." The young sister White Lotus held Yun Xi in her arms with a happy smile.

"Wait... all-seeing, my Red Lotus Sword!" On Red Lotus's fingertip appeared countless of light points as they converged into a deep red light sword suspended in the air.

Centered in the sword light, within one kilometer, no birds could fly in. If any visitor wanted to come in, he had to first break through the light sword.

After getting prepared, Red Lotus snapped her fingers.

Who knew what material their fantastic garments were made of. After Red Lotus's snapped, it turned into countless soft, silk threads.

The red silk threads were like hot flames, filled with a fiery aura.

The white silk threads were like unmelted ice and snow, bringing about cold air.

The two kinds of fantastic silk threads knitted together and constituted two unique holy vestments which Yun Xi had never seen before. They were enchanted with various kinds of special abilities.

After taking off their vestments, the twin witches exposed their snow-white skin and slender, graceful bodies. Just like the sleeping beauty Yun Xi saw in the dark forest.

Their ice-like skin and flawless soft necks were so graceful and mellow.

On their beautiful, gem-like bodies, stood exquisite and smooth nipples. Their slender body contour perfectly shrunk down to two points, showcasing their sexy pink fruits that lightly swayed in front of Yun Xi's eyes.

White Lotus's mellow body curved through her two "peaks", then through her smooth little belly till it stopped at her slim, but whippy waist. It was exquisite like jade, but also gave people a good hand feel.

From her slender waist till the bottom of her stomach, her beautiful body curve finally stopped at her slim long legs.

After taking off the white socks, her white, beautiful and soft little toes were incredibly cute and beautiful.

Her jade-like little pink feet were smooth and glossy. Her five small toes curled up together. The back of her feet were fine and smooth. Her ankles were slender. Her entire feet was so soft, it was seemed to have been made from soap.

Red Lotus reached out her hands and gently grasped her sister's round heel, then tickled her soles.

"Ahahaha... sister... no..." While holding Yun Xi in her arms, White Lotus kneeled over in laughter. Her feet felt unstoppably itchy, as she kicked and splashed the water.

"Hey hey... it's a punishment for your stubbornness. It's not an easy game to feed a little dog. Besides, I think this little golden dog has a master." After teasing the sensitive body of her shy sister, Red Lotus raised up Yun Xi. Her eyes became more certain.

"As expected, you are a golden fairy."

"Why do both Hua Huo and you think that Mei'er is a golden fairy?" Yun Xi muttered and peeped at the location of his own body.

Close. They were too close to his body. Originally, it wasn't a big hot spring. Once the twin witches paid a little attention to that corner, he would be exposed.

In this case, even though he didn't like it, he still needed to play his role as a little dog.

Struggle, struggle, struggle! In order to save his own life, Yun Xi tried his best to attract the twin witches' attention to the little golden dog...

"Don't move, little dog. Let me help you bathe." The younger sister White Lotus was seemingly the gentle and kind one between the twins. She took over Yun Xi from her sister's hands again and began to carefully wash the little golden dog's body.

Wait, their bodies!

Finally, Yun Xi noticed why he felt that they were strange from the beginning.

They weren't just inseparable, but always held their hands at any time.

No, they weren't just holding their hands.

Their hands were really joined together!

Red Lotus's left hand and White Lotus's right hand.

The left side of Red Lotus's body and the right side of White Lotus's body.

Between them, some kind of diaphanous silk thread joined them together. Yun Xi had thought that they were holding hands; but in fact, it was just his misconception because their clothes were naturally connected together.

Within these silk threads was a kind of spirit light which made Yun Xi feel uncomfortable. There was even blood flowing inside it, permanently binding the twins together.

The twins cursed by destiny. Yun Xi remembered Mei'er's words.

So, this was their curse, the proof of the twin witches.

White Lotus and Red Lotus were inseparable.

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