Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: Immortality

It wasn't just a beep, but the response from all his quests related to the Water God's world.

"The trial world's name: Water God's Fantasy Island."

"The world's background: An old fantastical creature named Water God is sleeping under the island. Every hundred years, it will wake up and look for its bride."

"A lot of Water God's believers have betrayed their god because a 'Sky Sword' has reached the island and is going to slaughter the god."

"Your final quest: Paired Choice."

"First Option: Join Water God's camp, help Water God find its bride, and you will receive Water God's reward."

"Second Option: Join the human camp, become the Sky Sword's partner to slaughter the god, and you will obtain the Sky Sword's reward."

"You have chosen the Water God's camp. You have accomplished 50% of this quest. The future is right in your hands. Help this world to have a reform!"

"Optional Side Quest Two: The Apostle's Call. A great Apostle has reached this world. Swear your loyalty to her and become a Dragon God's subordinate! You can choose this side quest after you join Water God's camp."

"You have accomplished 60% of this quest. The exalted White Holy Dragon requires to sign a contract with you. Please respond to her wishes. Look at her eyes and and accept her contract of dragon."

"Optional Side Quest Three: The Truth about the Mist. The people on the island are living in a world that is surrounded by endless mist. Go find the secret and expose the truth!"

"You have accomplished 90% of this quest. You have reached the deepest side of the mist and you are going to expose the truth. Walk forward and watch the other side of this world with your eyes."

"Optional Side Quest Four: To Love, Starchild! Life is too short, just enjoy it! Propose to as many girls as possible! After obtaining their marriage contracts, you can have the girls' power. You are never alone!"

"You have accomplished ?????% of this quest. Congratulations! You have over fulfilled this quest! These are the world’s most beautiful girls, please keep trying!"

"Secret Quest: God's ??? It will be exposed after you finish three side quests. At that time, the last rhythm of this world will play for you."

The series of prompt beeps came so suddenly.

Before Yun Xi realized it, his trial in this world had almost come to an end.

Apart from the side quest "Girl Fights Evil Dragon", which had become grey and not selectable because he wasn't in the same camp with Hua Huo, he had accomplished over 50% of most quests.

Especially the Optional Side Quest Four "To Love, Starchild!", he had over fulfilled it. The stars even started to reveal the Secret Quest to him.

"God's?" Yun Xi muttered. The stars only revealed it to him, but it should be the key of the Secret Quest.

Is everything going to be revealed?

This world's future is right in his hands.

"I'm looking for changes. I want to let this world obtain a brand new appearance, so I choose you."

In Yun Xi's mind, he remembered the Water God's voice. He suddenly understood that it wasn't an accident. The god chose him on purpose.

Ok, since you want this world to be reformed. Then great Water God, I will do it for you!

"I agree to you." Using the White Emperor Mask's power, Yun Xi created another white mist palm. With strange lights flashing through the inside of his eyes, Yun Xi stretched out the white mist palm to the silver dragon.

"Good, then, I will grant all my glory and hope to you." In Mumu Salabert's, the White Holy Dragon's mind, she heard the gentle voice of the Mist Demon's. The great tree was sending the spell that could be used to sign the soul contract to them.

"Today's flow is generated from yesterday's tree, tomorrow's fruit gives the birth of today's flower."

"Language and cognition, behavior and appearance, soul and body!"

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted!"

Countless grey spells emerged in the air and connected the dragon's body with Yun Xi's body.

On Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask, there were still two horns that were hollow. Suddenly, one of the horns was filled and transformed into a spiral dragon horn.

The four horns which were filled with Black Moon and the three High Priestesses' powers automatically moved and surrounded the spiral dragon horn.

"Arrrggghhh!!!!!" Yun Xi pressed the mask and yelled painfully.

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!

My heart is breaking!

My bone marrow is being extracted!

My bones are being broken and recovered over and over again!

My blood is being squeezed out and filled into my body again!

Yun Xi had experienced hundreds of death in the previous trial worlds, but nothing could be compared to the pain at this moment.

The soul contract was twisting Yun Xi's life force and turned him into something else forcibly.

No human could suffer the pain. It had nothing to do with "perseverance", because it was a "phenomenon" that was happening to the essence of life.

"What have you done?!" Yun Que shouted angrily. She was seldom so angry.

"What? No, it can't be!" It was also out of Mumu Salabert's expectation. Although this was the first time she used this soul contract, which would make Yun Xi become her Apostle, but it shouldn't be so painful! Unless... he had signed another soul contract and had become another being's Apostle, then due to the conflict between the two contracts, he would be punished by the deadly pain.

"Arrgghhh!!!" Yun Xi couldn't escape from the terrible torment. He couldn't even commit suicide and return to the bonfire now.

"Puff! Puff!"


Finally, when Yun Xi was about to faint, the Mist Demon lended him a hand.

One milky white mist twig after another were formed in the air and wrapped around Yun Xi's body. A great amount of milky white liquids entered Yun Xi's body to balance the boiling bloodline power in Yun Xi's body.

At any other times, the milky white liquids would be a poison to Yun Xi, because the energy inside them was to much and that could even stuff him to death, but now, they came at the right time. It balanced the devastating conflict in Yun Xi's body and merged more energy into his body.

The process was like smashing a delicate body of blood and flesh, then reforging the body with the top-level spirit energy and dragon energy, finally forming the body into an indestructible weapon.

Only the best legend ranked beings could do it. Even Mumu Salabert, the White Holy Dragon hadn't touched this realm.

When the Mist Demon healed Yun Xi, the last horn on the White Emperor Mask was filled.

From the left, the first sharp horn was filled with Black Moon's power, and the second sharp horn was filled with the Lamia Queen's power.

From the right, the first sharp horn was filled with the Mermaid Queen's power, and the second sharp horn was filled with the Caelian Queen's power.

In the middle, they were two long horns existed side by side.

The horn on the left was filled with the White Holy Dragon's power; the horn on the right was filled with the Mist Demon's power.

So now, the six horns on the White Emperor Mask had all been filled with powers.

When Yun Xi realized it, countless white mist spread from the mask and penetrated his whole body.

The world suddenly became wide and clear in his eyes.

The sounds of wind and water, the "puff" sounds when the wind blew over the tree's branches, the silver dragon's strong heartbeat... all sounds were clearly echoing beside Yun Xi's ears.

"This..." Yun Xi looked at his hands, finding that his skin was covered with translucent lights. A part of the lights were similar to the silver dragon's skin, and the other parts were as vibrant as the Mist Demon's twig.

He had been transformed! He could clearly feel the power that was emerging out of his body, which was so real and vivid.

"The god's blessing..." Yun Que gazed at Yun Xi with a strange look.

It was a token of being loved by the god. With it, even if he dies, his soul wouldn't go to the dark abyss but went back to the god.

Son of god, saint, favored soul... there were too many flourish words to describe this kind of person. Moreover, Yun Xi was blessed by two godlike beings: the White Holy Dragon and the Water God.

"Very good! Let's go to beat down our enemies! Now, you are qualified to fight against her. This world's master and I can't go to fight against her with our true bodies, and she is in the same condition. Therefore, you are the person who will decide this world's fate."

The White Holy Dragon curled up again and looked at the green slime gem bracelet on Yun Xi's arm oddly.

The bracelet also bathed in the Mist Demon's milky white liquids, how, it was emitting soft green lights and looked as if it was very satisfied.

"Ah hoo..." Mumu Salabert whispered a dragon language word, which Yun Que couldn't understand, then she closed her eyes due to the wounds on her body.

I'm tired. Why am I so tired?

I still want to say more to him and enjoy his touch.

His smell is very familiar and warm, as if my bloodline is telling me that this isn't our first meeting.

What's the memory that the guardian's sword had erased? How many precious things have I lost?

Mumu... Mu Mu... is this my name?

Wrapping around the sleeping silver dragon with its branches carefully, the water around the Mist Demon boiled and finally formed a big silver cocoon, covering the silver dragon completely.

Then, the whole island started to sink into the water. After a few seconds, the Mist Demon and the cocoon had all disappeared in front of Yun Xi and Yun Que.

"It looks like we can only rely on ourselves." Yun Que let out a sigh of relief. Even though the silver dragon was in a seriously injured condition, she was still under too much pressure in the face of the legend ranked being.

As a hero ranked dark elf, she could barely stand up in front of the dragon. If it wasn't her but an ordinary person, the person should have become a bunch of minced meat under the strong pressure.

"What does it feel like? Is the whole world changed in your eyes? It isn't your illusion, because your body has gone beyond the limit of humans, and is still evolving to a higher life form. Maybe you can even..." Yun Que hesitated for a while and didn't tell Yun Xi her guess, because it was just a vague legend. After all, even the Ten Leaves Alliance didn't have any record about any person who have obtained two gods' favour.

"To be honest, I'm not feeling good." Yun Xi didn't hide how he felt.

The feeling of his life form being transformed made him feel that he wasn't himself anymore. Yun Xi was very unaccustomed to it.

Probably he wasn't a human anymore. 1/2 of his body was replaced by dragon power and 1/2 of his body was replaced by an unknown power, and none of his body parts belonged to humans right now. The Water God's Mask had replaced the function of his heart, controlling the flowing of his blood and the frequency of his breath, which meant that as long as the mask wasn't broken, he wouldn't die even if his heart was pierced through or his body was torn off.

He had become immortal... probably this was the most precise word to describe Yun Xi's current condition. He had conquered the limit of humans.

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