Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: The Decisive Battle Has Begun

When Yun Xi obtained the contract from the White Holy Dragon and the mysterious Mist Demon, Yun Xi heard the system's prompt beep again.

"The trial world's name: Water God's Fantasy Island."

"Your final quest: Water God's bride!"

"You have accomplished 70% of this quest. The footsteps of the world's changes are echoing between the heaven and the earth. Grasp the flower in your hand and confer the most beautiful bride to the god!"

"Optional Side Quest Two: The Apostle's Call."

"You have accomplished this quest. You have signed the contract with the White Holy Dragon. From now on, your fates will be bound together, because you have her blood in your body. She will respond to your call and become one of your wings."

"Optional Side Quest Three: The Truth about the Mist."

"You have accomplished this quest. The mist has exposed itself to you. The god's eyes are looking at you."

"Optional Side Quest Four: To Love, Starchild! Life is too short, just enjoy it! Propose to as many girls as possible! After obtaining their marriage contracts, you can have the girls' power. You are never alone!"

"You have accomplished ?????% of this quest. Congratulations! You have over fulfilled this quest! These are the world’s most beautiful girls, please keep trying!"

"Secret Quest: God's Dream."

"The world will play the last melody for you, because you are the chosen one. Step on your stage and go to fight against the Sky Sword!"

"The most beautiful bride, hold your sword and put on your princess dress, dancing for the god!"

"Well..." Looking at the final quest, Yun Xi didn't know what he could say. What are they?

"The final battle is going to start." Unlike Yun Xi, Yun Que didn't need to worry about the secret quest. She treated this battle seriously with all her heart and soul.

"Shuffle!" There were winds from nowhere, and blew to them from a distance, like the scene before a fierce storm arrives.

One Phase Spider after another were spinning web in the air, and the golden slime kings, who always hid themselves before, also appeared on the battlefield.

These golden slime kings set up one node after another, which looked like golden fruits floating and sparkling in the sky.

"Yun Hai, to be honest it hasn't been a long time, but you are not as bad as I once thought." When the battle was going to start, Yun Que didn't become nervous but became relaxed.

The unknown can bring fear. When the final enemy was going to appear, Yun Que became relaxed, because she knew she couldn't change anything now. From now on, she could only fight!

Since she had no choice, then she would give up any unnecessary thought and put all her heart to the coming battle.

"You are a good partner, Yun Que." Yun Xi smiled. With the brand new White Emperor Mask on his face, his appearance looked more mature than before.

They naturally had a tacit understanding between each other.

Yun Que despised Yun Xi's character, but when they were on the battlefield, they were the most excellent partners.

Yun Xi appreciated Yun Que's calm, decisiveness and action, because he hadn't obtained these good qualities yet.

"Thank you for waiting. I have to say, you treated my subordinates 'very well'." Sitting on the dark shadow throne in the sky, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen looked down at Yun Xi and Yun Que.

Beside her, there were the twin witches, who were gazing at Yun Xi with a doubtful look, and Hua Huo, who just broke through the Ice Fortress.

They were the strongest fighting powers of the Sky Sword's camp. Now, they were all looking at the two Water God's Apostles, Yun Xi and Yun Que.

"Open the door, fight for me, my one million brides!" Yun Xi snapped his finger. A huge mist door opened behind him and countless Mist Souls walked out of the door again.

Unlike several times before, this time, the three High Priestesses' Mist Souls also appeared.

The Lamia Queen, the Mermaid Queen and the Caelian Queen led three different Mist Soul Armies and surrounded Yun Xi like a triangle, protecting Yun Xi in the center of the triangle.

They were Yun Xi's trump cards in the battle, and the longer time he waited, the stronger they would become. Therefore, even when Yun Xi fought against Hua Huo, he didn't summon them.

"I'm increasingly interested in you. Come here and become my thing, I will love you all my life, I will allow you to lick my toes." The Dark Shadow Spider Queen licked her lips with undisguised desire in her eyes.

She slightly raised her legs and showed her toes to Yun Xi, as if they were some silent temptations.

"Sorry, I can't become your thing." Yun Xi refused the Dark Shadow Spider Queen again.

"Compared to me, you prefer to choose these brainless girls?" The queen looked at Yun Xi in exasperation.

No one dared to refuse me!

No one can refuse me! Because I'm a queen. The queen's majesty can't be desecrated.

"No, they are not brainless. They just chose to believe in me. I feel sorry for them, because I can't do more things for them, but they are the most beautiful brides in the world. At least, I will protect their world for them. Therefore, we are enemies!" Looking at the black-haired beauty in front of him, Yun Xi said standing by his decision.

Well, in fact, he wasn’t regretful in his heart.

"He he he he, you will know how ridiculous your perseverance is soon." The queen mocked. She waved her hand and ordered. "Open the passage!"




One golden node after another opened. Then, the void was torn open. Just like what happened when the White Holy Dragon opened the door of the void forcibly, a lot of strange void creatures also gushed out of the void crack this time.

"Let the battle start!" Yun Que opened her Black Moon Bow. Instantly, her mask was covered with scarlet blood.

She is sparing no effort, because there will only be two results after the battle: you are dead or alive!

"It's your turn now. Don't forget you are chosen by the Sky Sword." The Dark Shadow Spider Queen ordered the twin witches and Hua Huo.

"Humph. I know." There were flames burning inside Red Lotus' eyes. She didn't know the reason but she didn't like the silver masked man.

You are a man! Why is you skin so good?!

"..." White Lotus said nothing. She was counting something on her fingers, looked like she was facing a very difficult problem.

Red Lotus had been accustomed to her sister's behavior. After all, she was the one who was responsible for fighting!

"That guy!" Hua Huo stared at Yun Que. She had a feeling that this archer in red had become more dangerous.

Conversely, the silver masked man, whose mask suddenly changed for some reason she didn't know, had become more familiar in her mind.

She had never seen the silver masked man before, but she felt familiar with him. When she looked at the archer in red standing close to him, she felt anxious from the bottom of her heart.

The silver masked man was the one who sealed her, but she felt no killing intent from him.

Even in the most fierce battle, she could feel a familiar, gentle smell from him.

"What a disagreeable feeling!" Hua Huo held the broken sword and put her blood on the blade again.

It’s very likely that this broken sword will become scrap and can't be used anymore after this battle. Let me use my most hated enemy's blood as your farewell present!

Stars dropped from the sky.

The first was a pair of twin stars twisting together, dancing in the air.

The second was a malefic star that was surrounded by blood lights.

The two stars dropped to the two Water God's Apostles.

Countless golden lights dropped from the sky along with the two stars. They were the battle units which hadn't appeared on the battlefield before, the special slimes who had the golden slime king's blessing.

At the same time, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen was weaving a web on the Dark Shadow Throne in the sky, which was a web that could help Shaya Longnis, the supreme Sky Sword enter this world.

Over one thousand Phase Spiders were working hard under their queen's command. Their sense about the void crack was helpful to find and open the crack in the air.

She didn't need any implicit understanding now.

Yun Xi and Yun Que got help from the White Holy Dragon and the Mist Demon, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen also got in contact with the Sky Sword, who was wandering outside of this world, and obtained the knowledge to make this web which could eventually destroy this world.

Finally, the war between the Water God's camp and the Sky Sword's camp started in the center of the Island of Mist!


"Tell me, who are you? Where are you from? Why do you make me feel so repugnant?!" When Hua Huo asked the three questions, her vigorous attack had made Yun Que retreat one step after another.

Had Yun Hai really sealed this "monster" before?! Yun Que thought while her waist was almost being cut off by Hua Huo. She had to admit that Yun Xi was right.

It is impossible to defeat Hua Huo!

No, nothing is impossible in this world.

Even if the chance of winning was negligible, there must be a way to make it possible.

Because miracle exists!

This is what you have taught me, Yun Hai!

The Dark Elf Mist Soul disappeared in the air and suddenly appeared behind Hua Huo.

"Stay out of my way!" Hua Huo didn't even look back at the assassin behind her. She just stamped her foot on the ground. Instantly, a circle of translucent light spread under her feet and blew away the Dark Elf Mist Soul.

At the same time, the blood color light on her broken sword also spread in the air, forming a shield covering her whole body.

This is it! A flash of cold light appeared inside Yun Que's eyes. She knew Hua Huo was nearly invincible in this state, but her body would also freeze for an instant when the shield opened!

She was waiting for this opportunity!

The Dark Elf Mist Soul didn't retreat, on the contrary, she created multiple dark shadows and let them surround Hua Huo.

"Let the Water God's arrow penetrate through all things in this world!" Yun Que drew open her black longbow, locking on Hua Huo who was only ten metres away from her.

Lock on the goal.

Multiple Competences Enhancing!

Countless red dots were projected on Hua Huo's shield, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

"Even if you are invincible, I will try to stop you!" Yun Que shot 32 bloody colored Spiral Arrows at Hua Huo at once.

No, it wasn't the end. Yun Que wasn't just the Water God's Apostle, she was also the commander of the Mist Soul Army, which meant that she wasn't fighting alone!

Yun Que's tactic was like using the flood to overwhelm the dam.

However, Hua Huo was like a mountain. The flood could overwhelm a dam, but it wasn't possible to overwhelm the mountain.

Therefore, I need to create many more advantages!

Even if you are a hundred times stronger than me, I will only need to create a condition that could let me win.

Even though the real god isn't really invincible!

"Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle!" Strange rain like sounds came from Hua Huo's location.

They were the water arrows formed by the three wonders built by the three High Priestesses' power.

Before the battle started, Yun Que asked Yun Xi to build the three wonders.

They were three golden waterwheel like wonders with old and sacred aura. The three High Priestesses' Mist Souls were in the three wonders and providing support for Yun Que.

From the beginning, Yun Que didn't plan to fight against Hua Huo one on one!

"Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!"

When the water arrows hit on Hua Huo's shield, they caused hail stone like sounds. They were the three High Priestesses' spell, which was sufficient to kill a common hero ranked being instantly.

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