Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: His Smell

"Because I like your smells." The White Holy Dragon, Mumu Salabert stole a glance at Yun Xi.

To be more precise, she liked the light smell on Yun Xi's body. It was so mature, stable, soft and warm, perfectly tallying with the "father's smell" in her imagination.

When she was small, she often asked her mom who her father was.

"He was an indecisive and soft hearted man, and he didn't know how to refuse other people's requests."

"He had a gentle nature, but also liked to play tricks sometimes."

"If to say anything extraordinary, he is the best lover in the whole universe!"

"Therefore, I want to own him and become his 'only one'. He is my most precious treasure."

"I won't let anyone share my treasure. No one can take him away!"

She clearly remembered that when her mom talked about her father, her mom always smiled and didn't feel resentment for being abandoned.

Her mother never forgot her father and always looked for him.

She had the same emotion too. She wanted to see her father again.

While she was sleeping just now, she felt a stroking from her father.

She had never had the experience of being stroked by her father. However, she felt that if her father hadn't gone, the feeling of her father's hand should be the same as this.

Of course, she knew that this man couldn't be her father. Her father was super strong and even stronger than her mother. Her father was blessed by infinite stars, so he couldn't be so weak.

However, she still liked the feeling of Yun Xi's hand. Even if it was just an accident, she still wanted to experience that feeling again.

It's strange. Why do I remember I have experienced a similar embrace not long ago...

Oh, my head aches!

Something should have happened after I broke through the door in the void, but I don't remember anything.

I can remember the ice blue haired guardian of the door and her invincible sword, but... maybe I was badly hurt and even lost a part of my memories.

The gentle memory was as vague as a dream. Which part is my imagination and which part is my memory? I can't differentiate between them at all!

She only knew that she liked this silver masked man, who had a very memorable smell on his body. She knew that he couldn't be her father, and she still liked him very much.

So she told him her real name, regardless of the fact that this was just their first meeting. Just like what Yun Que said, this was unusual.

A dragon's name was a very valuable key to open the door of dragon language magic. Only the person who had known a dragon's real name and obtained the dragon's recognition could master dragon language magic.

Moreover, a dragon's real name could only let very few people learn dragon language magic, so they cherished their real name very much. No matter what a genius you were, if you couldn't obtain a dragon's name, you couldn't master dragon language magic in your life.

The real name the silver dragon told them, "Mumu Salabert ##$%%& Asha", was literally "worth several cities", because she hadn't told her real name to any mage, moreover, she was a rare White Holy Dragon!

When she told Yun Xi her name, she secretly granted the permission of dragon language magic for Yun Xi. If Yun Xi had the chance to study dragon language in the future, he would know what a priceless gift she had conferred him.

No wonder that Yun Que was dumbfounded after hearing the silver dragon's real name.

In her mind, Yun Hai was an ignorant man. He didn't even understand what had happened.

It is a legend ranked White Holy Dragon's real name!

Why him? Why him again?!

She had seen too many miracles due to him, as if he was born to break her common sense.

He even dared to strike up a conversation with a legend ranked dragon. There must be something wrong in his head!

"Are you all right?" As what Yun Que had guessed, Yun Xi knew nothing about dragon language magic. He didn't even know that he had been hit by a great wealth dropping from the sky.

Yun Xi only cared about the wounds on the White Holy Dragon's body.

"Not very good. I probably won't be able to move for a long time." Mumu Salabert shook her head. She knew that the guardian of Sky Sword God's Domain had an artifact that could even reverse space and time, but no one had really seen the sword. She was probably the first being who survived the sword.

As the result, she lost her memory after entering the door. She couldn't remember what she had done and how she come to this place.

Her "time" had been cut off by the guardian's sword. It was more serious than the wounds on her body, because this loss was irreversible.

Apart from some dreamlike fragments of memory, she couldn't remember anything.

She even doubted if she was still sleeping and this was just another dream, till she confirmed that she had really arrived at her destination.

"Probably I will spend a hundred years to recover." After checking the wounds on her body, Mumu Salabert drew a frustrating conclusion.

What she didn't say was that it was only the time she needed to recover the wounds on her body. As for the injuries in her soul, even the Mist Demon, whose power could even make the dead come back to life, couldn't help her heal them.

After all, they were caused by the guardian of Sky Sword God's Domain, it wasn't an astonishing result.

"The guardian..." Yun Que guessed out a part of the truth. She heard that the guardian existed from the beginning of the history of Sky Sword God's Domain. She thought that it was just a legend, but it had come true.

Perhaps only the guardian, who was older and more mysterious than the White Holy Dragon, could strike a fatal blow to the dragon.

"What can I do to help you?" Yun Xi didn't know the reason, but after he touched the dragon's head, he had a strange sense of intimacy with the dragon.

As expected, the stars won't give me a quest that isn't possible to accomplish.

"Do you really want to help me? Then, can you sign a contract with me?" Strange lights flashed in the White Holy Dragon's eyes. She gazed at Yun Xi firmly.

"Well, of course!" Yun Xi heard the Love System's special beep again.

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