Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 247

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Chapter 247: The Frightening Army

After leaving the Caelian City, Yun Xi and Yun Que flew all day and all night and finally arrived at the forbidden zone, where the Caelian Queen was severely injured and returned with disappointment.

"The mist is thick. Is this the source of all Mist Tides in this world?" Looking at the huge wall of mist from hundreds of metres away, Yun Que could sense a huge evil intention inside it.

Unlike the common mist all over the Water God's world, the mist here was cold and suffocating.

She could imagine what a disaster it would become if the mist here spread around this world.

From the countless records about Mist Tide, Yun Xi had seen countless names on the bloody death list. The people who had survived the Mist Tides could even be counted by bending the fingers. Especially males, there was barely no man who had survived any Mist Tide.

"The mist here is strange."

As the White Emperor Mask's owner, Yun Xi could control all mists in this world. Naturally, he sensed something unusual in the mist.

The mist not only contained the Water God's smell. There was something else inside it.

From the very first day Yun Xi came to this world, he could feel the Water God's love for this world.

There were sweet spring waters and delicious fruits all over this world. The land so was fertile, where anyone could feed the population ten times or more.

If there wasn't any Mist Tide in this world, the Water God's world could be more beautiful and peaceful.

"I have a bad feeling. Maybe we are still too slow." Yun Que's sharp eyes were looking at some strange creatures who were wandering around on the edge of the mist.

These creatures had green bodies. No, it wasn't the crystal green of the common slimes', but a much darker, mud like green. Apart from this, their bodies were also too huge that they couldn't hide in the mist.

"Are they giant slimes?" These strange green slimes were all as big as a small hill. The smallest giant slime was about ten metres tall, and the biggest giant slime was over thirty metres tall. The most important thing was: they were eating each other and becoming much bigger!

Yun Xi could imagine what would happen if they left the Island of Mist.

They were not as harmless as the common green slimes. Their huge bodies would become a big moving disaster to the people in this world.

"Let's fight." Yun Que drew her black long bow.

They had done everything they could do, and now, it was time to fight!

Only the victor could obtain the future.

This world didn't need two godlike beings!

Between the Water God and the Sky Sword, only one of them could become this world's master!

"Open the door. My brides, come to this world!" Yun Xi stretched out his hand and waved in the air.

A mist door appeared and opened behind him.

A well-organized Mist Soul Army walked out of the mist door behind Yun Xi. The Mist Souls floated in the air, above the limitless sea surface.

4/5 of them were humans and 1/5 of them were sea demons. They were all Yun Xi's brides.

The totally number of Yun Xi's Mist Soul Brides was 1,001,370. They were the last result of Yun Que's Expansion Plan of A Million Brides.

In the front of Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's Slime Army, only Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army had the possibility to defeat them all!

"Attack the enemies!" Yun Que took a glance at the Dark Elf in the center of the Mist Soul Army, then moved her eyes back and drew the longbow in her hand.

Countless Red Lotus Arrows shot to the giant slimes from Yun Que's longbow.

"..." The Dark Elf Mist Soul raised the black sword in her hand and commanded other Mist Souls in silence.

She didn't need to speak, because Mist Souls had a special mental bond amongst each other. This was a perfect army that all commanding officers had dreamed of.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" With earth shaking explosion, the Mist Soul Army pressed forward with indomitable will.

They wouldn't die and wouldn't feel afraid. Even if their partners' bodies had been torn into pieces in the explosion or were squashed by the giant slimes, their hearts wouldn't shake.

On the contrary, their attacks could actually hit on the giant slimes' bodies. Swords, arrows, magices and divine spells, they all caused true damage to these giant slimes.

After shooting an arrow, Yun Que had found that she didn't need to attack anymore, because the Mist Soul Army had overwhelmed the giant slimes.

They were faster than lightning and more nimble than the leaves in the wind. Yun Que couldn't describe how strong this army was, because even the Ten Leaves Alliance didn't have such a super army.

As the first line of defence of the Sky Sword's camp, the giant slimes couldn't even hold on fifteen minutes. Before that, they had all been slaughtered and only left a pile of green cores on the ground.

Under the Dark Elf's control, the Mist Soul Army exposed a terrifying force.

Their swords could cut open the sea and the sky.

Their spells could summon hails, lightning and storms.

The Mist Soul Army was formed by a million girls, which meant that the army could use almost all attacking methods these girls knew and their bloodline powers.

When these girls' powers were gathered together and controlled by a great commander, the Dark Elf, their actual power was even stronger than Yun Que had guessed!

"This battle is over." Yun Xi stepped on the island and picked up one green core after another from the ground.

The green bracelet on Yun Xi's arm looked very interested in the green cores. It immediately absorbed these green cores all.

"Your Mist Soul Army is really a horrible monster!", Yun Que said.

Although this army was created by herself, and her Mist Soul was even this army's commander, Yun Que still thought that its power was much too strong and that it shouldn't be able to appear in this world.

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