Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: Embark on the Road

The next three days, the people of the whole city sank to immerse up and down in the atmosphere of the merriment.

After accepting Yun Xi's proposal, the girls from all over the world started to decorate the old City of Water with all their enthusiasm.

Because there were really too many brides, the betrothal gifts were so many that they could even fill dozens of palaces.

These girls laughed and sang the songs they learned from the three High Priestesses, expressing their joyful feeling.

Looking at these girls from the top of the tall bell tower, Yun Xi showed a thoughtful expression on his face.

This moment, he was thinking about the truth of the universe and the theory of everything.

"Come on, stop pretending. I know you have already grinned from ear to ear in your heart. But I tell you, really, don't do anything to them!" Yun Que sneered in a cold tone. She stared at Yun Xi as if she was looking at a pile of garbage. "They are all good girls. It's too pity to let them fall into your hands."

"Yes. I don't deserve to have them. I'm already very satisfied to have their Mist Souls." Yun Xi shrugged his shoulders. He didn't sit idle all day in the past three days. Instead, he studied how to command his Mist Soul Army with all his heart and soul.

With the help from the three High Priestesses and Yun Que, he finally figured out something.

"I'm really curious about you. Although I'm the one who suggested you doing it, this plan shouldn't’ve been accomplished so perfectly. Who are you? Why can you do this?" Yun Que questioned Yun Xi with confusion in her eyes.

The more she knew the man who called himself "Yun Hai", the more surprising features she could find in him.

She did propose the Expansion Plan of A Million Brides, however, she didn't really think that the number of Yun Xi's brides could reach "one million".

Is he really a human? Even if he is a god, it's hard to believe that he can achieve such a miracle!

What charm does he have? How could he capture a million young girls' hearts so easily?

This was so ridiculous. She had no theory to explain it!

As an elite assassin of the Ten Leaves Alliance, she had seen too many things and experienced too many battles. However, she still hadn't saw anyone who was similar to this "Yun Hai".

"Probably it's because there is a great will that is blessing me..." Yun Xi referred to the stars. After all, all the things that had happened were parts of the stars' plan.

He was the only person who knew that this world was just a trial for himself.

"Humph. It's difficult to understand why the Water God likes you so much." Of course, Yun Que didn't know the existence of the stars. She thought that the "great will" Yun Xi said before meant the Water God.

"About this, I don't understand either." Yun Xi also felt strange about this.

Why would the Water God find him immediately after he left the bonfire? Why would the Water God confer him the White Emperor Mask without hesitation?

Everything started from that moment. At the beginning, he planned to join the Sky Sword's camp and fight together with his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo, but now, he had stepped on this "Road of No Return".

"Whatever, but you shouldn't have any more contact with these girls. Now, it's time to leave this city, it's time to save this world!" Yun Que stood upright with strong determination in her eyes.

Everything she did was for this moment.

She didn't mind being called "unscrupulous" and "ruthless", because she had judged it with the balance of her justice.

Compared to finding the most excellent bride for the Water God, the "Expansion Plan of A Million Brides" was more effective.

Now, Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's coming had reached its last phase, and she had also found out where the Sky Sword's base camp was.

The Island of Mist. It was the scariest place in this world. Even the three High Priestesses were prohibited to go to there.

At the same time, it was also the most chaotic area in this world, where was easy to summon living beings into this world from outside worlds.

According to what she had known from the Lamias and the Mermaids, they had seen a lot of living beings suddenly appearing on the island.

Although they were also from other worlds, they had chosen the Sky Sword's camp, and the Island of Mist had become the location of the Sky Sword's camp.

"Yes, I will fight for them. I want to do something for these girls who believe in me." Yun Xi slowly stood up and looked at the city together with Yun Que.

"Since I have given them my promise, I must protect them and create a beautiful homeworld for them."

Yun Que looked at Yun Xi in surprise.

Maybe this man isn't totally helpless. However, it won't change the fact that he is still too salacious!

"Let's go. Maybe I can attend your wedding when we come back. It must be very pleasing to marry a million girls, don't you think so?" Yun Que teased.

Yun Xi gave her a quizzical look.

"Why do your words make me have an ominous presentiment?"

As white mist rose from the ground, Yun Xi and Yun Que embarked on their road.

The next, they would face the strongest being in the Sky Sword God's Domain!


In the Water God temple, the three High Priestesses watched Yun Xi and Yun Que on the mirrored surface of the Sea Demon's Mirror.

"I'm worried about them. Why don't we go with them?" The Lamia Queen looked anxious.

"Yes, as his bride, I should fight shoulder to shoulder with him at this moment!" The Mermaid Queen said with a bad feeling in her heart. She could feel a special atmosphere between Yun Xi and Yun Que.

"Don't doubt his choice. It's a forbidden area to us all. Besides, we have offered him our powers, so we should trust him. We should believe that he can return in peace and live happily with us forever after that!"

The Caelian Queen shook the Water God's Scepter with a tender look.

On the tall tower, the bell rang again, blessing for the two Apostles!

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