Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: The Broken Hearted Boys

When the unprecedented "White Emperor" was born, on a hill outside of Caelian, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen was looking at the sacred city from a distance.

"He is awesome. He deserves to be my thing!" The slimes the Dark Shadow Spider Queen control had increased to ten times more than before. Apart from these common green slimes, she also had dozens of high class slimes, who just escaped from the city.

These high class slimes looked like humans. Because there were a lot of girls of deep sea races in this city, so they successfully sneaked into the ceremony like fish in troubled waters.

Unfortunately, their identities were exposed, because their intelligence was too low. They didn't know how to respond to Yun Xi's proposal. Seeing this, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen had to order them to retreat.

"He can even successfully propose to a million girls! I want him more!" The Dark Shadow Spider Queen licked her lips with a burning desire.

"That man" could make yummy food from nothing and had excellent governability. Although she just took a glimpse at Yun Xi through the slimes' eyes, she could still sense the sweet smell of his body.

"Humph. He is just a phony publicity seeker. Such a salacious man isn't worth a hill of beans!" Childe Yun He said in a contemptuous tone, however, the burning emotion called "jealousy" in his eyes had exposed what he was really thinking.

"I won't obtain the things I want with blandishments. I will rob all things with my strength!"

Childe Yun He ground his teeth.

"Even if he has succeeded marrying the one million girls, then what? Can he really possess them all? Eventually, he is just a fribble, a liar!"

"Yes, even if he has a million brides, they can do no help for him!"

Yes, I have obtained the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli's power. How will I be inferior to such a liar!

Once I accomplish the blood sacrifice to the evil god, I can trample him as easy as stepping on an ant!

"It's too ridiculous to marry a million girls!" In the Sky Sword's camp, the young boys complained.

"There must a hole in this guy's head. How can he himself satisfy a million brides? What the hell is he doing?!"

Some people got exasperated.

"Ooo ooo ooo, I like that priestess. She also accepted that man's proposal. She must’ve been hoodwinked!"

Some people were utterly disheartened.

"Burn! Burn! Burn! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Some people went crazy with jealousy. They had held torches and sickles in their hands.

Before the battle between the two camps started, the young boys of the Sky Sword's camp had had a common goal.

Catch that pervert called "White Emperor" and cut him into a thousand pieces!

From the bread making ability he had showed in the small village, this man couldn't be a native but a person from another world, just like them all!

Because this world didn't have a food called "bread", not even the making method!

When they arrived at this world, they were placed on an island with monsters everywhere. They were hungry and thirsty, fortunately, Childe Yun He summoned the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli and led them so they could leave the island. Otherwise, they would all have starved to death!

As for this man! He first arrived at this world and then immediately became the god's Apostle. He was respected everywhere. Even when he said "I want to marry a million girls", the whole of this world still revolved around him!

What had they experienced in this world? Death trials!

Tall Bird, Blood Eye Crow, Red Hound, Blue Hound, Deerclop... They would never know what kind of monster would rush out from the mist and take away their lives.

Even if they died, they would revive in a random place on the island. The countless deaths and rebirths had tortured them in hell.

Finally, when Childe Yun He told them that they could escape from this painful cycle of mortality once they believed in the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, they all accepted it.

After that, they joined the evil god's camp and escaped from the deadly island, then they cooperated with the Sky Sword's camp and finally became the Dark Shadow Spider Queen's collaborators.

Remembering the miserable experience they had suffered, and the handsome treatment the "White Emperor" had enjoyed, these young boys only wanted to cry.

We are all outsiders to this world, why are you the only one who can be treated with kindness?

If this world is a trial, then we must be experiencing the "Hell Mode" and the White Emperor is experiencing the "Easy Mode"... no, he is like playing the Easy Mode with a Cheat!

Even now they could also vaguely hear the girls' laugh from a distance.

"Oh, what a beautiful ring! Am I not dreaming?" A young priestess looked at her hand in surprise and pinched her hand. Incidentally, she was one of the young boy's dreamlover.

"No, I can't feel pain from my hand! Am I really dreaming? No, let me pinch my hand again."

"Of course you don't feel pain! You are pinching my hand!" The young priestess' partner complained.


"No, I want to die!"

"I have never been so angry in my life!"

"I will take revenge on him! I will sell myself to the great evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli! I will take my dreamlover back!"

On the hill, the young boys cried and cursed their unlucky fate, wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves!

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