Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: The Third Phase

The giant slime flock, which could destroy a kingdom easily, was killed of by Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army within fifteen minutes.

Even if it was the Ten Leaves Alliance's elite army, without hero ranked warriors' assistance, they would need to pay a heavy price to defeat these tough enemies.

But now, the Mist Soul Army slaughtered these giant slimes like breaking a dead branch from a tree. Till now, Yun Xi had only put ten thousand Mist Souls into the battlefield, and most Mist Souls were still staying behind the mist door.

"It's so lucky that we are in the same camp." Yun Que sorted out her feelings.

Is my Mist Soul really the supreme commander of this strong army? It's like a dream!

"It's because we have an excellent commander. I'm not good at commanding the army and it was all the Dark Elf Mist Soul's credit. Thank you for your recommendation." Yun Xi looked at the Dark Elf Mist Soul with a sheepish look.

The Dark Elf was standing in the front row of all Mist Souls. Because she wouldn't die, she didn't need to be protected by the army. Instead, she led the charge as a vanguard.

Yun Xi could see that she was familiar with battle. Under her leadership, the Mist Soul Army was about two times stronger than when he commanded the army. Before she used her hero ranked ability, the Mist Soul Army had wiped out all the giant slimes quickly.

Yun Que's recommendation was remarkable. The Dark Elf named "Black Moon" was born to be a war leader!

However, when Yun Xi looked at the Dark Elf, he could feel her loneliness.

"Nothing praiseworthy, because great command capability can be learned through practice. There are many excellent commanders in the universe, however, your Mist Soul Army is unique." Looking at her own projection, the lonely Dark Elf in the Mist Soul Army, Yun Que smiled bitterly.

As an assassin, why did she have such a great command capability? The reason was cruel.

For her mission, for her justice, she had stepped onto countless battlefields and had stained her hands with blood a long time ago.

Her justice wasn't without a price. For victory, she had made cruel choices many times and had given up many people who believed in her.

Everything was for victory, because only the victor could obtain the future.

"Let's keep moving. I have a feeling that this battle will be very cruel." Before they stepped on the island, they had encountered so many giant slimes. This fact made Yun Que have a very bad feeling in her heart.

Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's erosion of this world was faster and deeper than her imagination.

The information she had collected in the Caelian City was probably just a small portion of the Sky Sword's actual power.

"I have the same feeling. Many smells in the mist don't belong to this world." Yun Xi sniffed, feeling a vague tingling sensation through his White Emperor Mask.




Quickly, their bad feelings came true. With a spate of explosive sounds, something happened.

One slime after another gushed out of the ground and the water, flocking to Yun Xi and Yun Que.

Poison Slime, Marsh Slime, Ice Slime, Metal Slime, Lava Slime, Rock Slime, Giant Slime, Silver Slime... Yun Que had mentioned that there would be all kinds of slimes appearing in the second phase of the Sky Sword's coming. Now, they all appeared and rushed to them from the mist.

There was a special network amongst all the slimes. When the giant slimes were killed off, the slimes in the mist immediately knew it and made their response.

"Let's continue our fight!" Yun Que drew her black longbow with blood mark in her eyes.

"Open up, the Door of Mist Souls!" Yun Xi summoned the mist door again. Instantly, one row of Mist Souls after another walked out of the door and onto the battlefield.


In the deepest side of the Island of Mist, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen was sitting on her Dark Shadow Throne. Her naked toes lightly touched the big net in front of her.

Most of the area on the island had been covered in this big net, becoming the Dark Shadow Spider Queen's territory.

This was the Queen's favorite tactic: capturing her prey in the net, then let them choke to death in despair!

"74%..." With the power from the Sky Sword, this net was a hundred times bigger than all the nets she could weave before.

"75%..." Countless slimes were invading into the largest forbidden area in this world, the Island of Mist. The progress meant that they had occupied 3/4 of the space on this island, which also stood for the progress of the Sky Sword's coming.

What Yun Xi and Yun Que had known was far away from the truth. Even before they entered the Caelian City, the first Golden Slime King had been born. Soon after, the second, the third... Every Golden Slime King was like a node. They built a coordinate system, guiding the Sky Sword's avatar the way to this world.

This world was covered with the Water God's power. As a Sky Sword, Shaya Longnis was one of the strongest beings in the Sky Sword God's Domain. Even so, it wasn't easy for her to descend into this world. She must be guided by suitable nodes and the coordinate system, so that she would be able to squeeze into this world through a sufficiently large spatial channel.

Now, Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's coming had started the countdown.

As a void creature, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen could naturally find the weakest spatial point of any world. The Island of Mist was the best landing place she chose for the Sky Sword.

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