Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: You Will Be the Emperor

This day had become the most fantastic day in this world's history.

In front of the old Water God temple, countless fountains sent water columns skyward from underground. Voluminous mist spread throughout the city, making it the City of Mist.

In the Water Mist Field, a million beautiful girls were making their answer.

"I'm willing to take this honour. I'm willing to be your bride. Thank you for choosing me. I will be your power in return for your love. I swear to the great Water God, I will be the Apostle's wife forever!"

The girls' voices echoed through the sky, hovering around the old City of Water like a million beautiful melodies.

One white hand after another raised in the air with expectation and longing in these girls’ hearts.

One crystal ring after another appeared on these beautiful girls' fingers.

They were the proofs of their oaths, and the signs of their accomplished marriage contracts.

They accepted Yun Xi without reservation. When even Yun Xi himself didn't believe that he would succeed, their trusts, made this plan come true.

There were over a million girls who had arrived at this city, and there were only dozens of girls who refused his proposals.

Yun Xi could sense a very weird aura from these girls' bodies. As they disappeared suddenly and mysteriously, Yun Xi understood who they were.

Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's coming had reached the last phase. Her will could even interfere with the reality now.

The girls who just disappeared suddenly should be the slimes who had transformed into their human forms!

Apart from these "girls", all girls on the square said "I'm willing to marry you!" to Yun Xi.

Their faith in the Water God and the three High Priestesses' songs impressed them. The girls in the Water God's world were all innocent and cute. None of them doubted whether Yun Xi was lying.

"In order to save this world, I have to deceive them. Then, am I wrong or is it this world's fault?"

Yun Xi looked puzzled. He thought that he understood the stars' quests better.

Love is wonderful and sweet. He never doubted his love to Hua Huo.

However, his understanding about this world and "love" had been changed.

Loves were different.

There was "everlasting love of couples" in this universe.

There was "loyal love to the god" in this universe.

There was "jealous and uneasy love" in this universe.

"Love" wasn't a single property. It could be rendered as all kinds of emotions.

"Marriage" wasn't one-to-one in this world just like the custom in the Sky Sword God's Domain. Instead, it was one-to-many.

He had married a million brides in this world. If even such a "love" was allowed in this world, then what couldn't be accepted?

It seemed that the stars were using this method to teach him what "you should accept all kinds of love” means.

However, the "love" in the eyes of the stars was too different from the love in human's eyes!

Marry a million girls? It's just ridiculous!

Yun Xi felt as if he was dreaming when this unprecedented miracle came true.

"Well, well, from now on, you will take responsibility for us Lamias. Of course, as their Queen, you should care for me more, but it doesn't mean you can be 'bad' to the rest of your wives!"

The Lamia Queen looked cheerful. After losing the sailing jellyfishes over a century ago, finally, the Lamia Race embraced hope again.

"The Lamias are too pushy, but I'm different. Don't forget to look for me when you are free!" The Mermaid Queen teased.

"This aura is strange, but not bad, isn't it?"

The Caelian Queen coughed. Obviously, she had noticed the strange aura between the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen.

"From now on, we will put the fate of this world in your hands. You have been accepted by the three Queens and have the White Emperor Mask. Starting today, you will become the Emperor of the entire World!"

"What?!" Yun Xi was dumbfounded.

"You have married a million girls! If you aren’t the Emperor, then who can be the Emperor?" The Lamia Queen stood to Yun Xi's right.

"Yes, if you aren’t the Emperor, it would be very strange!" Not giving the slightest concession, the Mermaid Queen stood to Yun Xi's left.

"As the leader of mankind and the Caelian Queen, I witness the birth of the Emperor of the World!"

The Caelian Queen walked to Yun Xi. She half knelt and kissed Yun Xi's hand.

"As the leader of the deep sea demons and the Lamia Queen, I witness the birth of the Emperor of the World!"

The Lamia Queen also lowered her head and kissed Yun Xi's hand.

"As the leader of the shallow sea demons and the Mermaid Queen, I witness the birth of the Emperor of the World!"

Finally, the Mermaid Queen also knelt and offered her blessing to Yun Xi.

The Bell of Blessing resounded across the skies!

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