Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: A Million Brides

Time moved forward, second by second, and would never stop for any reason.

The moment of fate had finally arrived.

With the silver mask on his face and the sacred robe on his body, Yun Xi was clustered about by the three High Priestesses as he stepped on the stage of his life.

When he appeared on the stage, which was specially built for this ceremony, he caused a sensation to ripple throughout the city.

For most people, this was the first time they saw a real Apostle with their naked eyes. Even in all history, this Apostle would be one of the highest ranking of the Water God's servants.

Especially the young priestesses from the temples all over the world. When they saw Yun Xi's silver mask, they couldn't help but put their palms together and prayed devoutly.

"Oh, is he the legendary Apostle? He is young!"

"But he looks so mature! Does such a great Apostle really need to look for brides himself?"

"If the girls who want to marry him lined up, the queue could probably crowd the streets to overflowing!"

Most people hadn't known of Yun Xi's true plan. They just chattered with each other and looked at the Apostle in surprise.

Even though they had seen the Apostle's portrait on the notice board before, many people still thought that the portrait was "for reference only". Since this Apostle even went to look for brides personally, his true appearance must be very "special".

Of course, it wasn't a big deal. Since he was the great Water God's Apostle, his appearance would be the smallest novelty in their minds.

The Apostles in the past were all elders ,who never cared about secular affairs. Therefore, this Apostle was very special, and they would do everything to butter him up.

For this moment, the one million bride candidates on the square were all the most excellent girls in this world. In order to respond to his wish, they came to this city from all over the world.

Humans, Lamias, Mermaids, and all the other races had all chosen their most beautiful unmarried girls. As the most predominant race, humans had almost sent all unmarried girls to the city.

No one there was forced to be here. All these girls came prepared to fight for the right of becoming the Apostle's brides.

There were a million girls in this city. No matter how many girls the Apostle would marry, there would be no doubt that most girls would come back home empty-handed. Therefore, the competition would undoubtedly be very fierce.

This was the foremost thought in most people's hearts.

However, they were ready for it!

Come on, no matter what dire condition they would face, none of them would give up!

What's the best bride in the Apostle's heart like?

The Apostle likes a girl who is good at cooking, martial arts, divine spells, or…

No matter what kind of girls the Apostle likes, I won’t lose to anyone!

The girls all had so much confidence in their hearts.


On the stage, Yun Xi took a deep breath.

Today, there were a million girls here. Although it was just Yun Que's ridiculous plan at the first, he didn't think that it could happen. Nevertheless, it was really allowed in this world, and reached this point, by going step by step.

Now, he would perform the most important step in the whole plan.

"Thank you, thank you for coming, thank you for listening to my words."

"I say to you today, my friends. That, I have a dream, a very special, even a strange dream."

"Today is a special day for me." Yun Xi stretched out his hands. The green slime bracelet turned into a green light and circled around on his fingertip.

"I am looking for my bride, and I will sign a contract of "never being separated" with her."

"From today on, I will love her and take care of her. Where she goes, I go. If I leave, she leaves. I will love her, comfort her, respect her, protect her as my own. For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor and cherish, till death do us part, we will never be separated."

"As long as the sun will still rise, I will offer you the warmest home."

"If possible, can you all agree to my proposal?"

"The girls who are listening to my words, please make your choice!"

A continuous mist spread around from Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask. At the same time, from the fountains and from the streams, there was also a continuous mist rising into the air.

This was an unprecedented proposal in this world's history. One to one million!

As his Water Mist Field spread in the air, Yun Xi had a mental bond with all the girls on the square. There was a fine, transparent thread of mist amongst all the girls and himself.

They were the strings made by Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask, which would change the whole world forever.

Listening to Yun Xi's marriage proposal, the three High Priestesses looked at each other and smiled. The Lamia Queen stepped forward first.

The High Priestesses were the strongest beings in this world, apart from this, they also had the best singing voices.

The Lamia Queen faced the public and started singing her song of love.

The song was about a princess meeting a prince, and its name was "Dark Princess"!

"I wandered in the darkness... I once dreamed, of a whisper..."

"Now, I see the road. Is that my fate? At the very least, at this moment, let me open my arms for you..."

"This fantastic dream, my downtrodden wings, I will lower my head in the darkness, awaiting your coming."

"My tears wash my hands, my lips quiver in the darkness."

"Come to me! Look at me! Treat me as the finest princess in all the universe, my prince!"

"Though I be covered with cuts and bruises, I will never betray our love."

"As long as I can stay beside you, darkness and sadness could even become warm."

"This searing yearning will witness our love."

"Our love will turn into light, ignite the darkness and achieve immortality!"

The princess was imprisoned on the tall tower day after day and year after year. She waited for a miracle. In the dark flames, she was finally saved by the prince from the endless cycle of time. This was the Lamia Queen's love song for Yun Xi.

The Lamias and other girls of deep sea races raised their hands.

The threads amongst them and Yun Xi shook and turned into one beautiful crystal ring after another. They were the tokens of their love, they were these girls' answers.

"The next is my turn." The Mermaid Queen also stepped forward and began to sing.

Compared to the Lamia Queen's song, the rhythm of her song was more sad, which was a perfect fit for the Mermaids' romantic aura.

The song was called "The Lost Petal".

"My lover flew away from my hands along with the wind. It rolled in the air and flew to the sky, disappearing from my sight."

"The tree was engraved by the facts of our lost future. The spring has changed the world, the death of fall is coming."

"The flowers in full bloom are much more beautiful than the wind. Even if their petals have been destroyed, even if they have been forgotten, I will still follow the traces, looking for the fragments of my yearning."

"I collect the petals carefully, waiting for the next spring."

"My lover, when will you come from my dream and hug me again?"

"Answer me if you can hear my song."

"Come back to me if you can feel my heartache."

"My lover, I will always be waiting for you."

It was a song of a broken hearted girl. That was sad, but with hope, filled with uneasy expectations. More than thirty percent of the girls cried after listening to its rhythm.

Then, they raised their hands. Those girls who had hesitated before, finally gave Yun Xi their answers.

One hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand... the number of his brides was increasing rapidly, in Yun Xi's Starchild Love System. While the last and the most venerable Queen, the best known Caelian Queen came on the stage, the atmosphere reached its highest point.

The Caelian Queen was just a human, naturally, her voice couldn’t be as charming as the Lamia Queen's or the Mermaid Queen's, because as sea demons, their voices could go beyond the limit of mankind’s hearing.

Therefore, she must be more empathetic and keep her focus on the song, so that she could touch people's hearts with her voice like the other two Queens.

Her song was called "The Rhythm of Love".

"My past dreams wandered in the night's arms, my cute lover, help me look for my road. If this is our fate, let's go on our way."

"In my eyes, you are the sunlight through the leaves. You bring me courage and smiles, I can feel the transcendent love in your body. I smile under the sky, because you are with me. My song is the token of my love, and I believe that you can hear my feelings across time and space."

"Happiness, sadness, worry, they are the rhythms of love. Any time, any place, my song will be with you. I was born for you, I'm singing for you. The rhythm is flowing in my heart, listen to it, my love!"

Five hundred thousand, six hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand!

In the sound of the Caelian Queen's singing, a great amount of power flocked into Yun Xi's body. He could clearly feel the terrible energy waves through the mask on his face.

Finally, the harvest time had begun.

He had created this miracle with his own hands!

With the three High Priestesses' help, Yun Xi reached an achievement that perhaps no one had ever achieved in the whole universe.

A million brides!

As being surrounded in the countless mist, one beautiful girl after another raised their hands with expectations in their hearts.

"I really am a... liar." Feeling the powers that were flowing into his body, Yun Xi didn't look happy, but mocked himself.

Yun Que's plan had a drawback that it would take Yun Xi too much time if he proposed to the girls one by one. Therefore, they finally decided to let Yun Xi propose to the one million girls on the square together. In order to accomplish this, they had paid with a great deal of effort.

And now, they finally got their efforts rewarded!

This was Yun Que's Expansion Plan of A Million Brides! Especially tailored for Yun Xi!

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