Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: The Girls Who are Studying Hard

In Caelian.

The Caelian Queen, the Lamia Queen, the Mermaid Queen, their people, and the girls from all over the world, were gathering together on the square in front of the Water God temple.

For Yun Xi's plan, the Caelian Queen even ordered all the residents to pull all the buildings around the Water God temple, and finally built this special square. It was so large that it contained dozens of fountains and spread all the way to the seashore.

Beside the sacred fountains, humans, Lamias, Mermaids and all the girls of other races gathered together in groups based on their races. They chatted about this special ceremony with excitement.

This world never had a ceremony called "The Water God's Apostle's Proposal Plan", and probably would never have another again.

"Did you hear about it? The Apostle is a very excellent, handsome and mature man!"

"Yes, yes, I saw him once from a distance. His silver mask is very cool!"

The human girls gleefully talked about Yun Hai, especially the girls who had seen the Apostle before. But everyone who hadn’t were feeling jealous.

Compared to them, the Lamias looked much more leisurely, because they had already known the result many days ago. Therefore, when they looked at the human girls' nervous expressions, they laughed in their hearts.

As for the topic they were talking about, it was slightly "adults only".

"Feya, we will teach you the knowledge of being a Lamia lady."

"The first night with your lover is very important. You must do you best."

"The Apostle is protected by the great Water God's power, so you don't need to worry about his body. The only thing you need to consider is how to enjoy your first night." Although the Lamias were just some armchair strategists who had no practical experience, it wouldn't stop them from teaching poor young Feya what she should do during her first night.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Feya blushed. Her tail wagged, espousing her excited heart.

I’m finally learning the special wooing of us Lamias! So this is the secret, this is what I should do!

"Feya, come here, this is the textbook." Looking around and making sure that no one else was looking at this place, the oldest Lamia put a book into Feya's hands.

"The Shameless Demon and One-thousand Princesses" was the textbook's name. Looking at this precious prohibited book, Feya realized that her sisters finally considered her as an adult.

In the past, when she found this book, her sisters stopped her and told her "You are too young to read it".

After opening the first page of this prohibited book, Feya had been shocked by the erotic illustration and the exciting description. A brand new world was slowly opening in front of her.

Is this the adult's world? It's so exciting and tempting!


Amongst the Mermaids, a similar thing was happening.

"Those Lamias are serious!"

"Be quick, be quick, who has our precious prohibited book? We Mermaids can't lose to those brainless Lamias!"

"It's our destiny to steal a Lamias' lover!" The Mermaids had a natural sense of competition with the Lamias. Although their Queens were friends, they didn't mind trying to hamper the Lamias.

"I found it! I found it! Be careful, it's a very rare book!"

"Hum, 'The Shameless Demon and His Sisters' Secret Garden'. Yes, this is it!"

"I heard that there were more books of the Demon Series. These illustrations are great! They must be an artistic master's masterpieces!"

"Even in the whole world, there are not too many books of this series. Little girls, come here and study!" The Mermaids said with enthusiasm. Hearing their conversation, even the girls of other sea demon races also stealthily looked at the book.

Their races weren't as privileged as the Lamia Race and the Mermaid Race. Most of their partners weren't even intellectual, because only very few sea demons could gain intelligence and know how to turn into human form.

Based on their living areas, the sea demons in shallow seas would become Mermaid’s subordinates and the sea demons in deep seas would become Lamia's subordinates.

They also found a similar book in their race's treasure cave.

Just like the Lamia's book and the Mermaid's book, it was also a real original book from a real drawing master.

"Is this the method of how humans copulate?"

"That posture... is embarrassing!"

"Will we do the same thing every night after we marry the Apostle? But, my race can produce descendants simply by exchanging each other's genes!"

The sea demon girls talked with each other and passed around for perusal the book called "The Shameless Demon and Monster Girls' Game".

It seemed that all the races in this world had a book of the Demon Series.

They were prohibited books, but also excellent beginner books.

At any rate, from the girls' red faces and pounding hearts, these books were very effective.

After a while, a special aura spread around the girls in the square.

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