Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 241

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Chapter 241: Sailing Jellyfish's Robe

After "enjoying" the little rabbit, the new day had begun.

With the young Water God's priestesses' help, Yun Xi put on a long robe, which he had never seen before but he thought that it must be very valuable. After putting the green slime bracelet on his arm, Yun Xi looked at the mirror. He could barely recognize that "that man" in the mirror was himself.

This robe was made of a fantastic deep-sea creature's exuviation. It had light silver color, which looked to be a perfect fit with Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask.

The deep-sea creature was called "Sailing Jellyfish" and it was sacred in this world, because all sea demons, including Mermaids and Lamias, saw it as a symbol of the great Water God.

Sailing jellyfishes would moult their shells every other one thousand years. The Mermaids would collect their shells to make robes. Till now, there were only four complete Sailing Jellyfish's Robes in this world.

The first three robes were the Mermaid Queen's Rochet, the Lamia Queen's Campaign Gown, and the Caelian Queen's Priestess Robe. Although their styles and colours were different, their raw materials were the same.

At this moment, Yun Xi was wearing the fourth robe, the treasure made by a part of the rarest fantastic creature's shell.

After putting on the robe, Yun Xi could feel that his control of the moisture in the air had been enhanced by 30%, and the robe could automatically filter harmful substances in the air.

Moreover, it seemed that this old robe could even increase its owner's aura. The three High Priestesses' robes could make them look more attractive, and Yun Xi's robe could make him look more handsome and mature. At the very least, when Yun Xi looked at the man in the mirror, he had a feeling that he could trust "this man" with all his heart.

The Sailing Jellyfish's Robe and the White Emperor Mask were really a match made in heaven!

Yun Xi habitually rubbed the green slime bracelet on his arm, then stood in front of the mirror alone, waiting for the coming ceremony. He looked at his mirror image and murmured to himself, "Yun Xi, you should know you are not fighting for yourself. You are fighting for this world, for the girls who have faith in you."

"Maybe the thing you are going to do sounds ridiculous, and it's indeed ridiculous, but, there is a reason."

"Since you have chosen this way, you must hold on to the very end! You shouldn't be afraid of anything now!"

Yun Xi clenched his fists. At this moment, on his White Emperor Mask, there were already four special marks on four of the six sharp silver horns.

The first mark was from the mysterious dark elf, the commander of his Mist Soul Army, Black Moon.

The second mark was from the enthusiastic Lamia Queen, the Queen of All Sea Demons, one of the top-class hero ranked beings in this world.

The third mark was from the jealous Mermaid Queen, the Queen of the Mermaids, the best harp entertainer in this world.

The fourth mark was from the human High Priestess, the ruler of the City of Water, the holder of the Water God's Scepter, the Caelian Queen.

After obtaining the four brides, he ranked his fiance's' power, and even Yun Xi himself didn't know how strong he was now.

Every minute and every second, he could perceive that his Mist Soul Army was becoming stronger and stronger.

Why did the stars create this trial world? What could he obtain from this world?

He had a feeling that he would know the truth soon after today.

"Huff!" Yun Xi took a deep breath, then walked out of the door.

"The Apostle..." Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi with her gentle eyes.

"Yo, give me some bread! I won't let you go before you give me bread!" Ling Ling laughed. She still behaved so carefree.

"Are you ready? Oh my, how many brides do you want to have? You have called so many unmarried girls!" Mei Lan complained, but Yun Xi knew that it was her special way of showing her care.

Apart from the twin witches, Hua Huo, Hua Yue and Xiao Cao, all the girls of the Starwing Knights had gathered together here today.

Yun Xi understood that they should have joined the Sky Sword's camp. In fact, if the Water God didn't find him directly and chose him to be its Apostle, he should also be in the Sky Sword's camp now.

Yun Xi had never imagined that someday, he would fight against his unbeatable childhood sweetheart: Hua Huo.

Unfortunately, from the beginning, he had no choice.

"I hope that Hua Huo will never know what has happened in this world." Yun Xi prayed, although he knew that it was just an unrealistic fantasy.

He knew that Hua Huo would definitely go crazy if she knew what he had done.

And the thing he was going to do today, would make Hua Huo explode like an erupting volcano.

"Apostle, everything is ready."

"Please convey your true love to them all!"

"You will be pleased no matter what kind of bride you want!"

The young priestesses still didn't know Yun Xi's plan. They looked at him with expectation.

Several of them were "Elizabethan". In order to let them serve Yun Xi, their families had gone out of their way to make an effort to help the cause.

In fact, all unmarried girls in this world had been tempted by Yun Xi's proposal ceremony.

To the people in this world, the Water God was their supreme lord, naturally, the Water God's Apostle was very special and worthy of mentioning.

"Thank you." Looking at the priestesses, who had been selected to be his Mist Soul Army's future commanders by Yun Que, Yun Xi thanked them in a relaxed tone.

The last moment had finally begun.

Go ahead, Yun Xi!

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