Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: Summon

As Feya looked at Yun Xi with jealousy, the enthusiastic Lamias were chatting their hopes about a future with Yun Xi.

"Apostle, how many children do you want to have?"

"I think having seven children is fine. They can form a team."

"The Apostle's children will be handsome and beautiful."

Only when talking about children, did the Lamias become so excited.

The Lamia Race had had no new members for the last hundred years. The youngest Lamia, Feya, hadn't finished her childhood education in the sailing jellyfish's lair when they left, and had to return to the Lamia Race, becoming their most favorite little sister.

Therefore, they also hoped that they could have babies as soon as possible, so that their babies could play with Feya.

"No! The Apostle has promised to me that we will have two teams of children!" Feya was beyond her perseverance.

She was the first, after all! The first one who found the Apostle, the first one who coiled around the Apostle's waist with her tail, and the first one who had obtained the Apostle's promise!

She was the first, why were her sisters whispering endearments of love, and baby making talk with the Apostle instead of her?

It is so unfair!

"I can do whatever my sisters can do! Apostle, make babies with me! Immediately! Right now!" Feya threw out her chest. Her bold statement really shocked all the people present.

Yes, this is it! I must be a step ahead of my sisters!

I don't understand the process, but it doesn't matter, because the Apostle must know it. He can teach me!

"Well, Feya, do you even know what you are saying?" Even the boldest Lamia was shocked by her youngest sister's words.

"I heard that your “first time” is painful!"

"You are too young. Your body can't support you while you copulate for 12 hours!"

"Yes, yes, it's too early for you!"

Hey, hey, don't be so straightforward with a child! Yun Xi looked at the Lamias embarrassed, who were trying to persuade their youngest sister.

At the same time, he also realized that if a person's body quality hasn't reached the hero rank, then it was really a bad idea to fall in love with any Lamia, because no ordinary people could copulate 12 hours straight without sleep and rest.

Besides, it sounded like "12 hours" was just the most basic requirement. These "excellent Lamias" were hoping for a copulation time of "three days and three nights" or more!

Yun Xi didn't even dare to imagine what would happen to him if he really married these Lamias.

Probably, they would want me to carry on the responsibility for propagating the entire Lamia race. As for him, he only needed to stay in the cave and repeat the process of "three days and three nights" over and over again.

It would really become a Lamia Festival, but my body would soon collapse due to being "overworked"!

"I'm not small, and, even if it would be painful, I can bear it!" Feya pouted.

She shouted seriously while holding her small fists clenched tightly, “Yes, no matter what will happen, I can stand them all!”

"This is the reason I can't do it!" Said Yun Xi listening to Feya's statement. Yun Xi understood how naive her mental age was.

It really would be a crime!

"Whoooooh!" Feya cried.

Is it all due to my age? She had never thought of that before.

It's not my fault I’m so "immature"!

"Don't worry, Feya. You will become a most excellent Lamia woman," Yun Xi comforted her. He wiped off her tears and smiled, "You should be more confident."

"Really? Can I become the most excellent Lamia woman?" Feya looked at Yun Xi with longing.

"Yes, believe in me, Feya. You can become the most attractive Lamia!" Yun Xi hesitated for a moment, then said, "Because your body contains a very special energy."

It was true. The White Emperor Mask had let him find a hidden powerful energy in Feya's body from the beginning. It was a very powerful energy, but it wasn't stable. It was being sealed by something, which should be an artifact that was similar to his mask.

Feya was different than the other Lamias, because she was carrying a very special fate.

Maybe if she could release the energy in her body, she would be able to grow up quicker.

Wait, if that came true, then how about my promise? Yun Xi suddenly had a feeling that he was caught up in his own trap.

"En! I will become stronger than my sisters!" Feya smiled through her tears after hearing Yun Xi's prediction.

This girl's bad mood was like the summer rain, here one minute and gone the next.

After comforting Feya, Yun Xi asked the Lamias around him, "Can you take me to your Queen? I have to ask her something."

"Apostle, you’re looking for our Queen? She is in a nearby sea area, but... do you really want to see her immediately?" The Lamias asked. They felt unusual about Yun Xi's request.

"Yes, it's important." answered Yun Xi decisively.

I have already come here, so there is no way back.

"Ok, let us call the Queen then." The Lamias looked at each other, then formed a circle.

"Feya, please do it." The strongest Lamia stood in the center of the circle and waved her hand to Feya.

"I know, sister." Feya left Yun Xi reluctantly. She skulked into the circle and nicked the blood vessel on her fin with her fingernail.

A drop of crimson blood dripped into the transparent water ball in front of her and spread around in the water ball.

"Ha!" The strongest Lamia swung her tail with all her might, whipping the water ball into the sky.

The next second, all the Lamias hissed in a weird tone. At the same time, the water ball exploded in the air.

With his mask’s power, Yun Xi could see the mist from the exploded water ball spreading around in the air. Soon after, the mist had covered a large area of the sea.

Some information contained in the mist was being blended into the sea and spread through the water with an incredible speed.


A thunderous sound came from a very distant place.

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