Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: Their Hope

"The Lamias' support is absolutely crucial to my plan. In whatever manner or way, you must marry them all, especially the hero ranked Lamia Queen! You must stake everything you have, because you are not being given the option of failure!"

Remembering Yun Que's order, Yun Xi smiled bitterly. It really was a tough task!

Fortunately, he did well... didn't he?

These Lamias were really enthusiastic about him.

"Hey Apostle, what position do you like? I like the reverse cowgirl position. If we can get married, I hope that our nuptial night can last for three days and three nights..." said the most excellent girl amongst all Lamias present. Incidentally, her breasts were also the biggest.

"I don't care what position it will be, but I do hope that you can stroke my tail at that time," said the second girl, who had the longest tail.

When the sisters’ talked, Feya felt confused about the discussion. She was still ignorant to the carnal knowledge of being married.

"Sisters, what are you saying? Don't couples have babies simply by holding each other? Didn't our queen go to sleep in the sailing jellyfish's tentacles, then we were born?" asked Feya.

Well, it was really a Lamia-style.

Yun Xi knew of the process of Lamia's being impregnated and giving birth. They could have babies simply by sleeping in the sailing jellyfish's tentacles!

Of course, he wasn't a sailing jellyfish, so he didn't have such a fantastic ability. Therefore, if he wanted to make the Lamias pregnant, he had to use a more traditional, skin-to-skin method.

Feya's sisters had learned this from the queen, and only Feya herself hadn't understood it.

She was too young, and her sisters didn't teach her this knowledge, which she couldn’t find in the books either.

"My Sisters' words are outlandish! Apostle, you, you will teach me, won’t you?" This time, it was Feya’s turn to feel jealous of her sisters.

She could feel a sweet aura amongst her sisters and the Apostle when they looked at each other. (Yun Xi: is completely misunderstanding the situation!)

For the first time, she saw such a happy look on her sisters' faces. Their bodies were spreading a sweet smell.

The sweet smell was a unique odour of adult Lamias, which she would obtain in the near future since she was still too young.

Feya had to admit that she was still too naive. Her aura was far inferior to her sisters.

She failed to understand her sisters' enthusiastic smiles. With discontent and anxiety in her heart, her tail coiled around Yun Xi's waist very much tighter.

What is it? What is this knowledge I don't know, but my sisters all understand?

Since she had signed the contract with the Apostle, what was this unknowing that still made her feel uneasy?

"Hoo, as expected, Little Feya still doesn't understand it."

"She is too young. It's natural that she doesn't understand it."

"When I heard that she had done 'that' with the Apostle, I thought... So it was just a misunderstanding!"

The elder Lamias whispered to each other with a reassuring look on their faces.

Of course, they weren't conspiring with each other to exclude Feya. They just thought that Feya was still too young to learn "that knowledge".

Even they themselves just learned "that knowledge" from the queen before they came to Caelian.

"Ooo, why don't you sisters tell me?! What are you talking about?!" Feya gazed at her sisters with her big innocent eyes. My sisters all liked me. Why are they looking at me with an amused look now?

"Well, Feya, you are still young. We will teach you about it after you have grown up."

"Yes, Feya, you will understand it after you have become a good woman."

"It would be a comfortable thing to do 'that' with your lover... the queen told me so."

The enthusiastic Lamias naturally revealed their true feelings after knowing that Feya wouldn't be the Apostle's only bride.

Maybe they knew nothing about love, however, they were also looking forward to having babies with their "chosen one".

First, the "chosen one" must be strong, because weak creatures couldn't offer Lamias the genes they needed.

Of course, hero ranked Yun Xi perfectly met this requirement.

The "chosen one" must believe in the great Water God, because Lamias were the Water God's most loyal people.

Naturally, as the Water God's Apostle, Yun Xi fulfilled this point, because he was beloved by the god!

Last but not the least, the "chosen one" must accept the Lamia Race from the bottom of his heart, by not being scared away like ordinary humans.

Alright, Yun Xi also met this point, because he never cared about his brides' race and identity...

The three requirements were all they had asked. They had never wished for more.

Since Yun Xi had perfectly met these three requirements, naturally, the Lamias had a crush on him from the beginning.

When they knew that Feya had become his bride, they seemed almost ready to cry, because they thought that they had lost their opportunity.

But, after Yun Xi said that he didn't mind having more brides, the flames of hope was ignited again in their hearts.

Since Feya could obtain his love, it might as well be me! They thought.

The great Apostle is really considerate!

As expected, you were chosen by the great Water God to change the fate of the Lamias!

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