Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: The Queen's True Body

A tsunami roared forward, rushing to the coastline from the sea horizon.

The blue sea trembled beneath that horrible sound. The tsunami was over a hundred metres tall, moving toward the coastline like a wall.

"Boom!" A huge black figure stood on the wave, looking like a storm, like lightning, like a catastrophe!

"How... huge is she?!" Yun Xi looked at the giant creature coming in with the wave. He was totally flabbergasted.

The oppressive sense he now felt, was already at the limit of what common humans could stand. If we were quantifying it, ordinary Lamias could make a human feel "10 units" of fear, but then the giant creature, who was rushing to this place, could cause a "1000 units" of fear in humans.

Her serpentine tail was over a hundred metres long!

Although her upper body looked human, but actually was also over dozens of metres tall. It wasn't an exaggeration to describe her as a "leviathan like monster".

Yun Xi knew the Lamia Queen was the King of all sea demons, but... her true body was so huge! It was far beyond his imagination.

"Feya, why are you calling me?" The familiar voice shook the sky and the earth. The tsunami collapsed, turning into millions of waters drops at the instant it touched the coastline. The Lamia Queen, who had seen Yun Xi before, drew herself up and looked down at the Lamias.

"Well..." Yun Xi blushed, because the Lamia Queen wasn't wearing anything.

Maybe it was because she had done strenuous exercise before, for her white skin was flushed pink. The two "peaks" on her chest weren't sagging due to their enormous volume and weight and were still standing tall like a pair of mellow fruits.

Her underbelly was smooth without overlap. In the middle, was her cute belly button. And when Yun Xi looked down, he saw her long slender tail.

If you overlooked her huge size, she was indeed the most mature and beautiful Lamia woman. Her special charms were much more overwhelming than all the young Lamias together.

"Oh my! The Apostle? Why are you here?" Finally, the Lamia Queen noticed Yun Xi. She looked surprised and awkward.

As the water drops splashed down, the Lamia Queen turned into the beautiful form Yun Xi was familiar with.

"Sorry, I was lost in concern." Compared to the young Lamias who were too excited, the Lamia Queen was much calmer.

"It's me who should apologize, because I am the one who came here out of the blue." The queen's seductive body was still vivid in Yun Xi's mind. He could barely look at the queen without embarrassment.

"My daughters, you were over reacting. Don't you know the ritual of summoning means 'something urgent is happening'? If I knew it was for our great Apostle, I wouldn’t have come so hastily with my true body." The Lamia Queen fretted. These little girls were really thoughtless!

The humans who were still alive after seeing her true body could be counted on her fingers.

"We did it because the Apostle wanted to see you as soon as possible."

"The Apostle's dictate is of the highest priority."

"Feya even donated her blood!"

The young Lamias laughed. They didn't fear of the majestic queen, because half of them were the queen's direct descendants. Compared to calling her "queen", they preferred to call her "Mom".

It’s not surprising for your daughters to act like spoiled children in front of their mother, is it?

"You kids! You are still unmarried and you already dare to disobey your Mom, hmmm?" The Lamia Queen sighed and shook her head.

It seems that I must teach them how to become good ladies. They just came to Caelian several days ago and have already forgotten the regulations of the Lamias.

The ritual of summoning was called "Blood Seal", which should only be used at the most critical time. She thought that they were in danger, so she immediately rushed to this place at full speed.

"Marry? Oh, we indeed need to discuss the date of marriage.", said the young Lamias.

"I think the next full moon night is a good choice. We will all be vigorous at that time.", suggested one of the more mature girls.

"The Apostle wants a lot of brides, and Feya has become his first bride." The Lamias looked at Yun Xi with longing and happiness.

"Well, does he? That's good." The Lamias Queen looked at her daughters in surprise.

At first, she thought that the Apostle would be very "picky", therefore, only the several most excellent Lamias would be able to stand a chance to marry him.

The Lamia Queen thought, “Why does it seem that they all have a chance to become the Apostle's bride? And, why was it Feya? Why was she the first? What had happened?”

"Well... Your Majesty, there is something I need to talk to you about," Yun Xi said nervously. He hesitated for a while at first, but finally pulled up his socks.

Since he wanted to marry the queen, he'd better tell the queen about his Mist Soul Army, so that it would be possible for her to understand and to agree to his proposal.

"Wow? We... are not enough? You want to marry our queen too?"

"You are really...brave!"

"Be forewarned, our queen is special. She is the strongest Queen of the Lamias!"

The Lamias immediately realized what Yun Xi was planning to do. They all looked at him with a strange look.

"You... well, aren't you afraid of me?" The Lamia Queen looked at Yun Xi in surprise.

He has seen my true body and he is still not afraid of me?

Based on her past experiences, no humans could be sane and sound of mind after witnessing her true body.

Humans would instinctively be frightened by giant creatures. Her true body had become many humans' nightmare and made many people go insane.

"Yes. I have no racial prejudices," Yun Xi said sincerely.

When he met her for the first time, he had realized that she was very dangerous. She was the strongest being he had met in the Water God's world.

However, compared to his ex-girlfriends, she was nothing dangerous. Once he remembered that he was still being wanted by his ex-girlfriends, he immediately had the confidence to overcome all obstacles.

"You are really... a strange child," The Lamia Queen smiled and nodded, "Ok, I will listen to you. Let's go."

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