Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: To Kill

Rough and lumpy green skin, bigger than two Yun Xi together; even its legs were bigger than Yun Xi's. In addition to its swinging small tail, it had four gleamingly sharp teeth when it opened its mouth.

The green hippo!

Yun Xi finally understood what the monster that made him die again and again in the newbie trial was, and where that monster came from.

At first, he wondered how it even possible to have a 3rd-ranked green hippo monster around the village, since even a fox was rarely seen here.

So it was Ashen who brought it here.

"Ah ha ha ha ha, you see it? This is my strongest power, this what I got from the Celestial Palace!"

"The first ranked killer among all 3rd-ranked creatures - Homicidal Hippo! It is the strongest monster a 2nd Rank like me can control!"

After seeing Yun Xi's surprised expression, Ashen couldn't help but laugh. He looked at Yun Xi as if he was looking at a dead man.

"You won't see tomorrow's sun."

"I don't think so. I have an appointment tomorrow with Hua Huo in order to practice my sword skills. Ashen, I'm sorry but I will have to let you down." More or less, Ashen had reached the 2nd Rank and that was a little beyond Yun Xi's expectation.

Regardless of his obnoxious character, not too many people could become a 2nd-ranked Daoist Priest at the age of 19.

The 3rd-ranked hippo did have terrible combat power. Yun Xi had learned this from his 120 deaths.

"Kill him, hippo!" Ashen said as he had lost his mind.

He just came back and hadn't yet told everyone in the village that he was already a 2nd-ranked Daoist Priest. He wanted to enjoy the jealous eyes of the villagers, but instead witnessed Yun Xi and Hua Huo practicing the sword together.

He thought he could bear it if they just practiced the sword, but what was that? They were making eyes at each other! Hua Huo was suppressing her strength, playing with Yun Xi!

Everything was Yun Xi's fault. He was just a bread shop assistant! How dare he think that he was worthy of practicing together with the real sword genius, Hua Huo?

In the whole village, he was the only one who could match up with Hua Huo! Because he was the disciple of the Celestial Palace, who tamed a 3rd-ranked hippo as a talented 2nd-ranked Daoist Priest!

Who could understand what he paid in order to dominate the cruel hippo?!

He rolled in the mud with the hippo all day. He even slept together with it.

He held a brush and helped the hippo brush its body every day. Ate meat together with the hippo, even...

It took a year before he got into close contact with the terrifying homicide hippo and tamed the ferocious monster, which made other disciples so jealous.

The only reason that helped him do such a ridiculous thing, which he didn't even think of in the past, was that he wanted to come back to marry Hua Huo.

"Hua Huo is mine! You can never have her!" He said with jealousy and madness. A voice whispered in his heart that if he didn't kill Yun Xi here, he would live in regret all his life, not to mention marry Hua Huo.

So, Yun Xi must die!

"Ashen, you have changed." Yun Xi adjusted his breathing. If it was some other 3rd-ranked monster, maybe it would be a big trouble.

However, that wasn't including this green hippo. He had fought against it in the trial one hundred and twenty-one times!

"I have not changed. Hua Huo is the only girl in my heart! But you beast! From childhood, you were always popular among girls! Ahhhhhh! You piss me off! Which part of me is no match for you? I'm stronger than you, more talented, have more money, and am more handsome than you. Why are you her only childhood sweetheart?! I... I want to be her childhood sweetheart too!" Bloody tears were almost welling up from Ashen's eyes.

He was the son of the mayor! He was the first to meet with Hua Huo! Everything was first! First!

At first, when Hua Huo moved to the village - the mayor, in other words, his father, purposely brought him to see Hua Huo. He repeatedly urged him a thousand times to get along well with the little girl, Hua Huo.

At that time, he had vaguely realized that Hua Huo's family was unusual because he had never seen such a flattering look on his vulgar father's face.

However, the first moment he saw Hua Huo, it wasn't important anymore.

He didn't need his father to urge him. He had been attracted by the impassive girl's face and unapproachable temperament.

At that time, Hua Huo was wearing exotic clothes which was obviously not from the Sky Sword God's Domain. She was like an unobtainable flower on the precipice.

He didn't know why Hua Huo had such a temperament and why she hid her identity on purpose. Living and growing up like an ordinary girl in the village.

He only knew that from the moment he laid eyes on this haughty girl, he already lost his heart to her.

In his eyes, she was absolutely the "couldn't be offended" type of girl. A Noble, not just a village girl, but also a mysterious beauty.

Compared to Hua Huo, all the girls in the village were nothing. She was the only one who he swore to have; at all costs!

After that, he repeatedly tried to approach her, trying his best. But he only got Hua Huo's contemptuous disregard.

Yes, that was her look, the look as if she was looking at something dirty.

Hua Huo, you are my queen, my life, and my hope!

No matter what the price is, I will marry you!

"Hong! Hong!" After getting Ashen's kill order, the green hippo began to run. It rushed through the shallows with a mighty speed and ran straight toward Yun Xi.

Its speed was much faster than what others might have guessed from its huge body.

Its power was almost the number one among all 3rd-ranked monsters and it also had a super defence. In addition, it didn't even lack speed, anyone whose rank wasn't above the 3rd Rank wouldn't survive if it was their first time against it.

The hippo was very strong! This was what Yun Xi experienced a hundred and twenty-one times!

"Here it comes!" Yun Xi lowered his body, then immediately turned and ran.

This was a strategic retreat because he did not have any weapons to break the green hippo's defence.

Using his fist to fight against this iron skinned monster? He did once beat it down, but he was holding an iron sword at that time, and he still had to chop it twenty-one times. Yun Xi wasn't insane.

Weapon! He needed a weapon! An idea immediately emerged in Yun Xi's mind, as he quickly rushed into the woods without hesitation.

"Run! Cry! Die in despair!" Ashen showed no emotion in seeing Yun Xi escape.

As a human, you wanted to flee from a green Hippo? Oh great! This guy would soon know what was the absolute gap between humans and creatures was.

As a creature, the hippo was a monster whose endurance and explosive force was far beyond the limit of humans, not to mention it was a mutant green hippo.

It once continuously fought on the battlefield for over three days and nights and had a record of killing thousands of people.

Run! Run! I want to see how long you can run! When you are exhausted, it will be the time of your death.

This green hippo had the brutal habit of eating corpses after killing them.

"Bang!" The green hippo crashed into the woods. The bucket-thick trees fell down due to its light push

The hippo's hunt had began!

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