Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Coming with Evil Intent

The early morning mist had dispersed as the golden sun stretched its rounded body and leapt over to the East horizon, emitting countless golden lights. Shining over all myriad things in the heavens and on earth.

"Little Xi, see you tomorrow!"

After continuously practicing the three strikes of the Flying Sky Swallow Sword Arts for more than a hundred times, Yun Xi couldn't even move his fingers anymore as he collapsed on the ground. Hua Huo cheerfully waved goodbye to him and ran all the way back to the village.

Shortly after, the only one remaining at the riverbank was a weak youth that had suffered torment from his childhood sweetheart. He looked at Mei'er dispiritedly, seemingly like a teenager who lived his life without love, while the golden retriever puppy was licking the juvenile's cheek.

"Hua Huo... is really too strong... I have... clearly said... I don't... want it..."

Completely exhausted and nearly experiencing an out-of-body experience, Yun Xi's hands and feet assumed a posture like a big sign. He didn't even have the strength to pick himself up.

Practicing sword arts with Hua Huo - a 1st Rank against a 3rd Rank - he really courted his own death.

Presumably, in Huo Huo eyes, even if there were a hundred Yun Xi, it would only take a few sword brushes to beat them.

The fact that she can be this patient and spend great efforts in helping an opponent, whom she could instantly kill, practicing sword skills with, was completely because they had a relationship as childhood sweethearts.

"Mei'er, am I too weak?"

He was barely able to stretch out his hand to look at the vibrant sun from between his fingers. Yun Xi felt like he was a fish on a chopping block which suffered serious dehydration and would soon be hung up.

"Woof!" Mei'er looked around to confirm that nobody was here and ran all the way to Yun Xi's side to hold her small paw to his forehead.

At the next moment, a golden brilliance was emitted from Mei'er's paw as it slowly seeped into the Yun Xi's body, making it warm.

This was vitality power. Yun Xi easily recognized the kind of energy that was being injected into his body.

The golden spirit brought blessing and luck, the golden fur princess... Mei'er actually had it, far more than this. At present, just because Yun Xi was too weak and couldn't obtain more star force, he couldn't even say anything.

"Sigh... cough... thank you..." After getting Mei'er's treatment, Yun Xi suddenly felt that more than half of his physical strength had been restored.

Especially because of the continuous display of the Flying Sky Swallow's three consecutive strikes, it made his hands unceasingly twitch. As well as almost causing him to completely lose his senses to move and control his feet. The greater part of it now was cured by the golden light.

Although it was still quite far from his peak condition, but at least he was not in a salted fish-like state.


When Yun Xi was about to get up, a figure with a pale complexion slowly came out from the direction near the woods.

He looked like a drunkard with a deathly pale complexion. He had long messy hair and was clad in deep violet clothes embroidered with the Yin Yang symbols and the Eight Diagrams pattern on his chest.

He had been attentively watching Yun Xi practice swords with Hua Huo and looked at the flirting eyes between them the entire morning. He was finally unable to bear it any longer and showed himself.

"Ashen?" Yun Xi knew this youth, it could be said that the whole village knew him.

He was the village's second genius, the mayor family's young master.

Had it not been for the beyond common sense super genius - Hua Huo - then, he would have been regarded as the first genius in this small village.

Three years ago, he had passed the examination to the Celestial Palace and went to the Sword Blade Region, which caused quite a big disturbance in this small village.

After all, in this village, a person who had double talent like him was very rare. He was at the same time a Swordsman and a Taoist Priest.

Although his Swordsman and Priest rank was only at the 1st Rank, considering he was just 16 years old and could step feet in both areas, it made him this small village's first genius in the century.

It was similar when Hua Huo, who was a 16-year-old genius, was able to break the limit of the Mortal Grade. However, since she was not a native of this small village, Ashen, as the mayor's son, became the benchmark and the representative for the genius standard in this small village.

However, in the end, he didn't choose the Sword Palace in the Sword God's Domain, of which almost all young geniuses would choose. Rather, he went to another big power instead that specialized in all kinds of Taoism techniques, The Celestial Palace.

At that time, because of this choice, he seemed to have had a big fight with his father.

"Yes, it is me, Yun Xi." Ashen fiercely stared at Yun Xi with a hateful and cynical expression that carried along with it a malicious intent that would make people shudder.

"Three years, I finally came back!"

"I've come back to marry the bride who I love."

"Your bride?" Yun Xi somewhat felt some kind of bad premonition.

He recalled that for a period of time before Hua Huo had yet to show her otherworldly talent and shock everyone, Ashen and Hua Huo were once called by the villagers as the twin stars.

For such an ordinary small village, to be able to step into this grade at this age was worthy enough to be great geniuses that should be recorded in the book.

Three years ago, when Ashen admitted himself to the Celestial Palace, countless people's hopes were entrusted to him. Even the mayor who had a big fight with him finally forgave his son.

The Celestial Palace was after all a colossus that had stood aloof in the Eastern God's Domain for thousands of years and had a Legend Rank powerhouse that surpassed the 6th Rank in command, just like The Sword Palace.

Looking at the scope of power globally, the Celestial Palace which specialized in Taoist techniques and the heavenly laws was on par with the Sword Palace; which specialized in the sword arts. But in the Sword God domain, The Celestial Palace's reputation and power could not be compared to the Sword Palace’s.

Whether it was the Sword Palace or the Celestial Palace, as long as one was accepted, in this small village, it was like a carp fish that leapt over the Dragon Gate

"Why would it be you? Hua Huo's insight is a bit too bad."

After three years, Ashen who just returned from The Celestial Palace stared tightly at Yun Xi with bloodshot eyes.

"A trivial baker boy, what qualifications do you have to be together with Hua Huo!"

"Hua Huo and I are destined by the heaven and earth to be a perfect match!"

Sure enough, now Yun Xi knew from where that chilly feeling behind his back came from.

Ashen, despite being hailed as this small village's second genius, had always been narrow-minded and was not a likable character.

Everyone just looked at his father, the mayor's face to then give him way. Regarding his conceited and arrogant attitude due to his achievements, they had always felt indignant but didn't dare to speak out.

Only Hua Huo, who moved to this small village later never gave him any face and even beat him many times to teach him a lesson.

Who would have thought that this treatment unexpectedly sparked Ashen's interest in Hua Huo before he took the test to get admitted into the Celestial Palace. Not the slightest opportunity was left out when he tried to pester Hua Huo. Although the results had always been a downright tragedy.

Only, Hua Huo disregarded him and didn't care whether he was the mayor's son or not. This small village's genius of the century beat him unmistakably to let him reflect on himself.

This situation continued until Ashen was finally admitted to the Celestial Palace and only ended after he left this small village.

Unexpectedly, three years later, Ashen came back...and it seems that he hadn't given up on Hua Huo.

"Three years ago, I knew that Hua Huo would be the most dazzling star and I would never be her opponent if we were to compare in talent for the sword arts."

"So I chose the Celestial Palace in order to obtain Hua Huo's heart with my strength!"

"Now, I'll make you know what real strength is!"

With bloodshot eyes, Ashen stretched out his fingers and blew a whistle.



From the other side of the river, a huge monster with a forest-like skin color marched with strength and speed that could make people tremble. Along with it came a gushing and suffocating pressure.

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