Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Wood Chopper

Bang! Bang! On the other side of the woods, one after another, the big trees fell down like they were being cut down by an axe.

"Well, Ashen that guy... is really unscrupulous." Running in the woods, Yun Xi didn't need to turn back as he had already figured out the distance between the green hippo and himself.

That's right. For humans, it was absolutely impossible to compare their physical strength and endurance to a monster like the green hippo. And as a person who has seen the properties of the green hippo's seed, Yun Xi was aware of its talent.

Super Strength, Body Bulk-Up, and Overwhelming Force. It was suitable for people who had talents for using a giant sword. Among all the 3rd-ranked creatures, the hippo's strength was almost invincible.

Even if it was Hua Huo, just considering her strength alone, she wasn't better than the green hippo. This was a racial disparity. Just looking at its height, which was taller than two men; its massive body was a natural violent killing machine.

The woods were small and Yun Xi also didn't think it could block the green hippo's way.

He was looking for a place in his memory.

Soon after, he found it!

It was a cave located in the eastern foothills of the woods. The local townspeople often came here to take shelter from the rain or just to camp, and it was also their childhood secret base. Yun Xi, Hua Huo, and even Ashen were familiar with it.

Without any hesitation, Yun Xi directly rushed into the cave.

After a while, the green hippo reached there, then Ashen.

"Ha ha, I was wondering where were you going, but you came here. Isn't this a dead end?" Looking at Yun Xi, who was quickly looking for something in the cave, Ashen laughed with a crooked mouth.

This cave wasn't deep at all. Because the people in village often came here to camp and the children also came to get shelter from the rain, everything inside was not a secret.

He could still remember that in the past, himself, Hua Huo, and the other little friends played hide-and-seek here.

As he remembered it now, it was a rare chance in his life to have been able to get close to Hua Huo in a natural way. But it was simply because this bread shop boy was here too.

"Yun Xi, I'd like to show you some last bits of mercy. Kill yourself. If you willingly do this, I will not let the hippo eat you, but bury you in the woods. At least, you will die with a complete body." As victory was in his view, Ashen's face became more twisted.

No game would be funnier than to have his rival kill himself. As for letting him die with a complete body? That was just mockery!

Of course, he would chop up Yun Xi's body and obliterate all traces!

A buried body may be found and dug out by dogs. If he threw the corpse into the river, it may also be accidentally salvaged.

Once and for all, the only way that wouldn't leave any trace was to eat him!

His hippo was a man-eating pet.

"Here it is!" After searching for a while in the upper part of the cave, where it was absolutely impossible to be found by kids, Yun Xi smiled.

As he expected, it was still here.

Because the townspeople often came here to camp, pitch tents, and build a fire, the people of the village purposely left some convenient props in this place.

A nail hammer, ignition torch, and the thing Yun Xi most needed, a wood chopper. Which was originally used to clean up weeds and cut branches.

This was the weapon Yun Xi needed to kill the green Hippo, the key to his counterattack.

"What, a chopper?" Seeing Yun Xi take out a wooden chopper from the cave, Ashen was stunned for a while. Then, he remembered there were these kinds of temporary tools inside.

However, even if you had a wood chopper, so what?

A wood chopper was nothing for the green hippo's thick and rough skin!

Yes, his green hippo didn't wear its special leather which the Palace of Heaven's Road specially made for it, so it was impossible to kill thousands of people on the battlefield. But just to kill Yun Xi? Even if Yun Xi has a wood chopper, it wouldn't be more difficult than blowing off dust.

"Yun Xi, please me because this is probably the last show of your life." With a joyous smile at the corner of his mouth, Ashen made a snap.

"Sniff, sniff!" The green hippo shook his tail and strode toward Yun Xi.

It was coming! At this moment, Yun Xi's mind was highly concentrated.

He did not look down on this green hippo. This wasn't the trial of stars and there wasn't a bonfire where he could revive from.

In the real world, people would die after being killed, die.

From its stride and body position, its next action was slapping!

"Hoo!" A big green palm was waving above Yun Xi's head, blowing up Yun Xi's black hair. It was the green hippo's favorite attack method.

"The first!" After rolling to the side, Yun Xi cut the green hippo's lower limb and left a one-inch bloodstain on its body.

The 3rd-ranked hippo had strength far beyond a human's, and its leathery skin was able to resist any body attacks.

In order to cut off its thick skin, he had to gather his strength and cut with an extremely sharp weapon!

Both the iron sword in the trial and the wood chopper he had now were fit for this condition.

Boom! The green hippo fell into a rage after Yun Xi's chopper cut its body. It shook its shoulder and laid down on the ground.

Here it was! The rolling!

Yun Xi stepped back with all his strength, then jumped up.

Boom! Boom!

The hippo's enormous body rolled under Yun Xi's feet like a one-thousand-pound bowling ball. It even left a line of roller marks on the ground.

"How could this be possible, he's just a kid of a bread shop!" Looking at Yun Xi's skilled movements, Ashen's eyes almost popped out.

"It's Hua Huo! Hua Huo taught you! Right?!"

"What happened during the time I was not in village?"

"Aaaargh! I won't forgive you! I'll never forgive you!"

"Hua Huo is mine! Mine! Nobody can steal her from me!"

Sniff! Sniff! After rolling, the green hippo made an unbelievable somersault, standing on the ground. It showed its four sharp teeth and looked at Yun Xi with an angry look.

Ashen and the hippo had an intelligence resonance between them! Almost the same as the tacit understanding between Hua Huo and himself. Obviously, there were many unknown stories between Ashen and the green hippo.

Otherwise, as a 2nd-ranked Daoist Priest, it was absolutely impossible for him to control the green hippo as if he was controlling his own arms and legs. Though the hippo was ten times stronger than himself, their emotions were highly overlapped.

Revising the data... After fighting with the green hippo, Yun Xi found that the green hippo was stronger than the one he met in the trial.

The reason was very simple. Because in the trial, the green hippo was fighting and maltreating its enemy simply according to its instinct.

However, this green hippo followed Ashen's command. It wasn't alone.

The experience he got in the trial through dying a hundred times couldn't apply indiscriminately to what the green hippo would be like out here.

Yun Xi held the wood chopper in his hands, regardless of the blood that was slowly flowing on the blade of the chopper.

"It's not just you that got stronger, hippo."

"Let me show you the true power of Hua Huo's seed."

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