Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: Turning Point

The Lamia Race and The Mermaid Race were both Water God's chosen races. However, due to their different appearances and living habits, people had different views of the two races.

Mermaids were seen as one of Water God's avatars due to their perfect faces and wonderful songs. They were popular throughout the whole world. Lamias had creepy snake bodies and were several times larger than humans, therefore, they were regarded as a nightmare from the deep sea. No human had the guts to get close to them.

Even though the Lamia Queen was one of the three Water God's High Priests, she couldn't dispel the human prejudices either. Therefore, the Lamia girls just watched the fun and didn't really think that they could take part in the selection ceremony. They didn't think that they were entitled to apply for it because they couldn't have children with humans. To humans, they were absolutely different kinds of creatures.

"In fact, I’ve had a talk with the Apostle. He said that he didn't mind whether his bride is human or not. Besides, he is unlike other humans because he can have children with any race." Looking at the anxious expressions on the Lamia girls' faces, the Lamia Queen smiled meaningfully and announced this startling news.

"What?! Is it true? He can actually do this!"

"My Queen, you're not joking, are you?"

"Whoa! He’s a perfect Apostle!"

It really was amazing news. For a long time, there was a huge misunderstanding between humans and Lamias. Almost none of them dared to believe this news, even though they had heard it from the Lamia Queen personally, who was also Water God's High Priestess.

The Lamia Race and the Mermaid Race both had no males in their races. Their reproductive systems were special: first, they gestated "womb" in their bodies, then they would find strong beings to offer them biotic genes so that they could breed strong offspring.

In fact, the Human Race wasn't a good choice for the Lamia Race and the Mermaid Race because most humans were very weak, so they couldn't impregnate Mermaids or Lamias. Most mermaids and lamias would look for strong sea monsters and obtain their biotic genes to gestate their offspring.

In Water God's world, several special sea monsters were responsible for this task. They were nearly immortal and had obtained a few god powers from the Water God so that they could help the two races maintain a stable population.

Unfortunately, due to some unknown reason, several old sea monsters had all fallen dead asleep. For dozens of years the two races hadn't had any children. .

"We can have children without help from the Sail Jellyfishes?" The youngest Lamia girl looked surprised.

She was the last one who had seen the sea monsters that were called "Sail Jellyfishes". The Mermaid Race and the Lamia Race had relied on the several Sail Jellyfishes to gestate offspring for many, many years, which was so long that they had even regarded it as a natural thing.

"Yes, because his body contains Water God's power, so he can carry out the same duty as the Sail Jellyfishes. He is a unique Apostle, and all of you can try to obtain his love." The Lamia Queen looked at the young Lamia girls with an expectant look.

She had seen various emotions in their eyes, including pleasant surprise, itching for a try, nervousness, and uneasiness.

How long, since the last time the same noise appeared amongst Lamias? The Lamia Race had been completely cut off from human world for a long time. It was about time to reappear in front of humans again.

This world didn't only belong to humans but belonged to all living beings who believed in Water God.

The Human Race were the masters of the ground.

The Mermaid Race were the communicators between humans and the deep sea races.

The Lamia Race were the representatives of sea demons.

Now, due to an unforeseen opportunity, the three forces in the Water God's world started to communicate with each other.

The Water God's world had stopped changing for a long, long time. But now, it started to reform itself again. It was all due to the silver-masked young boy. Based on a human's standard, he was already a mature man, but in the Lamia Queen's eyes, he was still a boy.

"If so, I want to have a try!" Finally, a Lamia girl raised her hand.

Yes, this is it. You're still young, how can you always stay alone in the dark, deep sea! Go outside, go outside! To see the vast world, to see the mountains and cities, to look for the things you are longing for!

"Yes, I want to have a child. Since the Sail Jellyfishes have fallen asleep, then I will choose the Apostle!"

One after another, the Lamia girls bared their hearts. In fact, the Lamia girls were already bored of their days in the deep sea. Almost all of them had experienced swimming close to the coastline at night, looking at the brilliantly lit human world from a distance. However, they had no reason to and lacked the guts to swim close to the bright lit world.

The Lamia Race was ominous, therefore, humans couldn't live together with lamias. The Lamia girls believed this. However, this time, the situation was different. The young, curious Lamia girls had finally found a good reason to venture into the bright human world.

The Water God's Notice was posted to all living beings in Water God's world, which meant that they also had the right to become the Apostle's brides, so they could find an excuse to go to Caelian, the City of Water.

"Good, good, very good!" The Lamia Queen smiled.

This is it!

No rule actually forbade the Lamia Race to leave the sea, and no human dared to be hostile to the Lamia Race. Otherwise, the Lamia Queen wouldn't be one of the three High Priestesses.

They built an invisible wall themselves. They worried about being repelled or treated coldly by humans, so they refused to leave the nest. To them, Yun Xi's Bride Selection Ceremony was just the right excuse to let them leave the deep sea and go to the brand new human world.

Therefore, as their elder, I must lead and protect these children who just stepped out of their comfort zones to accomplish their life goals. The Lamia Queen thought in her heart.

Thank you, Water God. This must be your great will, so that the young boy would come here and meet with us.

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