Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: The King City

In Water God's world, the King City.

The city's name was "Caelian". It was on the largest island in Water God's world, and was the center of the world's culture, economy, and faith.

There was no "country" in Water God's world. The whole world was dominated by an alliance that was formed by the islands all over the world.

Caelian was the largest island in Water God's world. The whole island was the King City in the center of the whole Water God’s World!

The city’s population was about a million. Most residents were humans, with some aquatic races also living in the city.

Of course, they all believed in the greatest god, Water God.

The reason why Caelian was the King City wasn't because of its great population and booming economy. It was because the largest Water God's temple was located here.

In legends, when Water God first came to this world, it appeared in the sacred lands of Caelian, where the largest Water God's temple was.

As the King City, the greatest feature of Caelian were the countless fountains all over the city.

Colorful fountains, musical fountains, underground fountains, sea fountains... the whole city could be called "City of Water".

One stream after another, connected one fountain after another. There were over a hundred temples in Caelian.

Everyday in the temples, there would be pure girls holding old water bottles and pouring water to believers, which represented the beginning of a new day.

Caelian, and all living beings in Water God World, used this method to present their beliefs to the supreme Water God.

One mermaid after another, who were a pretty rare sight in other places, swam at ease in the streams. Occasionally, they would rest at various fountains and sing praises for Water God.

Occasionally, some naughty jellyfishes would come from the sea and harass the girls that were basking in the sun on the beach, teasing these girls.

Peaceful, beautiful, and sacred. These were the main themes in Caelian, the Water God's world's King City. However, this peace had been disrupted by a post today. Water God's priests posted one post after another all over the temples in Caelian.

The ordinary residents and the aquatic races had all known that a Water God's Apostle was looking for brides.

"It's strange... why would the Apostle want to get married?" A young mermaid looked at the mature man in the post and asked her sister.

"Well... I don't know. But, don't you think that it's a good opportunity?!" Her sister's eyes were shining like bright lights.

It was an Apostle! The most special being in this world and the person who was closest to the supreme god!

Apostles didn't often appear in the mortal world. They were legendary big shots. Now, an Apostle was looking for brides? How could she miss this opportunity!

"Sister? Why are you blushing?" This mermaid was too young to understand her sister's nervous mood.

"No! I can't wait! Sister, let's go!" The elder mermaid held her young sister's hand, left the fountain, and walked to the nearest temple.

"Ayaya, these mermaids are about to go crazy."

"I'm not surprised. After all, it's a Water God's Apostle. However, why would he want to get himself a wife?"

"Hey hey hey, he looks handsome."

In a nest at the bottom of the sea, non-human girls who that had snake-like bodies were gathering around the notice board in front of their nest. They belonged to one of the strongest races in Water God's world: Sea Demons. They inhabited the deep sea and most of the time, their bodies were in a half human half snake state.

The people in Water God's world called them "Lamia" in reverence, which meant "The Sea Demon from the deep sea".

The strongest Lamia, the Queen of Lamia Race, was one of the strongest creatures in Water God's world. She was also one of three Water God's High Priests. This post was posted by her personally. No wonder that the young Lamia girls were all longing for love after reading it.

"My Queen, do you know anything about this Apostle?"

"He looks quite young. I remember most Apostles are from the Fantasy Turtle Race, and the youngest is was 8000 years old."

The Lamia Race was also a race known for their longevity. Many of them had seen the old Fantasy Turtle Apostles. Water God didn't often declare its will to ordinary people. Most Apostles that had appeared in front of the public were from the Fantasy Turtle Race.

"He doesn't just 'look young', but is actually very young. He probably isn't 100 years old yet," The matured Lamia Queen said as she licked her lips.

When she had first seen the two Apostles, she immediately realized which of them was the special one. It was all too clear, because Water God hadn't even hidden its favour for that Apostle. The silver mask on the Apostle's face had explained everything. The mask "White Emperor" contained Water God's god power! It had the highest permission amongst all masks. If she hadn't known who the great Water God was... she would think that Yun Xi was the Water God's illegitimate child.

"What?! He isn't even 100 years old yet and is already a hero-ranked Apostle! He is awesome!"

"Whoa! I'm 300 years old and I still don't know when I will reach the hero rank!"

"He’s special!" The Lamia girls were surprised, but the lights in their eyes had become brighter.

"Sigh, it's too bad that humans are too afraid of us. Why is the Mermaid Race so popular? It's so unfair!"

"Yes, yes, we’re beautiful too! We should meet the Apostle's requirements."

"Do you really want to go?" The Lamia Queen looked at the noisy young Lamia girls meaningfully.

"Yes, but... our races are different. Humans and Lamias can't have children."

"Yes, it's a pity." The Lamia girls suddenly realized this problem, as they spoke their worry to their Queen.

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