Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: Expansion Plan - A Million Brides!

"What?!" Yun Xi looked at Yun Que in surprise.

Is she really the Yun Que I know? Shouldn't she be the one who always looks down on me and opposes me proposing to any girl?

"Don't look shocked. I still don't like what you’ve done," Yun Que said and looked at Yun Xi coldly. She took a deep breath to adjust her mood, "However, your ability is indispensable."

Yes, this was the truth, which couldn't be changed by her will. No matter what Yun Xi's character was like, as long as he had this ability, he would always be the Water God's camp strongest trump card.

Even if Yun Que's power had been ten times stronger than it currently was, she wouldn't be able to compare to Yun Xi whose mask was "White Emperor". An assassin could never change the course of history, but an emperor could. The "Emperor" was the one who could change everything and lead the world.

No matter how kind a man was, if he couldn't help Yun Que accomplish her goal, that man would be meaningless to her. Similarly, even if a man was shameless and salacious, as long as his ability was indispensable, he would be important.

Yun Que didn't like Yun Xi, but she had to admit that he was special. His Water God's Mask was the key to changing the tide of battle between the two camps. Yun Que calculated the mask's, White Emperor's power, and her heart beat faster and faster. To her who was always calm, this was a rare gaffe.

"Does your Mist Soul Army have a limit?" Yun Que tried asking in a friendly tone, but her voice was weird.

"No. Anyone who has accepted my proposal will become part of my Mist Soul Army." Yun Xi shook his head.

"Hiss..." Yun Que felt a chill.

This special ability itself was already frightening enough, and now, it didn't even have an upper limit? Which was ever more surprising.

"Then, does it have any requirement for your bride's strength?"

"No... maybe, the requirement is that they can't be stronger than Water God?" Yun Xi answered in an uncertain tone.

Anyhow, there shouldn't be any being that was stronger than Water God in this world.

"How..." Yun Que was speechless.

Compared to her mask, Yun Xi's mask, White Emperor, was too strong! He must be Water God's illegitimate child! Otherwise, nothing could explain it!

No, I shouldn't judge based on my personal feelings! Since we are partners, then the stronger this bastard is, the more advantageous it will be to my plan.

"Ok, I see. I have a plan. It's time to use our identities: Water God's Apostles!" Yun Que gazed at Yun Xi with a serious, dangerous look, which made Yun Xi feel creeped out.


Several days later, there was a similar post in front of all Water God's temples in every city and village in this world. People crowded around the posts, looking at the silver-masked man that was painted on the posts.

To most people, Water God temples had never allowed any person to post all over the world. This post was about a proposal which had been written by Yun Que personally and would make history in Water God’s world.

"Water God's Apostle's Proposal Notice:

A hero-ranked Water God's Apostle who is from a distant area and is recognized by the great White Emperor's power, has tired of wandering around the world. He wants to settle down somewhere, and the great Water God has accepted his request granting him the god's blessing.

If any girl wants to marry him, she can go to King City and take part in his bride's selection ceremony. In the name of the great Water God, the most excellent girl will win the Apostle's love.

To the beautiful girls all around the world! Wear your most gorgeous clothes and put on your corollas! Let the ceremony become marvelous due to your coming!

The Water God's Apostle will follow the great Water God's will and choose the most excellent bride and accomplish the greatest cause in history.

No matter where you are from, no matter what your identity and race are, all girls have the right to take part in the selection ceremony.

The world is shining due to you. Beautiful girls, for becoming the most excellent bride, show your gorgeous appearance to everyone! This marvelous era is yours!"

The words were flourishing and agitative. Additionally, with the Water God's mark and Yun Xi's handsome painting, the posts caused a great disturbance across the whole world.

In Yun Que's view, since Yun Xi's mask could be enhanced without an upper limit, then she would help Yun Xi expand his Mist Soul Army.

A hundred and seven brides? Those weren't enough! Far from enough! And, to use 4th-ranked bread to tempt innocent girls was too wasteful and inefficient. Yun Xi shouldn't use his bread for this.

His identity, Water God's Apostle, could help him use this world’s general trends to accomplish a miracle that no one had achieved. It was a convenience from the Water God, and it was the right time to use it.

Yes, Yun Que was planning to let the whole world help Yun Xi's mask become stronger. For victory, she would be unscrupulous!

This was Yun Que's method. Even though she didn't like Yun Xi, but for victory, she used their identities as Water God's Apostles without hesitation to carry out the grandest plan that had ever appeared in Water God’s world's history.

If what Yun Xi had done was just one small step for man, then her plan would become a giant leap for mankind which would undoubtedly change the whole world. This was Yun Que's Expansion Plan: A Million Brides!