Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: The Three High Priestesses

In Water God's world, the Caelian Water God’s Temple.

Yun Xi sat at the top of the temple tower looking at the mega city under his feet in silence. Several days ago, the whole city had been decorated with lanterns and colored hangings. The Apostles' coming was much more meaningful to the city than Yun Xi and Yun Que had thought.

Yun Xi wouldn't forget the shocked expression on the three High Priestesses' faces when he and Yun Que walked into the Caelian Water God’s Temple.

The Lamia Queen - the Queen of the deep sea races and the most powerful of the three.

The Mermaid Queen - the Matriarch of the Mermaid Race, whose race was taking Caelian as their primary active region.

The Caelian Queen - the human high priestess who was theoretically the highest ranking person.

They were the three High Priestesses who were actually dominating the sea and ground in the whole of Water God's world. The Water God's world was dominated by this alliance. With Water God's temple at its core, Caelian was the center of the world.

The three High Priestesses represented the sea demon races whose habitats were in the deep sea, the amphibious races who could live both in the sea and on the ground, and the human race who were the masters of ground.

They were the three “Most High” beings of Caelian City, and even the whole of Water God's world. As a matter of course, they were all hero-ranked.

According to their strength, the Lamia Queen, the Mermaid Queen, and then the Caelian Queen. However, if judging them from their influence, the Caelian Queen was undoubtedly the main leader.

Even though they were the three highest ranking priestesses in the world, they still looked shocked when they saw Yun Xi, as if they had just seen the most incredible miracle in the world.

Yun Xi still remembered their expressions when they saw his White Emperor Mask. The eldest one amongst the three priestesses, was the strongest. The Sea Demon Queen. The Lamia Queen drew herself up and coiled her tail, staring at Yun Xi with her snake-like eyes, which made Yun Que feel downtrodden and even want to attack the queen.

The most elegant one amongst the three priestesses, the Mermaid Queen, supported her harp and covered her mouth in surprise. The harp emitted a round of soft blue light one after another in the air.

The last one, the titular master of all mankind, the High Priestess of Caelian of the Water God’s Temple, the Caelian Queen, could barely hold on to the scepter in her hand. She shook, because the scepter in her hand was resonating with Yun Xi's silver mask. One, two, three. The scepter had rung three times, which made the Caelian Queen speechless.

"You're watched by the god..." The Lamia Queen immediately adjusted her mood and lowered her head to Yun Xi.

In this world, even the strongest sea monster couldn't force her to lower her prideful head, but she proactively did so in front of Yun Xi.

"You're blessed by the god..." The Mermaid Queen played her blue harp and sang a song.

The song was the legendary Mermaids Singing, which mermaids used to praise the god.

"You're beloved by the god..." The Caelian Queen raised the scepter and shook the silver aeolian bells on the scepter.

This scepter was granted to her by the supreme Water God. It would only resonate with items of the same rank. The first resonance meant that the item contained god power. For example, Yun Que's Bloody Mask was such an item because it was a Water God's Apostle's identity certificate.

The second resonance meant that the item contained the same amount of god power as the Water God's Scepter. The Caelian Queen only knew of one such item in the whole world. It was inside a temple under the deep sea, and it was called "Sea Demon's Mirror".

Theoretically, there shouldn't be a third resonance, because it would mean that the god power in the item was much greater than the god power in the Water God's Scepter.

The Caelian Queen had never heard of such a thing that had once appeared in this world's history, and therefore, when she heard the third resonance, she could barely believe her ears.

‘An artifact that is even more advanced than the Water God's Scepter? It can't be true!’ She thought, till the silver-masked young man walked up to the three High Priestesses.

When they saw his mask, they naturally knew that this young man was unique even compared to all the Apostles in this world's history. Deep, thick "Power of Mist" wrapped the White Emperor Mask. As Water God's priestesses, they could even immediately notice the god's aura from the mask.

It was an unprecedented level of charisma!

For the first time in the world's history, a supreme Apostle had appeared. His identity was even higher than the High Priestesses, and he could even be regarded as the god's speaker!

They didn't need more evidence, because the silver mask had already explained everything.

He was the "Emperor"!

Yun Xi and Yun Que hadn't realized the meaning of White Emperor Mask to the Water God's world. After Water God granted Yun Xi the mask, Yun Xi was doomed to be a legend, and the Water God had also told him about it.

"You will become the legend. You will become my Apostle!"

And the Star System had also confirmed it.

"You will obtain the fake power of the Emperor after putting on the mask."

The mask's power was fake, but, it was just relative to Water God. After all, compared to the immortal god, the power of the Emperor was just a drop in the river of time. However, to the Water God's world it was absolutely real, which symbolized the supreme god's will.

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