Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: Retreat

Dozens of Phase Spiders had approached Yun Xi, only a step away from him. Instantly, they had been sealed within the slowly rotating ice ring. Yun Xi could clearly see the white hairs on their legs.

"Break!" Yun Xi looked at them coldly.

The ice ring exploded, transforming into thousands of cracked ice fragments. Naturally, the Phase Spiders that had been sealed in the ice had also been turned into pieces. Their defence was too weak. This was their greatest weakness. If it had been Yun Que and not Yun Xi who was surrounded by them, she probably wouldn't have killed them so easily because she wasn't good at Area of Effect attacks.

However, Yun Xi was different because his mask, "White Emperor", was his trump card. Surrounded by the endless mist, Yun Xi could fight as long as he wanted. Amongst all Water God's masks, only "White Emperor" was named "emperor". It was unique. Maybe Yun Xi couldn't fight against the Dark Shadow Spider queen in close combat, but on the battlefield, he was invincible!

"Arranging attack formation!" Gradually, Yun Xi had become more and more familiar with the "White Emperor" mask. He could use more combat methods now.

The Mist Soul Army immediately divided into two camps. The first was the Assasulting Camp that mimicked Ling Ling's Mist Soul as their leader, and the second was the Shooting Camp, taking that mimicked Mei Lan's Mist Soul as their leader.

The Mist Soul girls in the Assasulting Camp were all female swordsmen. Their melee combat was as fast as the wind and as strong as iron. The Mist Soul girls in Shooting Camp had all transformed their ice swords into ice lances. Eighty eight ice lances were suspended above their heads.

They coordinated with each other and compensated for each other. This was an army that was continuously improving and enhancing themselves. The most important point was that they wouldn't die, had no fear or confusion. They were Yun Xi's swords, lances, and shields, eliminating all enemies for Yun Xi.

"Shwaaa! Shwaaa! Shwaaa!" One ice lance after another broke through the air with whistles, locking on all the possible routes that the Dark Shadow Spider queen could move to.

"Come out, my little spiders! Fight for me!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen shouted.

One green slime after another transformed into new Phase Spiders.

"So that's how it is!" Seeing this, Yun Xi finally understood where these Phase Spiders were from.

The methods used may vary, but the principle was the same. As Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's subordinate, the Dark Shadow Spider queen couldn't really change these slimes' forms. She just ordered them to transform into Phase Spiders. Therefore, the only way to defeat the Dark Shadow Spider queen was to eliminate all the green slimes!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" At the same time, Yun Que had made the same judgement. She stopped attacking the Dark Shadow Spider queen but instead shot her Red Lotus Arrows at the ground. Each of her arrow could eliminate hundreds of green slimes, burning them into ashes.

However, compared to Yun Que, Yun Xi was more effective! He ordered his Mist Soul Army to attack the Dark Shadow Spider queen. Using this opportunity, he started to control the mist in the range of ten kilometres. He caught the green slimes that were gushing out from the cave, expertly compressed them and overlapped them together. In the blink of an eye, the green gem in Yun Xi's hand had become much larger than before. This was his method!

Yun Xi could easily see that the speed of the new spiders' births was quickly decreasing. Without the green slimes, the Dark Shadow Spider queen couldn't create Phase Spiders from nothing.

During this period of time, Yun Xi had frozen three waves of Phase Spiders that were trying to attack him. The balance of the battle had gradually started to favour Yun Xi and Yun Que.

If one observed them from the sky, one would see the white Mist Soul Army was gradually approaching the Dark Shadow Spider queen. From time to time, there would be scorching Red Lotus Arrows shooting at the queen, leaving fiery clouds on the ground.

"Humph!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen licked her lips. She had to admit that she underestimated her enemies.

Neither Yun Xi nor Yun Que was match for her. However, when they cooperated with each other, their combination completely restricted her abilities. The Phase Spiders and her true body had all been suppressed.

It wasn't just as simple as "one plus one". They must have cooperated with each other many times before to develop the tacit understanding they had.

Every time she would try to involve herself in the battle using her true body, there would always be one terrible Red Lotus Arrow after another that blocked her way, and when she tried to command the spiders to approach the Mist Soul girls' Shooting Camp, there would always be a team of Mist Soul girls blocking their way.

The mist in the air was interfering with her web-like sense. She could barely see anything outside the range of her web-like sense. If it wasn't because her true body was very powerful, she would have been driven to the wall.

Finally, when only one tenth of the green slimes were left on the ground, the Dark Shadow Spider queen had to make a painful decision.

"You won't have another opportunity..." She stared at Yun Xi's silver mask, firmly remembering his appearance in her heart.

The Dark Shadow Spider queen moved. Around her body, a large spider web spread into the air and firmly fixed into the ground. Eight, thick spider threads were wrapped on the spider queen's body. With a cacophony, the spider queen stepped back, tensioning the spider threads like springs. The next second, with a "shuffle" sound, the Dark Shadow Spider queen's body had been launched into the sky, instantly leaving the battlefield.

"Ah!" Yun Xi could only see the Dark Shadow Spider queen's body flying to the boreal forest, then lost her trail.

However, Yun Xi and Yun Que knew that the battle had just begun.

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