Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: Phase Spider

"Hiss!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen got hit by Yun Que's Red Lotus Arrows again.

The black-red legs on her back were in a very bad condition. Even though she had blocked all the attacks with her legs, the burning arrows still left scorch marks on her legs. Apparently, Yun Que's attack did cause damage to her.

The Dark Shadow Spider queen was stronger than Yun Que and Yun Xi, however, when they had coordinated their attacks, they could fight against the spider queen.

"My subordinates, come out!" After finishing her evolution, the Dark Shadow Spider queen had mastered a new ability.

One green slime after another changed their shapes, transforming from round, cute slimes into terrible green spiders with green long legs.

"Weaving!" This time, the Dark Shadow Spider queen didn't just attack them with her web-like sense, but launched an attack with a real, sharp, transparent spider web, which could even cut through iron easily.

With her body as the core, the area in the range of a hundred metres had all been covered by her web. The green spiders immediately connected with the Dark Shadow Spider queen's real body.

"I'm the queen who will grant you the power of ferocity! Obey my orders, my children!"

One green spider after another chirped as if they had been injected with chicken blood, quickly crawling into the Dark Shadow Spider queen's web in an orderly way.

Just like all creatures in the void, the Dark Shadow Spider queen's Spider Army was absolutely ordered and calm, totally different from Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army. However, these spiders weren't Dark Shadow spiders. On the contrary, they were Dark Shadow spiders' natural enemies: Phase Spiders.

The Phase Spider Race was one of the most terrible races amongst all lower-ranked void races. Their individual strength was far inferior to Dark Shadow Spiders, however, they were still the whole Dark Shadow Spider Race's enemies because they had a special natural ability that was rare amongst all void races: Short-range Space Jump.

They didn't jump with their legs but jumped through the space. They could instinctively enter a special space and cross it, suddenly appearing in front of their enemies and piercing through their enemies' bodies with their sharp, poisonous fangs.

No one knew how these spiders were born and why they had such an incredible space-jumping ability. If their individual strength and defensive ability were higher, they probably would have become one of the overlord races in the void.

The Dark Shadow Spider Race was good at weaving webs to trap their prey, but it meant nothing to the Phase Spider race because they could jump through space within a short-range.

Fortunately, the Phase Spider Race only inhabited parts of the unstable areas in the void, otherwise, they would have swept through 1/3 of the whole void. At the least, ordinary void races were no match for them.

After becoming the "queen", the Dark Shadow Spider queen wasn't just the queen of Dark Shadow Spider Race, but the queen of all kinds of spiders. After being blessed by Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword, she had obtained a new ability to transform green slimes into Phase Spiders.

If she could undergo another evolution, she would be able to create more spider races. Unfortunately, these spiders would be just some one-time biological weapons, but not her real offspring.




The Phase Spiders launched a ferocious offensive at Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army.

"Space jumping?!" Seeing these spiders suddenly disappear and appear in the air, Yun Xi's outlook was subverted.

He could barely imagine that such a void creature really existed in the universe. If their space-jumping distance was longer, they could even instantly kill all mortal-ranked beings.

Fortunately, Mist Souls were nearly immune to physical attack. Although a few Mist Soul girls had been torn into pieces under Phase Spiders' attacks, but they could replenish themselves from the mist around them and quickly return to the battlefield, so it wasn't a big problem.

Phase Spiders could jump through space, but Mist Souls could replenish themselves from mist. As long as Yun Xi was still maintaining his Water Mist Field, they could revive countless times.

This was the meaning of "White Emperor". As long as Yun Xi their "emperor" was still alive, the Mist Soul Army would be indestructible.

"Catch him!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen immediately realized that. She ordered her spider army to attack Yun Xi.




Another round of Red Lotus Arrows dropped from the sky, but this time, the spider queen's web precisely caught their tracks and intercepted them in the air. At the same time, all the Phase Spiders jumped into the special space, rushing towards Yun Xi.

"One, two, three..." Yun Xi took a deep breath, observing the spiders' traces.

After arriving at Water God's world, this was the first time that he was so close to death. These Phase Spiders were far more ferocious than the green hippos. Plus, because they could jump through space, his Mist Soul Army couldn't stop them.

"Four!" A crowd of Phase Spiders appeared in front of Yun Xi about ten metres away. Yun Xi could even see their green legs clearly.

A ring of silver light spread from his Water God's Mask. Instantly, the air temperature around Yun Xi had fallen to an incredible degree. All things had lapsed into silence. A ring of crystal ice appeared and surrounded Yun Xi, rotating slowly with cold air.

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