Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: Jealousy

"Well... I think we have a troublesome enemy." Holding the bloody long bow in her hands, Yun Que looked at the forest with a serious expression.

The strong enemies from Shaya Longnis' camp had arrived much earlier than she had expected! Although she hadn't figured out the Dark Shadow Spider queen's exact details, but in theory, a powerful elite enemy like her should have arrived at the third phase of the Sky Sword's coming.

The Dark Shadow Spider queen's existence itself had indicated that Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's invasion of this world had entered a substantive stage. Water God's camp had little time left.

"She’s very troublesome... in every sense..." Yun Xi couldn't forget the Dark Shadow Spider queen's eyes when she left.

It was a kind of scorching desire, it was an undisguised possessiveness. She was a queen-like beauty, but to Yun Xi, she was just completely misfortunate.

Sigh, it would be like heaven if everyone was as kind as Lu Lu. Yun Xi had vaguely figured out why he was killed in his last life.

"Oh right, I want to ask you something." Yun Que turned around and gazed at the Mist Soul girls with a cold look.

"Her, her, and her! What are they? Aren't they the bride candidates on the scrolls I had given you?!"

Perspiration poured down Yun Xi's face.

No! Yun Que had found out!

Other than the mysterious black-haired beauty, the dangerous Dark Shadow Spider queen, he had caught almost all the girls on Yun Que's scrolls in his dragnet.

But... it wasn't my fault! Only the twelve Starwing Knights girls were my targets. I had never planned to propose to any other girls!

He had presented them his handmade butter bread. He was simply expressing his happiness after having successfully proposed to the Starwing Knights girls, because good things should be celebrated. If he shared his joy with others, then there would be more people feeling the same happiness, wasn't that right?

He just hadn't expected that the tradition in this Water God's world would be so special. Accepting his bread was equal to accepting his proposal? It was too strange!

"I should have known... you're just a notorious bastard, you never understand to learn from mistakes!" Yun Que stared at Yun Xi in anger.

From all angles, this guy was every female's enemy! Unfortunately, most females couldn't realize this and were willing to have a relationship with this shameless, salacious bastard. Were they blind?

Indeed, he had high talent, was favored by Water God, looked mature and handsome, could expertly control his Water Mist Field...

Well, Yun Que had to admit that at least, this bastard who called himself "Yun Hai" really had a huge advantage in Water God's world. He was like the chosen one of this world!

Although both of them were Water God's Apostles, but he was far better at controlling Water God's Mask than her. She was an archer who only knew "assassinate" and "reconnoitre", and he was the "White Emperor" who could dominate the whole battlefield. He only needed to stand still and the endless mist would offer him unlimited power and a whole Mist Soul Army would fight for him.

In order to finish Water God's quest and fight against the Sky Sword's camp, his power was indispensable. It had nothing to do with his personality. It was just an undeniable fact.

"At least, you should learn to restrain yourself. You have had over one hundred brides. Can you stand them all?" Yun Que said, trying to persuade Yun Xi, although she had turned around and avoided looking at Yun Xi's face whilst she was talking.

"No... not enough..." Yun Xi smiled bitterly. After seeing the Dark Shadow Spider queen, he had realized that the power from his one hundred and seven brides was insufficient for him to fight against Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's camp.

To complete Water God's quest, he needed more brides!

"What?! They’re not enough?!" Yun Que was extremely furious.

She didn't understand how a man could have so many brides and still not be satisfied with them! Someone needed to teach him a lesson!

"It's... my ability..." Yun Xi hesitated, but finally decided to tell Yun Que a part of the truth. After all, it was very important.

"I need more and more brides, because I can become strong in this way."

"What?" Yun Que finally realized... no, in fact, she had noticed it before. She just hadn't put the two pieces together.

The number of the Mist Soul girls was the same as the number of Yun Xi's fiancees. Even their appearances corresponded to Yun Xi's fiance’s one to one.

"You... have such an ability..." Yun Que's body shivered. It was out of her imagination.

She had never heard of such a thing even within the Ten Leaves Alliance. It was a miracle!

"You can obtain your bride's power? So, a hundred and seven brides are equal to a Mist Soul Army of a hundred and seven people? I see. I understand. So that explains your shameless behavior. Therefore, you proposing to them was for expanding your Mist Soul Army?" Yun Que finally figured out the source of Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army. Her pupils dilated.

How could that be possible?! How could such a strong power be existing in this world?!

"Yes, the Mist Soul Army is my mask's, White Emperor's power," Yun Xi said.

He hadn’t lied, but he also hadn’t told her the whole truth. He only explained why he had proposed to so many girls in this way.

"Mist Soul Army? White Emperor Mask?" Yun Que solved the mystery. She finally understood why Yun Hai had these weird abilities.

The truth was hard to accept, but she had to recognize it.

Could he be Water God's illegitimate child? Otherwise, how could his mask being stronger than hers be explained?!

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