Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: Silence and Hotness

Void creatures had their special ecological system in the void.

Different void race had different, special body structure, which was based on the character of their race.

For example, Dark Shadow Spider had a special organ named "Dark Shadow Spinneret", which could make Dark Shadow Spider Silk and form an unexceptionable spider web, and this special organ was the core to support the Dark Shadow Spider Race to survive in the void.

Most void creatures wouldn't be killed even if their hearts had been pierced through. However, if their "special organ" was broken, it wouldn't heal itself and naturally, they would be eliminated in the void.

Therefore, the Dark Shadow Spider queen firmly believed that Yun Xi was making the bread by using his "special organ".

In her view, he made these high-quality foods at the cost of his life force. This was the only reason that could explain his ability.

A loaf of bread was just as big as a palm but could actually recover one tenth of her energy. Even if it meant ten times conversion dissipation behind it, it was still worth it.

Besides, Yun Xi could make a hundred loaves of bread in a day. His efficiency made the spider queen feel jealousy.

Therefore, she must find out what the "special organ" was that Yun Xi used to produce the fantastic golden butter loaf of bread.

What was it? After tearing off Yun Xi's clothes, the Dark Shadow Spider queen didn't immediately find the "special organ", which must contain tremendous amounts of energy.

She leaned on Yun Xi's chest, touching Yun Xi's skin with her hands.

Yun Xi panted as his heart beat faster and faster.

In the dark cave, there was only the dim light from Yun Xi's green slime gem. They were so close that Yun Xi could smell the fragrance of the Dark Shadow Spider queen's hair. He blushed.

"Where is it?" The Dark Shadow Spider queen touched Yun Xi's body with curiosity. She lowered her head and softly touched Yun Xi's body with her tongue, just like what she did every time when she was going to kill her prey.

"Oh!" Yun Xi groaned. He was at a loss what to do.

What is happening?

Just now, he was still enjoying the ceremony together with Lu Lu and Ling Ling at the square.

In the twinkling of an eye, he had come to this deep, dark cave and was being licked by this mysterious black-haired woman!

He felt that his body was confined by some unknown, special power. He could do nothing but only see the black-haired woman tearing off his clothes and licking his body.

"Hmm... en... en... uh..." The Dark Shadow Spider queen hadn't done this before. She also didn't know what she should do next.

If it was in the past, she would have eaten that prey after tasting him. But now, she just subconsciously licked his body, bit by bit.

This place? No. After kissing Yun Xi's neck, the Dark Shadow Spider queen shook her head.

She moved her head down. His heart? No. It isn’t. Further down. His belly? She could feel a wave of strange heat flux there, but the answer was still "no".

So... is it this thing? Looking at the "censored body part", the Dark Shadow Spider queen guessed. She hadn't learned human morality, naturally, she didn't know how stimulating it would be to Yun Xi.

"No! Not there!" Yun Xi panicked. His skin shivered.

Because his body was confined, his skin was more sensitive than usual. He could barely resist this wonderful feeling, although he knew it was wrong.

"Have I found it?" The Dark Shadow Spider queen resisted her urge to eat it, but softly licked it with her tongue.

The places that had been licked by her tongue diffused a strange, seductive fragrance. It was a special toxin, which the Dark Shadow Spider queen used to anesthetize her prey. When she had just arrived at the uninhabited island and caught the Starwing Knights girls, she was using it to anesthetize them.

In Yun Xi's senses, he could clearly feel the soft touch that was softly moving up and down on his "censored body part".

The stimulation was too strong. Yun Xi felt as if a ball of flame was burning in his body.

"Hum. I found it!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen thought that she had found the truth, and Yun Xi enjoyed more wonderful treatment.

The smooth, wonderful touch swept through his whole body. The Dark Shadow Spider queen put out her tongue, licking his body bit by bit, not even missing the smallest part.

"Uhh... uh..." The action continued.

Her soft tongue touched his face, shoulders, chest, belly and...

"Ooo... no..." Yun Xi couldn't bear it any longer. His body couldn't move, but his consciousness was even more sensitive. The Dark Shadow Spider queen's tongue was like the sweetest and most painful punishment to him.

The touch stimulated his brain, making him want to become a beast, but he couldn't move. He couldn't do anything. Nothing would be more frustrating and annoying than that.

Unfortunately, the Dark Shadow Spider queen didn't know the male body at all. She still licked, just like what she always did to her prey in the past.

But in Yun Xi's view, his whole body was being kissed by a black-haired beauty. Naturally, he couldn't stop his "censored body part" from erecting.

He exceeded the threshold, and the Dark Shadow Spider queen found that something was filling her mouth.

"Strange. It's not this taste. Why? Don't you use this organ to make 'that food'?" The Dark Shadow Spider queen asked. She cocked her head, gazing at Yun Xi with her innocent eyes.

At this moment, Yun Xi only felt extreme embarrassment.

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