Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: In the Deep Dark Cave


"She is bold! Where will she start? From feet?"

"No. Generally, it starts from the lips."

The married women listened the Dark Shadow Spider queen's confession with a sort of knowing smile on their faces.

The unmarried girls blushed, secretly looking at the Dark Shadow Spider queen, who was looking hard at Yun Xi and waiting for his answer.

"Whoa! I envy her. If I had her body and charm, I would do the same thing," Lu Lu murmured. She felt more self-abased as she looked at the Dark Shadow Spider queen that drove Yun Xi up the wall.

‘She is so leisured and seductive. Perhaps I can never learn these in my life’, Lu Lu thought in her heart. ‘What should I eat so that I can have the same slender legs and full breasts like her?!’

"Dragon Blood Alliance! Dragon Blood Alliance! Dragon Blood Alliance!"

Almost at the same time, these strange words suddenly appeared in these Starwing Knights girls' hearts (except the "only girl" who didn't need to worry about this).

It was a scream from their souls. It was the last hope of countless unfortunate girls in countless god's domains. It was the source of the multi-headed dragon's unhappy life. It was all because its dragon blood could be used for "breast enlargement".

"If possible, I will choose the first option," Yun Xi looked at the Dark Shadow Spider queen, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh.

He didn't know how to deal with this kind of females. She was too proactive.

But... why? He hadn't received any prompt from his system, and the number of his fiances also hadn't increased.

Is there anything wrong?

"It’s a smart choice. I will take care of you. Come with me," the Dark Shadow Spider queen said. She raised her head and threw out her chest with satisfaction, announcing her victory to everyone.

"What? Come with you?" Yun Xi looked at the Dark Shadow Spider queen in confusion.

What was she saying?

"Since you have become my thing, then of course you should leave with me. You don't have a choice."

The Dark Shadow Spider queen caught Yun Xi's hand and looked at him up and down, then frowned.

"Wait! I haven't..." Before Yun Xi finished his words, the Dark Shadow Spider queen had pulled him up and used her ability, "Mass Teleport".

Other people only saw a dark shadow appeared in the air, then the Dark Shadow Spider queen and Yun Xi disappeared.

From the beginning, "capture the Water God's Apostle" was the spider queen's goal. Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword didn't say that the Apostle must be alive, and to her character, she believed that "the only good prey is dead prey". However, she hadn't expected that this prey was a magical human who could make fantastic foods. It would be a great waste if she killed him.

Therefore, she decided to let this Apostle become her thing and let him make delicious bread for her every day.

"Ah! The Apostle and the woman just disappeared!" Lu Lu exclaimed. She worried about Yun Xi's security.

"Ha ha ha ha, of course, they will disappear."

"She had said that she would eat him. Of course she would take him to her 'sweet home' and 'eat' him bit by bit."

"Little girl, you are still too young. Don't ask about that," The married women covered their mouths as their expressions were saying "Little girl doesn't need to know what will happen".

"Really? Is that so?" After being reminded, Lu Lu finally realized it.

Whoooooooh, I'm still immature. I don't understand what happened at all. How would she "eat" him?

"Don't worry, the Apostle will return very soon. You can prepare some potions that can be used to replenish energy... although I don't think he needs them," Mei Lan said with disdain and looked at the position where Yun Xi just disappeared.

They were a man and a woman. What will happen between them? It's easy to guess.

Unfortunately, she didn't have another choice. After accepting the Apostle’s proposal, she could never regret.

Besides, she wasn't going to regret.

She was a smart girl. She wouldn't regret her choice.

However, she just couldn't stop the words "Dragon Blood Alliance" from appearing in her mind. What did it mean?

"Awwoo! It's yummy!"

Ling Ling was still intoxicated with the delicious bread, showing a silly smile on her face.


On the other side, Yun Xi was facing his biggest crisis after arriving at Water God's world.

He was in a cave, in complete darkness. The only dim light was from the green slime gem on his wrist.

"Hiss!" Yun Xi couldn't see what it was, but his clothes was instantly ripped off by something.

"Tell me, what's the organ you use to produce 'that food'?" The Dark Shadow Spider queen's voice sounded seductive. She was performing Dark Shadow Spider Race's special mind-affecting magic.

"Organ? No, there is no such thing..." Yun Xi felt both funny and annoyed. He thought that the mysterious black-haired woman wanted to do something "special" to him, so she brought him here.

She was really unusual.

Would any ordinary woman bring a man to a deep, dark cave and take off the man's clothes after proposing to the man?

She was too proactive!

"It's impossible!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen refused to accept it. Even in the dark void, "equivalent exchange" was a basic rule of all things. There must be an "organ"!

She couldn't understand Yun Xi's hero-ranked special ability. After all, there was no "hero-ranked baker" in the void, and she didn't think that any hero-ranked being could create object from nothing. Moreover, Yun Xi's ability was to create a hundred loaves of bread in a day! It was far beyond her imagination.

It was too illogical. It was in violation to "the law of conservation of mass"!

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