Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: The Queen's Threat

After eating Yun Xi's bread, the Dark Shadow Spider queen finally understood that there were two types of food in this world: the food that could simply be used to replenish her energy and Yun Xi's bread.

Compared to all the food she had eaten, Yun Xi's bread was unique and fantastic.

If one evaluated food's quality with number, then a green slime was 1, a green hippo was 10, and Yun Xi's bread was 999!

Which meant that a loaf of Yun Xi's bread was equivalent to a hundred green hippos!

No! I shouldn't calculate it like that! The Dark Shadow Spider queen shook her head.

Even a thousand... no, ten thousand green hippos couldn't be equivalent to a loaf of Yun Xi's bread!

The Dark Shadow Spider queen couldn't find anything that was more precious than Yun Xi's bread in this world. As a person who could make this food, undoubtedly, Yun Xi had become special in the Dark Shadow Spider queen's eyes.

How much of this food could Yun Xi make every day? His answer would decide her attitude to him.

"About... a hundred," Yun Xi didn't think that he needed to hide it. Of course, it was because he knew too little about common fourth-ranked cook’s upper limit.

"A hundred?!" Obviously, this number was much higher than the Dark Shadow Spider queen's imagination. Even though she knew very little about this world, she still knew what this meant.

If there was a fantastic creature who had the same ability in the dark void, the creature would undoubtedly be seized by the strongest overlord in the void. Common races like the Dark Shadow Spider race wouldn't even be allowed to see "this treasure" with their eyes.

God’s domain worlds were full of miracles.

If she hadn't lost half of its body, probably it would have produced many, many offspring, making the whole Dark Shadow Spider race prosper again.

"Water God's... Apostle..." The Dark Shadow Spider queen's eyes became firm. She licked her lips.

I have decided! I will capture you!

"You must... become... my thing!" In front of the Starwing Knights girls, the native villagers, and Yun Xi, the Dark Shadow Spider queen announced.

This was a sign which meant that she had prepared to hunt. In the past, she used soul-stirring sound wave to announce it, and now, she used her mouth to announce it.

"Whoa! This big sister is proposing to him!"

"He is a Water God's Apostle! She knows it and still propose to him. She has guts."

"A woman propose to a man proactively? It's rare. Who is this beauty?"

After hearing her announcement, the people around her was first shocked and then showed an "as expected" expression on their faces.

In this world, strong people were respected. They had natural advantage on everything.

"A woman proposes to a man" only meant one thing: the woman thought that she was stronger than the man, so that she had the confidence to say it.

Yun Xi had exposed his hero-ranked power. After seeing this and having accepted his gift, the black-haired woman still proposed to him proactively. The only reason that could explain it was "she is a hero-ranked person too". Maybe she was even stronger than Yun Xi, so that she didn't fear to propose to him.

"Master has great charm! Even such a beauty has been captivated by him!" Lu Lu looked at the Dark Shadow Spider queen enviously. She secretly compared their body shapes and felt ashamed of herself.

Wu wu wu, why the gap between two people was so wide?!

"She is right. The Apostle has unlimited potential. Even though she is stronger today... it's just temporary. The Apostle will change this world!" Basing on the information she had obtained and her instinct, Mei Lan made a judgement.

"I think... doesn't she like the food named 'bread' too much?" Ling Ling looked at the Dark Shadow Spider queen and murmured, which was very close to the truth.

Maybe it was because she and the Dark Shadow Spider queen were somewhat similar.

"I... become your thing?" Yun Xi felt that his heart beat faster.

"Yes, become my unique treasure that nobody can take away. You are eligible." After transforming into its human form, the Dark Shadow Spider queen had never said so many words like this at a time.

Her hoarse sounded more seductive under this circumstances, as if she was sweeping a net that never allowed any prey to escape away from it.

"Ha ha... you're sure you don't want to reconsider?" Yun Xi's mouth parched and his tongue scorched.

Why? He looked at the black-haired beauty who was approaching him and his heart couldn't stop from pounding.

He had never had the same feeling, but he felt familiar with it.

"You have no choice," The Dark Shadow Spider queen's eyes became dangerous.

Yes. Even though she had left the cold, empty dark void, she still wanted to capture Yun Xi, who could produce high-quality foods.

This food named "bread" had changed her view to the definition of food.

She couldn't imagine how would she survive if she couldn't eat bread again.

"Revenge" and "obtaining all good things in the world" were the Dark Shadow Spider queen's two instincts, which were only slightly inferior to her instinct of producing offspring.

After losing her male part, she could never have any offspring. Therefore, they had become the two strongest desires of her.

As long as she could eat high-quality foods, she would become stronger and stronger, and would finally be able to find the girl who “killed” its male part and tear her into pieces.

"You... don't push hard on me." Although Yun Xi had had a hundred and seven fiancees, he still didn't know how to deal with this black-haired beauty.

Perhaps it was because she was too proactive and left no room for him.

Since his childhood, he had never met such a overwhelming, queen-like beauty. The small village he was born in wouldn't have such a queen-like beauty.

"Choose! Become my thing or to be eaten by me!"

The Dark Shadow Spider queen directly gave Yun Xi two choices.

In fact, he had no choice.

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