Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: Save Yun Xi


Under the light of his green slime gem, Yun Xi saw a pair of pure, innocent eyes. 'She is serious', Yun Xi thought. This black-haired beauty didn't think that it was a pornographic question.

Then, how should I explain it?

There is really no connection between "it" and my bread!

A person suddenly found that he was in a dark cave and a mysterious black-haired beauty was going to do "this thing" and "that thing" to him... recently, even novels wouldn't write this, but it actually happened!

Why? Something was wrong in Water God's world!

No visible enemy and no bloody battle. People lived in this world following old rules, and everything had its special properties.

The dangerous, mysterious black-haired beauty, soft touch of her skin, tense feeling, uncontrollable desire.

If Yun Que hadn't told him the existence of Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword, he wouldn't even think that this was a dream trial.

"As expected, you are just an idiot!" Suddenly, a cold voice echoed in the dark cave. A burning arrow broke through one stalactite after another, shooting at the Dark Shadow Spider queen.

"Hiss!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen raised her hand. In the nick of time, her fingers pinched the arrow.

However, Yun Que had already prepared for it. This wasn't the only arrow.

As an assassin, she would do everything for victory. If she wasn't sure that she had 90% chance of winning, she wouldn't launch an attack.

With burning flames, her Red Lotus Arrow shot at the Dark Shadow Spider queen from the places that hadn't been monitored by her web-like senses. Her attack was so unscrupulous as if she was planning to kill Yun Xi and the spider queen together.

"If you don't want to be killed, open your Water Mist Field! I know you can't move, so just open your field! Don't hesitate, this woman is Shaya Longnis’, the Sky Sword's subordinate!" Yun Xi heard Yun Que's cold voice, not from the air but from the mental bond between their masks, and this was the reason why Yun Que knew that Yun Xi had been kidnapped.

As a top-class assassin of the Ten Leaves Alliance, she immediately realized how dangerous the Dark Shadow Spider queen's cave was after arriving there. If it wasn't because Yun Xi's ability was necessary for her to finish Water God's quest, she wouldn't challenge this powerful enemy. Observationally, she had guessed out the Dark Shadow Spider queen's true identity.

"Water Mist! Spreading!" Yun Xi strenuously repressed the hot impulse in his body and tried to dispel the queen's toxin in his blood.

In fact, even if Yun Que didn't come, Yun Xi would also get himself free after a while. Yun Que's assault just helped him increase the speed.

In addition to it, Yun Que's warning also let Yun Xi notice the anomaly in this dark cave.

Through his Water Mist Field, he saw over ten thousand green slimes and hundreds of elite slimes. He understood that Yun Que was right. Undoubtedly, this black-haired beauty was a subordinate of Shaya Longnis, belonging to the Sky Sword's camp! And she was absolutely a leader!

So that explained his strange feeling when he saw her.

She was an enemy!

Three Red Lotus Arrows crossed in the air and shot at the roof above Yun Xi's head. Countless crushed stones dropped under the impact, which forced the Dark Shadow Spider queen to leave the ground while holding Yun Xi in her arms.

A lot of mist gathered together without any sounds. Suddenly, the Dark Shadow Spider queen's hands slipped and then, Yun Xi disappeared.

In the chaos, Yun Xi got rid of the Dark Shadow Spider queen and hid in the mist, trying to run away.

"Where are you going?!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen shouted angrily. He is my treasure! He is a strategic resource that can make a hundred special foods every day! He can't escape from my hands! He is mine!

"Sorry, I think I can't become your thing," Yun Xi's body was still paralytic, but he was trying to dispel the queen's toxin.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" Five Red Lotus Arrows swept past Yun Xi and banged into the wall of the cave. The queen's route was completely blocked by the crushed stones.

Taking this chance, Yun Xi activated the energy in his Water God's mask to dispel the toxin in his blood and controlled the mist to drag his body, finally escaping from this weird cave.

"I have told you before! Your shameless, salacious character will let you suffer losses! If I hadn’t come, you would have been eaten at this moment!" Yun Que had already escaped from the cave earlier. She kicked Yun Xi and threw a cloth gown to him.

His talent was so enviable, but he never practiced his power and played with his fiance all day, and he was actually seduced by a woman so easily! He was really helpless!

"Sorry, I didn't suspect that she was an enemy," Yun Xi answered. He put on the cloth gown and took a deep breath. His eyes became serious.

"Nah. I made a mistake too. I shouldn't list such a dangerous enemy into the list of Water God's bride candidates."

Yun Que shook her head. If it wasn't because Yun Xi was captured and she saw the abnormal scene in the dark cave with her eyes, she wouldn't believe that this mature, attractive black-haired beauty was the Sky Sword's subordinate.

Even though she was a female too, she was still shocked by the Dark Shadow Spider queen's beauty when she saw the her. "Yun Hai" was a lecher, so it wasn't surprising to see that he had been seduced by the queen.

However, the Dark Shadow Spider queen was still their enemy. Yun Hai was to be sadly disillusioned.

"Prepare yourself. She is coming!" Yun Que held her bloody bow in her hand and stood beside Yun Xi, shoulder to shoulder.

"Boom!" A massive hole suddenly appeared on the ground. Countless green slimes gushed out from the hole, and the Dark Shadow Spider queen appeared in front of them again, with dangerous killing intent in her eyes.

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