Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: Slime's Legend

"Slime Sword Master?" Yun Xi had never heard of such a strange title.

Of course, maybe it was just because he was too ignorant. He didn't have any way to have heard of it in the small village he was born in. Most people in White Lotus Sword Domain only knew that Yun Hai the Sword Master was a "Sky Sword". To them, other Sky Swords were just like some distant legends.

"Yes. Come with me." Looking at Yun Xi's face, Yun Que knew that he knew nothing about Shaya Longnis, the most terrible newborn Sky Sword.

Sometimes, a Sky Sword's ranking couldn't represent their true strength because most of them were born in different eras and hadn't fought against each other. Then what was the standard people used to rank them? Other than the three Sky Swords who were recorded to have killed a god, people judged other Sky Swords by their fame during their eras.

As a newborn Sky Sword, Shaya Longnis hadn't had sufficient time to accumulate her fame, however, "it" was undoubtedly a top-class Sky Sword. Yes, generally, people thought that Shaya Longnis was an "it" and not a "he" nor a "she". It was due to her race: slime. It was neither male nor female, nor was it a fantasy creature. It didn't even have parents, naturally it didn't have a name. It was said that the her true body was a green slime.

Shaya Longnis wasn't its original name. It was a name it inherited from a girl it had swallowed. It was said that this Sky Sword had a terrifying natural ability: Unlimited Division, and it could eat anything. If it was angry, it could even swallow a whole world.

As a Ten Leaves Alliance elite, Yun Que had read about the Slime Sky Sword's records. It was too exaggerated to say that it could eat a whole world, but it really had eaten a whole race. It was cruel and merciless, and had strong aggression. If it considered one as its enemy, no one could escape, no matter if it was a human, a city, or even a race.

Yun Que had even read the Slime Sword Master's dairy through a secret method. The dairy recorded a part of its mood, which looked pretty messy and complicated:

Tear off the surface, nothing in the world is unintelligible.

Disinteresting, unpleasant, chaotic stuffs.

Cry, tangle, confession, want to provoke my fond.

How to describe my mood? Even to this day, I can't give an answer.

I find that I'm a despicable creature.

Noise, noise. So bored, so bored, so bored. Can't help it. I'm not good at handling relationships. I'm not happy.

Too shallow. I'm bored.

However, I hate to be eliminated. If I can't become the most popular one, I will find it unbearable. After all, I hate to be defeated.

Even if I'm dirty and foul, even if I had to lie, if I can't look down on the earth, I will lose the meaning of my life.

No calculation. No aversion. Enjoy the fruits after the people.

She said that "Other people’s happiness is my happiness".

Is she an angel? Treated everyone equally and gently.

I can't pray for her. I love her. I want to hear her cry. I want to make her cry. It is a good thing.

But it is very important. I want to see her smile. It's unbelievable. I hate myself.

Maybe I'm in love.

Say yes and mean no. I thought this thing in my heart and did that thing. I couldn't do it. I was helpless.

Today, the world is as ugly and beautiful as usual. I can't leave her alone. Therefore, I will keep going. I must become strong.

To be honest, Yun Que didn't really understand what she had read. She only felt indifference and arrogance through the words, which made her feel cold from the bottom of her heart.

It was said that the slime liked a girl named "Shaya Longnis", but finally, it ate her and inherited her name. In addition to the female body it often used, the Slime Sky Sword also had various avatars, which were all inherited from the creatures it had eaten.

Multi-headed blindworm, mountain-like old dragon, three-headed mutated golden dragonhawk... After the Slime Sword Master became a Sky Sword, the strong beings it had eaten could be written into a long list. Even the Ten Leaves Alliance couldn't figure out how many creatures the Slime Sky Sword had eaten and how strong it had become now.

Apart from the three strongest Sky Swords, Shaya Longnis, who insisted that its title was "Slime Sky Sword", was the last enemy Yun Que wanted to face because she could think of no way to defeat it. Even though slime was a small and weak kind of monster, but it was a slime that had been recognized as a Sky Sword! It had become an insoluble bug.

As for the reason... one would know it after seeing it.

"Look, this is the omen of the Sky Sword's coming." Yun Que took Yun Xi to a stream that was close to the village. She pointed at several water-drop-like creatures and said in a serious tone.

"Aren't they slimes?" Looking at the several weak monsters which could even be killed by ordinary people, Yun Xi couldn't imagine the relationship between them and the Sky Sword.

The several slimes had green skin and did not look sticky but very cute. He even had an impulse to poke and pinch them in his hands.

"Yes, they are the problem. They are the Sky Sword's avatars, containing an endless evolution ability. Today, you only see several lower-level slimes which can even be killed by ordinary villagers easily, but soon afterwards, there will be more and more mutated slimes. No matter how many slimes you have killed, there will always be more and more of them. Metal slime, ruby slime, emerald slime, fire slime, dark slime, holy slime... till the golden slime king is born, then everything will end."

Yun Que shook her head and continued, "Golden slime king can transform itself into all kinds of creatures, including dragons and other rare fantasy creatures. And Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword is even more terrible than any golden slime king. It’s the child of the whole slime race, it isn't even inferior to the great Water God."

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