Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Sky Sword

Ow! My head hurts!

Yun Xi's eyes were stimulated by the morning sunshine. He gazed at the unfamiliar ceiling with a lifeless look.

Where is this? Who am I? Why am I at this place? Where will I go?

After a few moments, Yun Xi finally remembered everything. This was Water God's Fantasy Island. He was here to take his star trial. Now, he had become Water God's Apostle and obtained his first engagement contract in the first village, and had also opened the fourth side quest "To love, Starchild!"

At the same time, he also had an ultimate quest to "find the most excellent bride for Water God".

"Oh! I was drunk! I don't believe that was something I did!" Yun Xi only remembered a few things that had happened last night. He slept after he went to the hot spring? After that... he remembered that something ambiguous happened. He could remember Lu Lu's snow white feet and her sweet lips.

Lu Lu... was that girl Lu Lu?

What an indiscreet experience. Yun Xi smiled bitterly at his blurry memories of last night.

I shouldn't drink too much.

"Master, are you awake?" Lu Lu sat beside Yun Xi and handed him a bowl of hangover-cure soup.

"Err... don’t be so timid. You can be more outgoing." Yun Xi sensitively noticed that Lu Lu had a look of self-contempt, as if she had suffered some huge blow last night.

"I'm just a childish girl. It's my luck to marry you." Remembering her experience last night, she felt embarrassed. The gap between their experiences was too wide. As his bride, she had actually run away in fright last night.

Master... how many females have you experienced?!

As was expected, even though the great Apostle wasn't married, his experience was still far richer than her’s.

"Well... I want to sleep a little longer." Yun Xi was defeated by Lu Lu's innocent eyes. He hid into the warm folded quilt.

"Wake up, master. The other Apostle is waiting for you!" Lu Lu said. She knocked Yun Xi's pillow with her medicine pestle.

"Yun Que? Has he come back?" Yun Xi knew that he couldn't pretend to be asleep. He hadn't forgotten his quest of investigating the nearby villages.

"Yes. He wants to see you as soon as possible." Lu Lu gazed at Yun Xi's mask, and suddenly had a bad presentiment in her heart. She felt that something would be changed.

"I see." Yun Xi stretched himself.

"Let me help you put on your clothes." Lu Lu gently pressed on Yun Xi's shoulders and helped him wear clothes that were made by her. Because they were clothes made by using the materials from old clothes, they didn't look like new clothes, but were very suitable for Yun Xi's body shape.

"Master..." Gazing at Yun Xi's back, Lu Lu indulged in her memories.

In fact, they were her father's clothes. However, she couldn't even remember her father’s face, because he passed away too early. The only thing he left in the world was this old clothes.

"What's wrong with the clothes?" Yun Xi looked at himself. It seemed that they were traditional clothes. Its sleeves were white and the cuffs were sewed with black patterns.

"No, nothing," Lu Lu said and shook her head, then pushed Yun Xi's shoulders, "Master, go do your things. No matter what you are going to do, I will support you!"

"Thanks." Yun Xi patted Lu Lu's shoulders, then turned around and left.


In the village chief's house, Yun Xi saw Yun Que who had just returned from a nearby village. She seriously gazed at him and said, "We have a problem."

"What happened? You couldn't find suitable brides for Water God?" Yun Xi looked at Yun Que in confusion.

"No. It's going well. Look, this is the list of candidates." Yun Que handed over the second scroll she made to Yun Xi.

"She is..." Yun Xi opened the scroll and immediately noticed a girl's portrait.

The smiling girl couldn't be anyone other than Ling Ling. He didn't expect that he would see another Starwing Knights’ girl so early. Gold will shine everywhere. They were excellent girls. Even though they had lost their memories, they were still the cutest girls in this world. It wasn't surprising to see them becoming the most suitable candidates in their villages.

"Ling Ling, a third-ranked female swordsman, seventeen years old." Reading the information on the scroll, Yun Xi felt that he would get his second fiancee soon.

"Are you going to do something to her?" Yun Que noticed Yun Xi's strange look, then said in disdain, "Look at yourself! Weren't you too freewheeling last night? Lu Lu is only sixteen years old! I know you’re not a man who knows how to control your desire, but we are looking for a suitable bride for Water God! Can you restrain your shameless, salacious character during this period of time?"

Ah... I think that I'm an upright gentleman... Yun Xi innocently looked at Yun Que, not understanding why she was so angry.

"Puff!" Yun Que drew in a deep breath, then said something serious.

Even though the Apostle named "Yun Hai" was a helpless, estrous scum, but his combat power was strong. She couldn't ignore his combat record of defeating the Mountain Lord, although she didn't think that it could prove why Water God would choose him as its Apostle. He was just a shameless thief inside!

"I’ve found out who the Sky Sword is!"

"What?!" Yun Xi was shocked. He didn't expect that he would meet with the most terrible enemy in this trial so soon. It was a Sky Sword! A legend at the top of the whole Sky Sword God's Domain!

"Who is the Sky Sword?"

"Shaya Longnis, a nonhuman Sky Sword. Three hundred years ago, she defeated the previous tenth Sky Sword and replaced the Sky Sword's ranking. She is a strong Sky Sword who stands a chance to become one of the top three Sky Swords. Before she became a Sky Sword, she was called 'Slime Sword Master'."