Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: Three Phases

"From what I know, the omen of Slime Sky Sword's coming is composed of three phases," Yun Que said, "The first phase is the birth of green slimes."

"At first, there will only be several slimes. Gradually, there will be dozens of slimes, hundreds of slimes, thousands of slimes... in a month, the world will have thousands of different slimes."

"At first, the slimes are harmless. They don't attack any living beings and only do their best to find and absorb nutritious substances to replicate themselves. At this time, the process is still under control," Yun Que said in a serious tone.

"However, in the second step, elite slimes will be born amongst the green slimes. The proportion is 100: 1. Elite slimes don't look different from ordinary green slimes, but they can naturally form a mental network amongst each other, connecting the whole slime race in the world."

"The principle of the mental network is still unknown, but its goal is to accelerate Shaya Longnis's birth. As the mental network collects more and more energy, stronger and more stronger slimes will be born and twist the world's rules. Finally, after the birth of the golden slime king, the third phase will start."

Speaking of this, Yun Que paused for a while. Even though Ten Leaves Alliance had only collected this much information.

"In the third phase, Shaya Longnis will be born in the world, then she will control or destroy the world. Her other abilities and her sky sword... are still unknown."

"Sky Sword" was the title presented to the strongest swordsman in Sky Sword God's Domain, however, it was also a sword's name. All the Sky Swords had their own sky swords. Of course, Shaya Longnis had her sky sword, however, Ten Leaves Alliance failed to collect her sky sword's information, as if it didn't exist. It was inconsequential, because if Shaya Longnis didn't have a sky sword, she wouldn't be recognized as a Sky Sword.

"Besides, according to my judgement, as long as there is still a slime left in the world, Shaya Longnis won't die. Even if we eliminate all the slimes in the world, she will only be driven out of this world but not be killed. From the beginning, she was in an unassailable position." Yun Que knew the Sky Sword very well, naturally, she didn't really think that Water God's camp could win.

Fortunately, she knew that her quest wasn't to defeat the Sky Sword but to find the most beautiful bride for Water God. It was the only good news. If her quest was to defeat Shaya Longnis the Slime Sky Sword, her percentage of winning would undoubtedly be zero. She wasn't at the same level as the Sky Sword.

Just let Water God worry about the world's future! she thought.

"What a terrible Sky Sword!" Yun Xi finally understood what a terrible enemy they would face.

It was the child of slime race and would never die as long as there was still a slime left in the universe. Moreover, it could reproduce and divide itself endless times, and could become stronger by swallowing its enemy. It was as strong as an evil god!

Wait! Its properties...

Yun Xi suddenly had a vague idea in his heart but failed to remember it.

"Therefore, what can we do?" Yun Xi shook his head and looked at the several green slimes. He had vaguely guessed at what Yun Que would do.

"Of course, kill them all! In the first phase, there is still an opportunity to take advantage of it. If the second phase starts and the slimes form a mental network, it will be too late!" Yun Que said decisively. She had taken off her black bow from her back.

"I will clean this area and you go clean that area. Don't leave any of them alive! We must eliminate all the green slimes we can see! Even if we can't stop Shaya Longnis's coming, at least, we can do our best to delay the time. Now, killing time!"

After publishing the quest of "Slimes must die!" to Yun Xi, Yun Que drew her bow. She shot sixteen tracking arrows at those cute green slimes simultaneously and accurately detonated their bodies. As the result, only several pools of green liquid remained on the ground.

"No... something is wrong..." Yun Xi agreed with Yun Que's judgement, but he didn't think that this method would be useful.

Anyone could figure out this method of stopping Shaya Longnis, however, Yun Que had also said that Shaya Longnis had never been defeated before. Was it possible that no one had used this method before? Even ordinary people could kill these green slimes!

"You should leave now! Go kill the slimes in other areas!" Yun Que ordered. Her every arrow was accurate and deathful, not letting those green slimes obtain even a slight chance to revive.

After obtaining Water God's Mask, she didn't need to worry about the number of her arrows. She could create arrows by using her blood, which were more handy, manageable and withdrawable. She had understood how to use her ability of "Blood Control" to the limit.

"Ok, I will go to other areas." Yun Xi summoned the mists around him and slowly flew away.

Yun Que was right. He could see green slimes in the forest, beside the stream and on the mountains. Judging from these slimes' appearances, these green jelly-like little creatures were indeed harmless. They didn't even eat plants. They could live within moist mists, soil and rotten leaves. In a way, they were even inferior to herbivores.

It seemed that they also didn't have wits, because they didn't resist when they were eaten by other animals. After eating several slimes, animals gave up eating them, because they were too squishy and didn't have flesh and blood. They tasted just like water!

After being ignored by various animals, these green slimes still kept wandering around the forest and jumping up and down besides the stream.

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