Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: Proposal

"If you don’t want to marry Water God… how about marrying me?"

Lu Lu was shocked.

Did she get something wrong? What did the respectful Apostle just say?

He… is proposing me? Gee... Whoooa?! What's wrong with the world? Why would Water God's Apostle propose to me?

"Oh, don't force yourself. You can say 'no'. I don't mind. This is just a temporary method to help you. I think that if you agree to be my fiancee, then you won't need to leave the village and marry Water God."

Yes, "proposing to Lu Lu" was the solution Yun Xi gave. It looked as if Yun Xi was just acting on impulse, but it was the best choice. If Lu Lu agreed to be his fiancee, then she wouldn't be chosen as a candidate bride for Water God.

Besides, Yun Xi could also obtain her power in this way. Anyway, it was just a "promise" and not a real marriage, it should be ok. After the star trial finished, she would only remember that she had a vague dream, just like Hua Huo. If Hua Huo remembered what he had done in his newbie trial and the first formal trial, she would go crazy.

"Well, you don't remember it but I can tell you that we are not strangers." Looking at Lu Lu's puzzled face, Yun Xi decided to reveal some bits of information to her.

"Really? Do you also have this feeling?" Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi happily and surprised.

She wasn't the only person who had the feeling! When she had just seen Yun Xi, she didn't know the reason but she couldn't stop her heart from beating fast. She didn't often make medicine at the door, but today, she had suddenly felt that she should do this, as if she was waiting for a fateful encounter.

"In fact... me... me too..." She said nervously, but still told Yun Xi her feelings.

"I have a feeling that we had met before since I first saw you. If reincarnation is real, we must have known each other in our previous lives."

No, there weren't any "previous lives", but we are sleeping in the same cave now in the real world.

Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu's red face and trembling animal-ears, appreciating her feelings.

"Hey, stop. You are Water God's Apostle, how can you carry off Water God's bride?!" Yun Que had watched them for a period of time. In fact, she had almost been blinded by their sparkling big show of affection. She couldn't stand it any longer!

As Water God's Apostle, you were given Water God's Mask, how could you betray Water God!

"Equivalent Exchange" was an immutable rule in the world. Since they had obtained Water God's Masks, they should never betray Water God and join other camps!

"Sorry, but love just happened suddenly. I just can't control myself," Yun Xi said and waited for Lu Lu's answer, even though he knew that even he wouldn’t be convinced by this lie.

"I... I... I can't answer you now!" Lu Lu hesitated. She froze on the ground, finally, she shook her head and ran away like a little rabbit.

"I told you! She is a candidate bride for Water God. You can't do anything to her! If you really want to have a love affair, there are still several good girls in the village. You are Water God's Apostle. It should be very easy for you." Yun Que persuaded Yun Xi from a rational standpoint.

"But... I only want her!" Yun Xi couldn't tell Yun Que the truth.

He couldn't tell her that Lu Lu was a member of his Starwing Knights so she couldn't be chosen! Not only Lu Lu, all the Starwing Knights’ girls couldn't be chosen as Water God's bride!

Yun Xi felt that Water God's world was just too real. He didn't know what changes would happen to them if they became Water God's brides. He didn’t dare take the risk. He wanted to do his best to help them.

As for his proposal... at any rate, he was still wearing Water God's Mask. No one would know his true identity in this world, and after this star trial finished, they would think that this was just a dream.

The world was big. There must be other girls who could let Water God feel satisfied.

"Are you nuts? You’re doing something that isn't suitable for your identity! Don't forget where your power comes from and the meaning of your mask!" Yun Que pointed at Yun Xi's mask and warned him.

"I know. I know how powerful Water God is more than you’ll ever know!" Yun Xi touched his silver mask. He knew that he couldn't change his camp and had to fight against the Sky Sword. But even so, he still wanted to finish his quest with his will unbending! The mask was fake, but his heart was real and hot!

"I hope that you really know and keep it in your mind! This girl has been chosen as a candidate bride for Water God. I won't allow you to do anything to her!" Yun Que stared at Yun Xi as if he was something dirty.

"You don't understand. You don't understand." Yun Xi shook his head.


Whilst Yun Xi and Yun Que argued, Lu Lu was indulging in the ecstasy of being proposed to by Yun Xi.

How could she refuse him? How would she disagree with his proposal?! She didn’t want to disappoint him, however, the other respectful Apostle was looking at them. She just couldn't say "I agree!" in that case!

"Why? Why? Why did he suddenly propose to me? It was too forward! Shouldn't 'love' be more step-by-step and gentle? But... he won't stay in this village too long. If I don't give him a positive answer, I may lose him! Whooooa! What should I do? What should I do? Be quick, figure out a way!" The girl knocked her head with her pestle, as if this action could help her make a decision.

However, she was very happy now.

"Pit-a-pat! Pit-a-pat! Pit-a-pat!" The girl's heartbeat echoed inside the small room, ineffably warm and charming.

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