Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: Lu Lu's Sadness

I... Was my behavior too disrespectful? I actually did such a discourteous thing to Water God's Apostle... Whoooa! Too shameful! I feel like dying!

Lu Lu lowered her head for fear of seeing Yun Xi's face. What a failure! Her joy of making the "Tiger's Power" potion had almost all gone.

"It tastes good." Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu with a smile.

He took another sip of the milky white potion again. The potion wasn't bitter at all. On the contrary, it contained a faint scent of herbs and just melted in his mouth. Unlike what Lu Lu had just thought, the potion was effective on Yun Xi, because essentially, he was still a mortal.

He felt his stomach warm up after taking a sip. He felt his body become energetic. His strength had been permanently increased. He could now lift things which were eighty pounds heavier than before.

Don't disdain this improvement, because the human body had its limit. Maybe a person could only lift a one-hundred-pound dumbbell, but after exercising for a few months the person could lift a two-hundred-pounds dumbbell. However, when the person gradually reaches the limit of their body, even the slightest improvement needed the hardest exercise.

A sip of the "Tiger's Power" potion could permanently increase a person's strength. Even though due to drug resistance its effect would become more and more weaker, it was still a wonder potion to most ordinary swordsmen.

At least, Yun Xi had never seen any similar potion being sold in the small village he was born in. Thinking about it again, it was natural that he wouldn't have seen such a fantastic potion before. After all, the potion needed the hero-ranked White Tiger's strands of fur as a kind of material. How could ordinary people find so many hero-ranked animals in the outside world?

None of the forces in the world had successfully cultured hero-ranked units in quantity. Even though Water God was super strong, it could only gift its power to its Apostles, to let them obtain hero-ranked powers temporarily. In contrast, the "Tiger's Power" potion was more valuable.

As a girl who could make the potion, Lu Lu was unique even within the Starwing Knights. According to Yun Xi's understanding about the star trial, after he successfully finished this trial, Lu Lu could also reap some generous benefits. If there wasn't any incident, Lu Li would become the first pharmacist in his Starwing Knights.

"Did I succeed?" Lu Lu was confident of the potion she had made, but she still felt nervous before Yun Xi gave her a positive answer. No, perhaps it wasn't due to nervousness.

"Yes." Yun Xi said. This was the first high-level potion he had ever drunk.

"Yeah!" Lu Lu clenched her fists with a big smile on her face.

Her effort and preparation finally had a perfect result. After she presented the "Tiger's Power" potion to the temple in the city, she would be entitled to wear the third-ranked White Leaves Emblem. The small village would have its first third-ranked pharmacist.

"You deserve it. Congratulations!" Yun Xi didn't understand why the potion was so important to Lu Lu, but he still felt glad to see her pleased expression because now, Lu Lu's innocent, cute face was more attractive than before.

If it was her... maybe she could be Water God's bride.

This idea kept lingering in Yun Xi's heart. However, Yun Xi still hesitated if he should do that, even though this was his ultimate quest in Water God's world.

"Very good. Long time no see, Tiger's Power. She is a third-ranked pharmacist now?"

Yun Xi didn't know since when Yun Que had stood beside him looking at Lu Lu with a satisfied smile. After all. Lu Lu was the most excellent girl in this ordinary, small village.

Her parents had died when they went into the mountains to gather herbs, but she had great talent as a pharmacist so she could live alone. Now, she had even waded across the barrier that stopped most people in the world from reaching the third rank. Wherever she was, she was very excellent.

Such a girl can be Water God's bride.

"Yun Hai, write down her name. Perhaps she can be Water God's bride." Yun Que didn't hide her intention. In her eyes, since the villagers in this small village still believed in Water God, then they wouldn't refuse such an honorable thing.

"Water God's bride!" Suddenly, the bowl in Lu Lu's hands fell on the ground and the milky white potion inside the bowl scattered all over the ground.

Lu Lu looked sad and helpless, which deeply touched Yun Xi's heart.

"Yun Que, stop." He stopped Yun Que, and shook his head.

"Why... me?" Lu Lu gazed at them with empty eyes. Pearl-like tears dripped down from her eyes like two waterfalls.

"Is it really so sad to be the Water God's bride?" Yun Xi wanted to know her reason.

"No... but..." Lu Lu forced a smile and said, "In the past, none of Water God's brides had ever returned. To be Water God's bride... means... that I will leave this world forever."

Yun Xi was shocked. He understood. Lu Lu believed in the Water God, but she also loved the village. She didn't want to leave the village and the people she knew. God's order is absolute, but people's hearts are complex.

"To be Water God's bride" was a great event to the people in the world, but to the girls who would be married to Water God, it simply meant that they had to leave their home and family forever. Therefore, Lu Lu looked so depressed and even hopeless.

A strange idea arose in Yun Xi's heart. As if there was something inducing him, Yun Xi remembered his fourth side quest.

"To Love, Starchild! Life is too short, just enjoy it! Propose to as many girls as possible! After obtaining their marriage contracts, you can have the girls' power. You are never alone"

He remembered that this was a quest without restricting time and camp.

"Lu Lu, if you don't want to marry Water God... how about marrying me?"

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