Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: Separate and Go Different Ways

The second day, Yun Que showed her quality as an elite of Ten Leaves Alliance. She visited all the girls in the small village and recorded their heights, three measurements, and appearances on an exquisite scroll. Taking the scroll as a reference, she picked out ten candidates as Water God's bride. She observed and rated them from all angles.

At the end, Lu Lu was still the girl who had the highest rating. Her rating was much higher than others. If they could only choose Water God's bride from this small village, then she would be the only suitable candidate.

At the same time, Yun Xi was talking with the villagers.

"Dear Apostle, recently, the income-tax man from the city increased our village’s tax rate again! Our burden is too heavy!"

"I heard that there is a new cult in the south. That is ridiculous. What do they want to do? Aren't we all Water God's believers?"

"We haven't seen any Water God's Apostle for hundreds of years! It's our honour to see you!"

"What? Are there beautiful girls in the nearby villages? Well... of course there are."

Compared to Yun Que, who always collected information quickly and precisely, Yun Xi was more amicable and approachable. He had become integrated with the villagers.

"Yun Hai, don't waste your time." Yun Que just passed by this place. She frowned after seeing this scene.

They were just ordinary villagers, not at the same level as them at all. Even if Yun Hai wanted to gather information from them, why didn't he just order them to tell him everything they knew? He didn't need to waste his time in this way!

"Roar!" The white tiger raised its paws with hostility.

"Stop wasting your time! We must find the most suitable bride for Water God!" Seeing that Yun Xi wasn't going to listen her words, Yun Que looked at him with disdain.

What a stupid man. Don’t you know that your efficiency is just too bad?!

"Yun Que, I'm not wasting my time. It is just not that simple." Yun Xi leisurely stood up.

This time, the star trial was so different from his past experience. Because this was a "real" world. Yun Xi didn't know how the stars could do this, but he had confirmed that the people in this world were real. They had independent memories and souls. They had their love, hatred, anger and fear.

This wasn't a lifeless world like the dark forest or the tall tower had been. This was a world of colours of every kind. The more he understood Water God's world, the more thoughts and feelings he experienced within his mind. Yun Xi could feel this world's difference. This world was a living painting, containing himself and Yun Que. This time, he wasn't fighting alone.

"I don't understand. Why did Water God choose you as its Apostle," Yun Que said and looked at Yun Xi with a puzzled look.

Didn’t he want to obtain Water God's best reward?

"Equivalent Exchange" was a constant rule for her. The stronger the power she wanted to obtain, the more the effort she had to input. She must move on her road as quickly as she could, so she didn't have time to stop. This world's background and people meant nothing to her. Her only goal here was to find a suitable bride for Water God.

"Well, you can just take your time here. I’ll go to the next village."

No common goal, no common cause to cooperate. Yun Que felt that her partner, the Apostle who named himself "Yun Hai" was really an unreliable man. She didn't want to cooperate with him any longer.

"Hum... you go first. Little Mu and I will stay here for a period of time. Maybe our efficiency will be higher after separating."

"Good bye," Yun Que said, then immediately left the village while carrying the scroll she had made.

Perhaps they wouldn't see each other again. Their ways of doing things were totally different. She was prepared to walk around the world as fast as possible, then find the most beautiful bride for Water God to complete the quest. As for "Yun Hai"... perhaps after she finished the quest, he would be still wandering around this area.

Sigh, why did Water God choose him?

"Roar!" After Yun Que left the village, the white tiger stretched itself, then turned its body near Yun Xi.

In its heart, it felt that the Apostle named "Yun Que" was always as tense as a bowstring that was stretched taut, as if something forced him to keep moving without taking a rest. "He" was too dangerous.

"Yun Que... what an incredible guy." Although Yun Que despised Yun Xi, Yun Xi still felt that the archer's temperament was respectable.

He could feel Yun Que's belief of never giving up in any circumstance. "He" was a real warrior.

But isn't he an archer? Why does he have such a warrior-style temperament? Isn't an archer a career where one is always sniping their enemies stealthily from a distance?

"Huff... huff..." Whilst Yun Xi was thinking, a feeble figure ran towards him.

"Cough... ha..." Lu Lu was running with all her strength. Perhaps she had never run as fast as this in her life.

"Thank god! You haven't left!" Lu Lu felt a sense of relief looking at Yun Xi's silver mask. "Everyone said that the Apostle had left. I thought that it was you."

"Oh, it's Yun Que. He has gone to the next village." Yun Xi's heart ached as he looked at the girl panting for breath.

"I... regret it. I'm regretting now..." Lu Lu's shoulders slightly trembled.

When she heard the news that the Apostle had left, she felt her heart go cold as if she was falling into a frozen lake. Water God's Apostles didn't often appear in ordinary people's world. They were Water God's spokesmen and servants. Sometimes, they would come to the human world, but it wouldn't be for long.

If it was Yun Xi but not Yun Que who had left the village, Lu Lu felt that she would regret it for a lifetime, because there was still something she hadn't told him. The answer to Yun Xi's proposal. Maybe her answer would be counterintuitive and profane in the eyes of the villagers. However, it was the answer she had thought of for a whole night, which she would never regret.

"I... I agree! Yes, I want to be your bride!"

In the morning mist, the girl's blushing face was bright like the rising sun.

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