Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Familiar Person

"Ice Blade!"

"Ice Blade!"

"Ice Blade!"

Yun Xi acted like a child who had just obtained a new toy. He played with the fierce white tiger, ignoring that it could kill him a thousand times over if its paws touched him.

Water God's blessing was far beyond Yun Xi's imagination. He gradually understood hero rank secrets during the battle, especially the ice blade transformed from mist. They seemed to be very good fit for his body, and soon after, they had become the skill he knew best.

"Ice Blade! Burst!"

Thousands of ice blades exploded at the same time. Countless fragments of ice crystals flew towards the fierce white tiger, interweaving into a vast net in the air, it was a net that could bring death!

Trees, rocks, and soil... everything was as fragile as a piece of paper in front of the sharp fragments of ice crystal. They were torn to shreds immediately, and soon afterwards, they were torn to dust in the face of more ice crystal fragments, till they turned into imperceptible particles and vanished into the air.

"Roar!" The white tiger was seriously injured. Its two paws covered its head, lying on its stomach in front of Yun Xi.

"Whoooh!" It acted as if it wasn’t a bloodthirsty monster but an aggrieved puppy.

"Ok, stop pretending! I know you are ok." Yun Xi was satisfied with the ice blades' effect, but he knew that they wouldn’t damage the white tiger so much. The white tiger acted like it had come to its senses and realized something.

"Roar!" As Yun Xi had expected, the white tiger raised its head. Its pupils had turned from red to black.

The white tiger carefully walked to Yun Xi after realizing that Yun Xi wasn't going to attack it. It bent down on its forepaws and licked Yun Xi's feet, then rolled on the ground and exposed its belly, showing that it was not hostile anymore.

"Smart tiger." Yun Xi stroked the white tiger's head. He had known that there was something wrong with the white tiger from the beginning.

Perhaps it was because of the Water God's Mask, he vaguely knew about all the living beings on the island.

The giant white tiger was a natural king in the forest. It had an invulnerable body and could control the wind. This was Water God's world and naturally, the white tiger was one of Water God's subordinates. However, it had suddenly lost its sanity recently and became a bloodthirsty monster. If Yun Xi hadn't become Water God's Apostle and had the hero-ranked ability: Water Mist, probably he would have been eaten by the furious white tiger.

"Roar! Roar!" The white tiger licked Yun Xi's face, acting as if it was a puppy. Then, it picked Yun Xi's sleeve and dragged him, trying to guide him to some place.

"Where are you going?" Yun Xi sensitively felt the white tiger's intention.

"Roar! Roar!"

The white tiger wagged its tail and picked up Yun Xi to put him on its back, then ran at full speed.

"Is it a very important place to you? It has something to do with your change? Is there something wrong at that place?"

Based on his intuition, Yun Xi asked the white tiger and got its affirmation.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

As a hero-ranked creature, its intelligence wasn't inferior to ordinary humans. Yun Xi carefully made out the meaning of its roar.

"Danger! Blood! Strange person!"

Yun Xi understood. The white tiger encountered a strange person before. They had a tough fight, but there was no winner. Both of them had suffered great losses. The white tiger lost its sanity and the strange person was dying.

"Strange person..." Yun Xi guessed that it was an outsider who was involved in his trial world by the stars.

However, there was no victor in the strife between the strange person and the white tiger, which meant... probably the person wasn't one of the Starwing Knights’ girls, nor was it Hua Huo or the twin witches.

Was it a passenger from White Lotus? Or...

Yun Xi rode on the white tiger's back in deep thought. They tramped over a dozen of mountains, finally reaching the white tiger's den.

It must have been a fierce fight. The ground looked as if it had experienced a typhoon, covered with countless crushed stones and dozens of melted holes in the ground. A tall man was lying down on the ground in front of the white tiger's den. The blood under his body had dyed the ground around him red.

It was apparent that there were two types of blood on the ground. Through his mask, Yun Xi could see that one contained fierce blood power and the other one contained a mysterious magical power.

"You... are..." Yun Xi looked at the man in surprise.

The man wasn't a stranger to him, because he was the archer in red in his second star trial, who had stopped Yun Xi on the bridge countless times. More than once, his arrows had cut through Yun Xi's head and heart. Much more often, the archer just shot him through his hands and feet, stopping him from escaping from the stone soldiers' attacks. He had even been killed by the archer's twin double knives once.

In the second star trial, the archer in red had almost become a psychological shadow in Yun Xi's heart. And judging from the evaluation of the stars, the archer in red did have the highest potential amongst the four strongest enemies in Yun Xi's second star trial.

The three Childes were no match for him. He was a real genius that had the potential to reach the hero rank. If Yun Xi hadn't kissed his childhood sweetheart Hua Huo to raise the complete degree of Hua Huo's seed, Yun Xi didn't know how many times he would have been killed by the archer.

It looked like the mysterious archer had also become stronger after the trial. After all, he could end the battle between him and the white tiger in a draw now. Yun Xi wasn't sure if he could do this if he took off Water God's Mask.

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