Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: The Second Apostle

"He was injured seriously." Yun Xi lowered his head and touched the archer in red's back. Blood stained his fingers.

His Water Mist wasn't omnipotent. It could heal wounds but couldn't save a dying person. The archer in red was alive only because he had strong will to live, so that he could persist till this moment. Looking at his deep wounds and the messy ground, Yun Xi could barely imagine the violent battle between the archer in red and the white tiger.

"Roar!" The white tiger raised its paw, preparing to kill the strange man who inexplicably came to its den and fought with it.

At that time, the white tiger smelt no scent of the familiar humans on Water God's Island from the archer in red, so it attacked the archer with no worry. It just didn't expect that both of them would be injured so seriously in the fight.

If it hadn't met Yun Xi, it would probably still be crazy. If it had hurt the humans on the island who often came to offer it sacrifices... the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate. After all, as the Water God's subordinate, if it slaughtered the god's people, it would definitely be punished by the god. Fortunately, Yun Xi saved it from that terrible misfortune. Now, the white tiger only wanted to eat the chief criminal who had made it go berserk.

Anyway, it wasn't a human. It's ok to eat the chief criminal, right?

"No! Little... Mu, you can't eat him. You don't need to eat humans to fill your belly, right?" Yun Xi knocked the white tiger's head and gave it a nickname "Little Mu".

Ok, Yun Xi admitted that he missed Mumu now. Upon remembering that he had joined Water God's camp and had to make enemies with the human camp, Yun Xi couldn’t stop sighing.

"Cough! Ga!"

The archer in red coughed and twitched on the ground, then gradually opened her eyes. Even though her eyes looked blank and dazed, but the will in her eyes still made Yun Xi feel surprised.

An archer must have an iron will. No matter how serious he is hurt or attacked, he never gives up, and he never steps back. To the things he insisted on, he would fight till the bitter end. Even if he died on the battlefield, he wouldn't topple down. If the human will can create a miracle, then it must include him.

"Trace... on..." He struggled, trying to release his secret skill.

No, I can't die here. I must survive. I can't give up, because I still have a mission to finish. An archer doesn't die with her hands bare!

A large amount of mist suddenly surrounded them, forming a familiar shape. Countless ice crystals reflected sunlight, reflecting a deep blue inside his pupil.

"I didn't expect to see this cursed bloodline again. Answer my questions and make your choice. Tell me, who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? Why are you here?"

The archer in red froze. His body slightly trembled in front of Water God's Eye.

"I'm Yun Que. I come from the distant Western God's Domain. I came here for my mission." (Yun Que: skylark)

Her name was fake, and her identity was fake, but it was necessary. "Yun Que" was her title in the "organization", but it was also the name of one of the strongest people in Ten Leaves Alliance. "Yun Que" was a woman who got entangled with Yun Hai the Sword Master, and her most favourite heroine.

"Ha ha, Yun Hai, Yun Que... good names. I see. This... must be fate." Water God's Eye gazed at the archer in red meaningfully. "Very well. You’ve made your choice, and I miss this name too. He is Yun Hai and you are Yun Que, then I will let you become my Apostle too. Accept my blessing and put on my mask, to satisfy my desire!"

Countless fragments of ice crystals dropped from the sky, forming a mask in the archer in red's hands.

"Hundreds of years have passed, I'm eager to see the world's changes, I have longed to marry the most beautiful bride!"

It was different from Yun Xi's mask. It was as red as the archer's clothes, as red as blood.

"Yun Hai, Yun Que, go! Go look for the most excellent bride for me!"

At the top of the mask, a sharp red horn pointed upwards. Although the archer's mask had only one horn, but the horn on his mask was three times longer than Yun Xi's silver horn. After obtaining the red mask, Yun Que's blood started flowing backwards. Not only the blood that stained her clothes, but also the blood on the ground had also flowed backwards into her body.

"My blood flows on the ground and into the sea, tinting the whole world red!" Yun Que touched the mask, then naturally understood how to use the power inside his mask.

It was a power named "Blood". After putting on the mask, she had obtained her hero-ranked ability to control blood. Unlike Yun Xi's "Water Mist", Yun Que's mask was biased towards strengthening herself. As long as her head, especially the part she wore the mask on, hadn't been destroyed, she wouldn't be killed.

Even if her bones were broken or her heart had been torn up, she could be restored to normal by using her blood. If she went a step further, she could even reform her bones and nerve system, strengthening her physique to an inconceivable extent.

The sword is her body, and fire is her blood. This was her road, a road named "lonely hero". The mask had granted her the real hero-ranked power. Undoubtedly, it was a power that belonged to god.

"Water God..." Yun Que raised her head, looking at the Water God's Eye in confusion.

Why did the god treat her so well? The god should have detected her inapt lie and disguise. She didn't think that her secret skill could cheat a god.

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