Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: Water Mist

The dark forest in the newbie trial and the tall tower in the formal trial were two different worlds, but had the same style: igniting a bonfire in the lifeless, dark world, as if a nightmare had become reality. However, Water God's world was beautiful, bright, and picturesque.

"Am I really in my star trial? Or have I been transported to another world?" Yun Xi smelt the soil in his hand in confusion.

Even though Mei'er had told him that this time the trial would be as authentic as the real world, only till he really entered the trial world did he finally understand how real it was.


Yun Xi heard a frightening sound.

"Finally, the enemy comes!" The familiar sense of danger made Yun Xi return from his pondering.

Yes. No matter what this world was, his goal wouldn't change. He must become stronger and stronger, otherwise, he would be caught by his ex-girlfriends and fall into misfortune forever.

"Let me try this weapon." Yun Xi took out his indecomposable, unbreakable, newbie sword, preparing to fight.

He must finish the Water God’s quest. He must become stronger.

"Swoosh! Swoosh!" Yun Xi smelt a frightening a scent in the wind. He knew that a huge creature was approaching from a distance.

"Come on!"

Yun Xi walked to the place where the frightening scent came from.

"Roarrrrr!" With an earth-shaking roar, a white tiger that was ten metres long appeared. Its abnormal red eyes stared at Yun Xi, then it instantly pounced at Yun Xi. It leapt through dozens of metres. Its large paws broke the wind, even leaving green tracks in the air.

It was a kind of super ability! It was a hero-ranked monster!

Undoubtedly, it was at the same level as the fiery male dragon. It was a monster that had transcended the limits of flesh and blood! However, Yun Xi wasn't as terrified as he had been when he had first seen the fiery male dragon. He did feel a bit of a sense of pressure, but held no fear facing the tiger.

Was it due to Water God's Mask? Yun Xi could feel the fantastic power inside the silver mask. A refreshing feeling was released from the mask comforting Yun Xi's heart, making him keep calm even in such a critical situation.

Transparent mist surrounded Yun Xi, making his skin as flawless as dewdrop. This was a blessing from the Water God, a power from a god. His iron sword was also covered with a veil of mist, becoming sharper and colder.

"Flying Swallow!" Yun Xi leapt up, facing the giant white tiger with no fear.

In the air, Yun Xi's body was nimbler than the giant tiger’s. In an instant, he had attacked the white tiger sixteen times, exposing the frightening air combat capability of his Flying Sword. However, it wasn't as effective as Yun Xi had expected.

"Roar!" The white tiger fell to the ground. It trembled, and a few bundles of fur fell off.

"What a sturdy body!" Yun Xi looked at his iron sword. He had hewn the white tiger sixteen times, but hadn't even left a scar on its body.

"Hiss!" The white tiger became fiercer after landing on the ground. Its bloody eyes stared at Yun Xi with killing intent.

"Not bad. Taste my sword!" Yun Xi knew it was a hero-ranked monster, but it didn't scare him and instead made him feel more excited.

It was a pleasurable feeling from the bottom of his heart, as if it was a very comfortable thing to fight against the white tiger.

"Roarrrrr!!!" The white tiger lowered its body.

Its body was surrounded with countless green lights. It was the white tiger's supernatural power: Wind Blade. Compared to human beings that had to obtain magic or sword skills through study, hero-ranked creatures could naturally inherit super abilities through their bloodlines. The white tiger not only had almost invulnerable fur, but was also a natural controller of wind.

"Hiss!" Its large paw broke the wind, leaving three green traces in the air.

"Not bad!" Yun Xi brandished his sword three times, dispelling the three green traces in the air.

He felt it! He felt the difference after wearing Water God's Mask! Super ability! He had a real super ability now, blending in his body and bloodline. Water Mist. This was the name of the super ability he had obtained from Water God's Mask. After acquiring this power, Yun Xi could fight against hero-ranked beings now. Water God's Apostle wasn't just a title. He was really blessed by the Water God.

"Ice Blade!" Yun Xi understood naturally how to control the mist to form ice blades in the air.

A row of sharp, silver ice blades instantly pierced through the soil, piercing through the white tiger's belly. The first ice blade was only a metre long, but the last ice blade was three metres long! If it wasn't the white tiger but a human instead, it would have been cut open. However, the white tiger was stunned for just a few seconds. Just like the Flying Swallow Yun Xi performed before, the ice blades weren't able to break its defence too.

"Unbelievable. Is this the third rank?" Of course, Yun Xi was still a mortal, but after wearing Water God's Mask, he could see the world through the eyes of hero-ranked beings.

He was Water God's Apostle, so his hero-ranked super ability was "Water Mist". The limitless water mist on the island was like a part of his body. Every time he breathed, he could absorb a lot of water mist into his body, then turn it into shapes he imagined and controlled them to fight.

The water blade on his sword. The healing mist on his skin. And the ice blades he controlled just now. He had transcended the limits of his body and naturally knew how to control the power between the sky and the ground. He had temporarily reached hero rank. He was at the fourth rank now!

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