Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: Mumu's Expectation

The third star trial didn't start as soon as Yun Xi had expected. The girls had been living on the island for half a month since they fell down from the sky. As Hua Yue had expected, no rescuers came. Even if it was the White Lotus Sword Domain master, he wouldn’t dare enter the Eye of the Storm, not to mention others. Maybe they were the first visitors setting their feet on the tropical island.

"Mei'er, why hasn't the trial started?" Yun Xi had waited for half a month and was well prepared every night, however, he still didn't see any signs of the trial starting.

"Probably because the star trial this time involved too many strong beings." As the stars’ prolocutor, Yun Xi's exclusive star elf Mei'er had a special premonition.

This time, the star trial wouldn't be some niche like the previous two trials. The first trial, in the dark forest, and the second trial in the tall tower, weren't at the same level as the next trial.

They were in the middle of the Eye of the Storm, the dead zone which may have a frightening monster that could even eliminate a hero ranked team. No one knew exactly how many monsters were in the Eye of the Storm.

"If so... I'm really behind the eight ball." Yun Xi forced a smile.

No one could know beforehand how terrifying the star trial could be. If Mei'er was right, then he would encounter monsters from the Eye of the Storm island, and the intruders from the void. It would be a nearly impossible task for him.

How many times would he die in this trial? One thousand times, two thousand times, or more?

But he had to face it, because only the deepest despair would help him understand the value of life and freedom, so that he could vitalize his potential. At the very least, he was the only person who had a chance to save everyone on the island.

"At least, I must learn to master my Sky Flying Sword to the extent that I can face true hero ranked existences."

This was a goal Yun Xi made for himself. No matter how many times he would die, he must accomplish it!

"Mei! Can you look for my papa with me?" As Yun Xi swore that he must become strong to protect the girls, he heard Mumu's sweet voice.

"Mumu, are you still looking for your father?" Yun Xi took a breath, looking at Mumu running towards him.

They had waited too long time. Even though Hua Yue hadn't told them the truth, the girls still gradually became depressed. At this time, Mumu became their favourite delight as she was still carefree and optimistic. Yun Xi wondered how her mom raised her. She was just like a blank sheet, because she didn't even know how to find her way in the wild, and often lost her way carelessly in the forest.

"I'm not a direction idiot! There were just too many trees!" Mumu insisted that she wasn't a direction idiot, even though it had become a daily task for Yun Xi to look for Mumu.

Incidentally, the several squirrels who harassed Mumu in the past had become familiar with her. They often followed her running in the forest, and that was one of the reasons why Mumu often lost her way in the forest.

Mumu's mom must be a beauty judging from Mumu's appearance. Why would she agree to let Mumu look for her father alone? Her confused daughter couldn't even find the way by herself!

"Mumu, your papa isn't in the forest. At least, he can't be on this island. This is a desert island!" Yun Xi stroked Mumu's head and persuaded her.

"But papa and mama met each other and fell in love on an island!" Mumu raised her head, looking at Yun Xi seriously, "So, Mumu thinks that it's very likely that papa is on this island! I just haven't found him yet!"

"Well... the possibility... I can't say that it's zero..." Yun Xi whispered, finally surrendering to Mumu's innocent eyes.

That man! The man who abandoned his cute daughter and virtuous wife! Come and bring your daughter back!

If no one looked after Mumu, she was very likely to be kidnapped by strange men.

"Mei, can you be my papa's bride? If so, I can call you mama!" Mumu suddenly said something flabbergasting as she looked at Yun Xi.

"No... impossible! No way!" Yun Xi felt his back cold. It was really a bad joke.

"Mama said that papa was too amorous and irresolute. As a result, he faced a 'nice boat' [1]," Mumu said, then asked Yun Xi in confusion, "What are the meanings of ‘amorous’ and 'nice boat'?"

Oh, so that's what happened... the man finally paid for what he did! Yun Xi quickly shook his head. This wasn't something that children should know. He didn't want to expose the ugly adult world to her.

"That should be your mom’s joke. Your mother must like your father a lot!"

"En! Mama said that she must be the woman who liked papa best! To this point, she won't give up or concede to anyone! No matter how many years pass and how many rivals she has to defeat, she will be papa's only lover! As long as he is still alive, she will pay any price to find him!"

What a persistent woman! However, it was also a manifestation of love.

To Yun Xi, who couldn't stay with his first love, he also longed for such a pure, persistent love.

How would any boy not be that pure in front of his first love?

Suddenly, Yun Xi started to worry about Hua Huo. What was she doing now?


"There are too many of them! If I can't get rid of them and find Little Xi as fast as I can, he will be in danger!" Hua Huo wiped her sweat away. The situation around her was becoming worse and worse.

Compared to the first battlefield, the situation now was developing towards the worst direction.

The Eye of the Storm. She shouldn't have come here at this time!

[1] "Nice boat" is a meme spawning from the imageboard 4chan from the cancellation of the regular broadcasting of the anime "School Days" in Japan. The program was then replaced with relaxing images of scenery and classical music. A boat was pictured, and someone commented "Nice boat".

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